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There is this depressing little thing called "Emo" spreading around. If you are wondering if you are an "Emo" person, just take this quiz and find out! are YOU an EMO person? well you can find out here, right now in a matter of minutes, just how sad your little mind is- just take this quiz of 12 questions and see how "emo" you. An EMO is a young person who dresses like a Goth and who celebrates apathy. EMO is a contraction of emotional. This page talks about EMO and its meaning on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Yubl as well as in SMS texts and chat forums. 10 Oct Youth subculture has drastically changed from the days of rockers, punks and mods. Self-expression amongst young people has given rise to all sorts of new social groupings and subcultures. One such group is something known as Emo. Emos have a distinctive style of clothing and music taste. Read on to.

Emo is short for emotive hardcore, a style of post-hardcore music. It has deep lyrics, sloppy riffs, etc. Emo is a style. Most emo people wear band tees, skinny jeans, studded belts, Converse, and choppy hair. Emo is a feeling. Deep, quiet, and sensitive people are more often emo. Emo is not about cutting, crying, and depression. Both me and my best friend are major fans, Trust me, they are not emo. As for all the interpretations beyond…it seems like there is a good deal of wide interpretation.

I was really confused before I read that because my boyfriend said he was emo and he cuts himself.

Shoutout to the emos who had to watch their favorite band die. By almost all current definitions, emo clothing is characterized by tight jeans on males and females alike, long fringe bangs often brushed to one side of the face, dyed black, straightened hair, tight t-shirts which often bear What Is An Emo Person names of rock bands, studded belts, belt buckles, Chuck Taylor All-Stars, skate shoes, or other black shoes—often old and beaten up—and thick, black-rimmed glasses. In fact, everybody on the Internet knows that "emo" means "angsty kids who take pictures of themselves in a mirror on MySpace. Shoutout to the emos who got to the front at Live In Denver. The reason for this is that emos tend to produce gargantuan amounts emoglobin, a hormone which causes depression, shitty hairstyles, and an introverted attitude.

I think more young people need to read and learn as well as have a social life and talk about being emo and such. The United States ranks thirty-one in the world. Emo is a life style.

More people are against emos than racists.

It is pretty sad, but is just the realityof how things ars today. Emo people do often tend to cut themselves, but not always. Through the years emos have been super misunderstood. If u r thinking of going emo, be prepared to be made fun of. We are often called fags, cutters, and other horrible things.

Seattle is a place portrayed as highly populated with emos. Never let anyone get you down. We are an Army and united we stand. If you shop What Is An Emo Person Hot Topic, just for the record, it doesnt mean youre a poser!

Hot Topic has a wide variety of band shirts and is in nearly every mall.

What Is An Emo Person

The employees are usually super nice and items are often easy to find. Hello, i am emo my self. Dude I like the. Only a few people cut. No… Self harm is an illness that usually goes along with depression and anxiety and MANY other serious illnesses. It is a serious problem that many people including myself need serious intensive treatment for. Sorry, but that is in no way correct nor does it fully explain what self harm is. Self harm is something that is commonly misunderstood and nobody understands until they pick up the razor for the first time.

Emo is a label on people that is used incorrectly often. From collective information I can see What Is An Emo Person emo is more of a taste in music and a clothing style. Being emo and cutting are not linked automatically in anyway. People who struggle with self harm are often labeled emo and vice versa.

What the hell is an EMO person anyway? What does EMO mean exactly?

Cutters are not always emo and emos are not always cutters. Self harm is usually associated with depression and is a mental instability, an unhealthy way to cope with saddness and stress. I do have depression and deal with self harm but am NOT emo. I no way fit that stereotypical description. I wish people would stop throwing it around like a joke, as if it goes along with the emo style. No one would ever guess I cut, because I am completely different than the stereotypical cutter.

I wish people would understand self harm is a serious health problem that people do for various reasons. It is in no way part of a style or a joking matter. I hear far too many emo jokes at school, people would never guess someone like me is dealing with self harm. I hate when people asumme people who r emo cut. I would slowly take up the culture and when u do become emo welcome to my What Is An Emo Person. Just because I wear black belts. Black everytime poofy hair, and black eyeliner and I listen to too many hard rock!

4 Reasons Why Not to Date an Emo

I know a lot of people including myself who is emo. Most people say they are because of the music. You are either always been emotional or your a poser. Like someone else said you have gothic, punk, grunge and whatever else people say, out in this world. We are all individuals and should be able to express What Is An Emo Person however we want to.

As long as nobody is getting hurt then who cares. Emo, is short for Emotion. And if they have alot going on, it will get extremely bad and they may get suicidal.

Emo, is also a type of music metal,pop core stuff like that. Not all cut cutting helps, solve problems by putting pressure on their skin and bleeding it calms them down, if they have alot going on it may get bad enough where they try to kill themselves. Emo, is short for emotion. They wear black, cause its a depressing color and it shows how they feel. Also a type of music pop core, metal and stuff like that.

If you see a emo stand up for the emo, What Is An Emo Person u never know what could happen.

What Is An Emo Person?

If you are that kind of sensitive person, then stop dating. Ok that What Is An Emo Person true. I was bullied through whole of primary elementary and most of high school. Emo I not an over-night thing, you think long and hard and ease itself into it. This informal use of the word cut is kinda creeping me out. You are probably a confused teenager. Teen years will pass. Try and eat a healthy diet and try to smile and consider that we are all a part of a beautiful matrix of life and each and every one of us is beautiful and what you think of yourself radiates strongly from you.

Be there for them. Try thinking love and love will come back to you. Emo does not mean that your life all sorrounds cutting yorself. I self harm and suffer from self harm among other mental illnesses which I would rather not get in to, but that in no way shape or form classifies me as emo. It is like a social group and a way that one acts. There are certain characteristics that are involved, such as a type of music that is listened to, the clothing or style that one prefers, just a lifestyle that many people share.

Nobody fully understands something until they are in the exact same situation, but to better understand you could maybe listen to some of the emo music that is actually very good.

The lyrics are more meaningful and, although some of the screamo-type songs are an acquired taste, they are very good.

What Is An Emo Person

I keep my mind open and try to accept each different social propaganda, and emo and goth and scene What Is An Emo Person punk are groups that I have become interested in. It is an illness that is serious, and just because someone wears black and listens to some deep ass music they are not depressed nor shod you make an assumption that they What Is An Emo Person. The characteristics for an emo are broad and are usually identifyable.

I hope this helped even though it is SO long and I kind if went on a rant… But yeah hope it helps. Emo does not mean you cut yourself. Emo does not mean you wear only black. Emo could almost be anything. Yes most wear black and yes some do cut, but not all. Theres also some emos who wear many colors most of the time many colors in their hair. Emos mostly cut themselves because when the pain goes to where they cut its no longer pain in there head.

Just be a friend and act like there normal because there as normal as you! An Emo person is a very emotional, shy, and quiet person. Some of us wear black to show our feelings of sadness or of being a misfit, while others have very happy and bubbly personalites, and they express them by wearing bright, happy colors.

We do tend to have a more. They are very emotional words, and we can usually relate to the songs that the bands are singing. I hope this comment helped. Depression, cutting- does NOT mean u r emo. More than just that define what being an eno really is.

Emo is a somewhat ambiguous, controversial slang term most frequently used to describe a fashion or subculture which is usually defined to have its roots in punk fashion and subculture, as well as some attributes of gothic fashion and subculture. That emo girl says: Emo is short for emotive hardcore, a style of post-hardcore music.

I suffer from depression what? I had a bad history when I was a little kid, get over it!