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21 Jun Bowling is underrated. Here are some reasons why bowling is probably your best idea for a first date. 34 Best Cute Bowling Outfits to Wear on a Date. Sporty LookCute Sporty Outfits Autumn Casual OutfitsOutfits With HatsCasual Comfy OutfitsSporty HairWomen Casual OutfitsSporty Chic StyleWhite Outfits. Black And White Sporty Outfit. 13 First-Date Hair and Makeup Ideas. By. Christa Joanna Lee. First-date butterflies? Fuhgeddaboudit! With these flirty date-night hair and makeup ideas to step up your game, we can bet you (and he!) will be planning the second date by the end of the night! Read More Start. Wear glossy waves and a headband. Pinterest.

What To Wear Bowling On A First Date

If you are an experienced bowler or just going on a date with one, we will help you to be well prepared. Bowling is a sport that requires certain attire and etiquette. You may want to do some research about the particular alley that you are going to.

Some alleys have other attractions that are going to be part of the date. Finding out if the alley has a locker area is a good idea, this will allow you to bring a bag and even your own ball and shoes. The general layout of most bowling alleys is the same which makes it easy to plan ahead. One of the most important things to know when choosing what to wear is to dress for comfort.

Find us on Facebook. For a casual date like bowling or karaoke, skinny jeans and a tee are cute and comfy. After you bowl a game or two, the next thing on the list will most likely be to grab something to eat. For a formal date, such as dinner at a fancy restaurant or a trip to an exclusive club, women can still wear a cocktail dress but may opt for one with a little extra bling.

It is best to wear short sleeves, as you will probably get hot while bowling. You may want to stash a pair of clean socks for after you bowl if you use alley shoes.

The shoes can leave bacteria and smell on the socks you are wearing. Wear shoes that are easy to take on and off.

What to Wear for First Dates : Bowling Dates & What to Wear

Pants such as jeans seem to be the bottoms of choice but shorts and a longer skirt can work too. Wearing your hair out of your eyes so that you can see where you are going and where the ball is going is a good tip. Some alleys offer lunar or black light bowling which makes it hard to see sometime.

Most bowling dates will be during some type of special event like black light bowling, especially if you go on a weekend. The most important dressing factor to remember for a bowling date no matter what you wear is the socks.

It is recommended to wear interesting socks, with stripes or patterns if you can make them match.

Bowling Date | What to Prepare and Wear for a Bowling Date

You may also want to leave your rings at home so they are not stolen while you are playing. Men should leave the hat at home as most alleys do not permit them. Gang attire is definitely not permitted. That look is not very attractive on anybody.

If you happen to have other plans at a nicer place after bowling you may want to bring a change of clothes. Showing up in shorts and sandals with no socks to a bowling alley is not a good idea! Planning a good bowling date can be easy and fun but it requires a little bit of homework. The first thing that you need to do is establish the day you want to go bowling.

Dates are very important because you have to call the alley and make sure there are lanes open for that night. Bowling leagues and other special events happen on certain days at alleys and are different for each one.

For example, you wouldn't wear a suit or gown to play miniature golf but you might if going out for an evening on the town. If you are the more experienced bowler of the two of you, you may want to explain the basics of the bowling alley and some basic etiquette. Here are some reasons why bowling is probably your best idea for a first date:. Bowling is a good date. Super casual but good outfit for the bowling date.

You may have to reserve a lane or change the day of the bowling trip accordingly. While you have the alley on the phone you may want to ask if that particular alley has a restaurant or just a snack bar.

Another good thing to find out in advance is if lockers are available and if there is a bar area. If you are the more experienced bowler of the two of you, you may want to explain the basics of the bowling alley and some basic etiquette.

Cute Outfits to Wear on a Bowling Date

One of the most important tidbits of info would be the right of way to the player to the right of their lane on throwing their ball down the aisle first. If you remember these tips on bowling dates you will have a good time and improve your game at the same time. Have fun on your date! If you want to be able to show off your bowling skills, check out the Ultimate Bowling Guide. This eBook will give you all the information you need to know to improve your bowling game, and all the bowling tips and secrets you want to know.

What To Wear Bowling On A First Date

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