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5 Signs Your SO Loves You (Even if They're Not Saying It)

Maybe you're with a guy and you feel like things are going really well. And maybe you're feeling really tempted to say “I love you. Listen, you shouldn't be letting anyone use your body as there play thing. You should respect yourself more the right person will come just work on yourself and become the best you. You don't need to beg anyone for love!. 25 Jun “I knew I loved her after about three months, but I was so afraid to tell her that I just couldn't say it. “Your guy may be feeling challenged to actually say the words 'I love you.'” I didn't know if I should tell her casually or take her out to a fancy dinner or make some big, romantic gesture or something.

But it makes no sense for this responsibility to be left to men alone, and there's no reason why you shouldn't woman up and go for it. As with most things in life, the timing is really all that matters, anyway. He might be waiting for you to say it first. If you feel like you're in a game of "I love you" chicken, odds are he's waiting for you to say it because he's just as scared of the potential rejection as you are. What matters is that you're together and still head over heels for each other, not who awkwardly said "I, uh, love you Someone who freaks out and panics at the phrase "I love Should I Tell Him I Love Him isn't worth it.

That's a definite sign that you're looking for different things out of this relationship, and maybe it's time for a re-eval. Guys actually like when you say it first. The pressure of responding to an "I love you" is way less than the pressure of saying it first. Think of saying it first as doing a favor, which is something you do for people you love. It's not any less real if he says it in response to you.

How To Tell A Guy You Like Him

Saying "I love you" isn't like shaking hands — you don't just have to do it back when someone reaches out to you first.

If he says it, trust that he means it and don't discount his feelings because he was slower to admit having them. You'll feel so relieved afterward. Remember the feeling of waiting for college acceptance letters? You could either leave it sitting on the counter for a month and live in constant ignorant yet very anxious bliss, or you could rip it open and know right away what the outcome was. It's scary, but putting it out there means one less thing to obsess over.

That weird stage of being in love but not saying it out loud is only fun for so long. The stakes feel lower and you're always wondering if today will be the day you finally say it. But that gets old fast, and feelings tend to get hurt if you wait too long. Saying it first actually gives you more control over the relationship. The myth that whoever has more feelings has less power isn't true.

Just know that there is someone out there who will like you for the person you are and want to be with you. Marriage Wisdom is for every intentional couple focused on building an amazingly enjoyable, enduring, beautiful, and biblical marriage, starting right now. Yes, I read the article. Was it during a romantic date night? Her reaction, her feelings

Being upfront about your feelings leaves no room for misinterpretation, and that clarity is really powerful. It will clear up any uncertainty you have about your relationship.

Should I Tell Him I Love Him

If he rejects your "I love you" and says he's flattered but not looking for anything serious, you know you can move on.

And yes, it'll be hard. But it'll only get harder later on. Once it's out there, you can start saying it to each other every damn day if you want.

The first time is big and scary, but casual little "I love you" texts, and notes on the fridge that end in "Love, Bryce" aren't scary at all. They're the actual best thing.

So Should A Woman Never Say It First?

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Should I Tell Him I Love Him

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Since profound love needs time to develop, it isn't reasonable to say "I love you profoundly" after being together for just a brief time; that may indicate that you are not serious about what is in fact a serious matter. Remember the feeling of waiting for college acceptance letters? Reading Marriage Wisdom for Her is like having a chat over coffee with two mentors who are committed to speaking the truth.