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5 Sep Some fat women fuck much better than skinny women. The women who enjoy sex the most are uninhibited women who know their amazing curves can be a real carnal feast for men. This video is proof of it. Someone posted a whisper, which reads "Big girls fuck better!". Watch Thick Girls Are Better porn videos for free, here on habas.info Sort movies by Most Relevant and catch the best Thick Girls Are Better movies now!.

Titties so heavy they make bras straps weep on the regular with the groove marks on the shoulders to prove it. Soft, warm and glowing…Flirtatious and freaky than a mothafucka, my d! Men like women that are soft to the touch, not too firm. Men love the challenge. Any average sized d! But it takes skill and talent to manhandle a fat girl.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Have you heard of men loving fat girls? Because of which thick girls feel inferior. Hey Bebe, Love it! October 20, at

Fat girl sex is usually passionate, sweaty, and raunchy. Or just chilling with her and discovering some new sexy roll that beckons to be caressed. A man would be a fool to let all that ass go to waste. Only a simp would let other people control what his d! Really great thoughts about fucking fat chicks. Bouncing on pillows is much more fun than hitting rocks and bones.

Fat girls give amazing head, that is a fact. My name is Don and I perfer sex with bbw.

Big Girls Fuck Better

I am a musicial and got sexually active when I was14 and have sex with all types of women. For me it is preference. I love how a fat pussy feels climbing up on that big round ass and grinding that soft wet snatch is just awesome and when I want to eat a steak I dont want a thin little strip steak, I want porterhouse!

One of my male friends told Ps Vita Tv Hookup he dont fuck with slim chicks cuz they cant take the dick. From my experience most men who love fat chicks are non American. Most men compliment my thick but toned legs.

Some guys fear that sex with a fat girl would cause them to be emasculated; they take our size as domination. It might just depend on the girl. But I know them African and Jamaican brothas love them a big girl. I take a big girl to the dungeon and feed her d! As a fat girl, I can say for sure if you get lost in my freaky,nasty neighborhood without proper supervision well then crush,crush,crush…maneater supreme….

How does the saying go bigger is always better. Now wit a big chick u not seeing anything give u tht xtra confidence knowin u all the way in there.

Plus I feel we way more adventurous because we have a point to prove. I like big girls with pretty feet and cute toes and pretty faces.

Meaning from neck to toes. It makes sex alot more spicier. Any younger big girls out there like that that live in Pennsylvania? From and ages You know when people let go the sigh of confidence, yeah that and then the sigh of ughhh because when you think someone worth it than they turn out to be the absolute worst you ever had, you Big Girls Fuck Better help to think about someone else who could of been blessed with the opportunity and have it be worth it.

Anywho Ur right it depends on the chick. Big Girls Fuck Better

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Fan of the Blog. Fuck No I think that shyt is nasty unless they are clean and at least has a cute face. You said sex with fat bitches is nasty…have you tried it? So peace be with you. I think all men love them a fat girl. Fat girls are amazing! MochaPeach As long as your comfortable and sexy men dig that. By looking at your videos, you seem comfortable with your sexuality. Thick yes, fat, gross. Thick brings the perfect balance.

Hey Bebe, Love it!

Interesting that not too many men commented though. To each his own, but the most important thing you said was only an idiot or something like that would let other men dictate what their dick wants. I dare any nucca reading to deny letting something fat and fly; hair, skin, scent, shoe game and ASS right, walk by without them staring and drooling. So true i stay showin out, especailly at my hbcu. I am east indian and I am a sucker for chubby chicks. Everyday I wake up I find myself spooning her.

I just looooove fat Big Girls Fuck Better. I myself am a thin guy and I love fat girls. I have absolutely no hangup s when it comes to sex and body types. There is nothing better than touching their soft n plump bodies and feel like you are in a place thousand times better than heaven. I have not had a lot of sex. Would love to give her a cunnilingus too, make her squirt.

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I say that society is misguiding everyone about sex n lust. We are going completely opposite. We need to be more open minded and do new things. I have a pretty face. I think our society have developed up a view that only skinny and thin people are defined as attractive. Because of which thick girls feel inferior. They develop a low self esteem and shit. Even I was one of them. But ever since last year I have accepted myself and have started loving myself and it feels great!!

Be proud and happy with yourself and know that you deserve a great guy. I think my wife is absolutely sexy and she leaves me breathless every time.


To be honest, I wish it was me. I love fat girls and I desire their attention and love. I love feeling a plump girl and her feeling great about herself. I know a lot of thin guys like myself that would indulge a fat girl any day. Hey Indan Chik dont wory about wat any one says, i love big chiks and 16 size is real good dam i would live to hang out and show you how good a big girl can make a man feel and vice versa you should reply back to me i want to hit you up lol.

I married a big girl and love it!!! Its more for me to see and love. I love fat girls cos they are big and very good on beg, they are juicy, good to hold in any position and sexy. I had my first experience with a fat girl last night and it was amazing.

Everything you said is true. Either they secretly insecure undercover got love for us, or willing to show the world Big Girls Fuck Better flaunt her to everybody. American dudes got love for us too. In all my life, so far, I have dated two thin women and all of the rest were very fat.

I married a fat woman and would never date a thin woman again. As a thin man I love fat women the fatter the better.

Big Girls Fuck Better

The contrary was true. Additionally, this woman has a sensitivity over nearly her entire body that is spectacular. Touching her breasts will bring her to almost instant gratification. Sucking on, or licking her ears, neck, fingers, toes makes her go crazy. Also, she is not easily given any skin irritation with all this action so you can keep on Big Girls Fuck Better indefinitely.

Did I mention how tight her pussy was……. Never felt such absolute abandon and pleasure when I cum with her. When Big Girls Fuck Better cock is inside her, she is wild with orgasmic pleasure and often cums 3 or 4, even more times.

I want to have her reverse cowgirl on me while I finger her ass and see what that brings. Her hygiene is exceptional, and her pussy, feet, ass, and any other part of her body tastes devine. She is tough, adventurous, sometimes sultry and sexy, and always willing to please me in any way she can. I know fat girls are the best.

Turns out they all had little dicks. Notify me of new comments via email. August 4, at 8: So I guess I would have to agree, maybe it is a challenge to them?

Other than the fact that I love her, she has everything I want and she also gets horny very easily. Ok, maybe you guys can help me out here. I do have a fantastic fuckboy.