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Pearly Papules And Tea Tree Oil

How To Use Tea Tree Oil To Get Rid of Pearly Penile Papules

25 Apr Penile papules removal methods - tea tree oil. Visit: http://penilepapulesremoval. co/Blog/. 8 Aug Find here the method of using Tea Tree Oil for Curing PPP,how to clean,how many times tea tree oil should be applied & what to expect after few days. Tea Tree Oil for PPP is highly recommended as it is safe and effective. Moreover, it is easily available nearby you. The process of using it on the penile skin is very straightforward. If Pearly Penile Papules bother you in any way, this guide is a must-read for you. It educates you on: josh-ebook-ppp-removal. What PPP is and, .

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Pearly Penile Papules Tea Tree Oil

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Best Tea Tree Oil For PPP

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They may appear flesh or white colored, and can vary in size. This website is an officially authorized and remunerated associate for recommending high quality products found on this website. Regular usage will make penile papules dry permanently, convert them to dead skin cells, and shed the dead skin. Other primates have them as well. Tea tree oil alleviates a variety of different skin illnesses, including burns, cuts, and even PPP.

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Clear [META] posts with the mods first. Do not post articles that are purely rage bait. Hey there guys, i know alot of you out there have this problem pearly penile papules ou PPP and some of you are ashamed to have sex with women cause you have this so you search for a cure in the internet I did the same and i found alot of diferent treatments for it C02 laser, tea tree oil, castor oil First of all, i'm 19 years old, almost 20, uncircumcised and i had sex with diferent female patners, when i first saw that my penis had tiny white spots around the head i was scared and thought it was an STD, so i got myself tested, i had nothing, so i googled and found out about the PPP, although is something that most man dont have, i think its something that should be more spoken of to "tell" everyone that its a harmless condition and its not an STD.

After finding out that there was a treatment that was cheap and i could do it at home, i tried it, this was the tea tree oil treatment.

Know that i did the treatment fully aware that it might not work and it might go wrong and if anything went wrong or there were any side effects, it would be my fault and my responsability. I first tried the oil Pearly Penile Papules Tea Tree Oil my arm to see if there was any allergic reaction.

There was no allergic reaction after 30 minutes with the oil on my skin so i started the treatment. The oil that i use on my penis was pure, it wasnt mixed with anything else. I used a cotton swab to apply the oil, used less then i should, to see if anything went wrong, let 5 minutes uncovered as suggested by several people, after the 5 minutes i let my foreskin cover it and it seemed there was no problem, no itching, dryness or redness this was at. I woke up fine, no symptoms and no change in the PPP, took a shower, washed it with soap, cleaned it, dry it and applied the second batch, the right amount this time, still no itching, dryness or any burning.

Later that day, i cleaned the second batch and Pearly Penile Papules Tea Tree Oil noticed there was dry skin but nothing too serious, no blood, redness, itching or anything and still no change in the PPP. Did the same procedure and i just waited for the results of batch number 3 and wondering if i was making the right choice I thought that if those "cracks" develop into wounds and there was bleeding i would stop the applying the oil cause i definitly didnt want to get an infection.

Later that day i noticed that the "cracks" i mentioned were worse, the skin was alot dryer and no change in the PPP and on the left side, under the PPP there was a white yellowish substance what it looked like pus, now it might not be anything bad and it might just be from applying the oil but i decided to stop applying the oil and not do the treatment anymore The white yellowish substance disappeared, the "cracks" also disappears and the PPP is there aswell, so my penis is back to normal I used the tea tree oil and although i didnt finish the treatment, the PPP didnt disappear but in the other hand, i still have a healthy penis, and yes, even with the PPP.

My PPP isnt that bad, its actually really small, really tiny spots, but i was scared that the girls i was with didnt want to have sex with me cause they thought i had an STD, well, it turns out that after doing this treatment i realised that having the PPP isnt that bad, its harmless, and with a little bit of explanation she understands what you have i need to mention that i already had sex after doing this treatment and its definitly alot better than not having a healthy penis to use it.

It might be scary at first to "show" it to the girl you're with but if its your girlfriend Pearly Penile Papules Tea Tree Oil wife, just explain what it is and she'll understand, but wait, does this mean i cant Pearly Penile Papules Tea Tree Oil one night stands? No, you can have one night stands but be sure that the girl you're with is decent enought to understand what you have, there is always condoms aswell and if nothing works, google Pearly penile papules and show it her any page that explain it, who knows, maybe its a Dating Sites For Teenagers Relationships ice breaker If you have PPP or fordyce's spots dont worry about it Its not the end of the world and think twice Pearly Penile Papules Tea Tree Oil you do any treatment in your penis I think the Wikipedia article about PPP tells me everything I need to know about treating this "condition":.

Pearly Penile Papules Tea Tree Oil

Better to save your tea tree oil for treating hair lice. Thanks for providing additional anecdotal evidence that home treatment of this non-disease is risky and ineffective. I'm sorry you had to risk self-injury to figure out that there really isn't anything wrong with you. I'm glad that everything worked out in the end. Sorry i didnt read what you wrote correctly Its not like there isnt anything wrong with me, i would be alot better if i didnt had PPP but there is nothing i cant do about it, i mean who know maybe in future i'll remove it with C02 laser treatment, the thing about this is that there alot of guides out there that tell you that the tea tree oil helps and there is no side effects and there is no result or any opinion from someone who already used the oil has a treatment, maybe i will work for someone else, but i wouldnt advise to use it Yeah they are actual pieces of flesh.

Anything besides surgery won't remove them.

Pearly penile papules is also a condition that can be treated with simple natural ingredients found in your home like castor oil, tea tree oil, toothpaste, peppermint oil and olive oil. Tea tree oil for PPP has a potent power to dry out skin cells. The most popular ingredient used not only for penile papules, but to effectively cure most of the skin problems is tea tree oil. Pearly Penile Papules are small skin swellings that look like flesh-colored domes with a pale white tone. Hypothesized to help remove sperm from competing males during breeding season.

Other primates have them as well. Hypothesized to help remove sperm from competing males during breeding season. In humans its an atavistic trait.

How To Remove Pearly Penile Papules At Home Pearly Penile 2

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