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Sometimes having one messaging app is not enough. Your friends might not pay for texting and have free messaging services that require an Internet connection instead of a cell-phone plan bundle. Or, you might have international friends whose texts cost more money on regular messaging services. And, there are so many different apps to choose from. Whether you are looking into getting an instant or video-messaging app, let the list of free apps below help guide you.

Out of all the messaging apps that I newly downloaded, I spent the most time on Kik.

Try them for yourselves and watch out for our next edition of the Best Phone Apps. Rewind to give someone a second chance Out of all the messaging apps that I newly downloaded, I spent the most time on Kik.

It has memes that you can make and send. You can record and send videos and images. The only downfall is that you need to earn the messaging stickers by completing offers. This is an extra app that can be downloaded along with the main Kik app.

It is a lot like SnapChat. Most people have Facebook now so using Facebook Messenger makes a lot of sense. The sticker downloads are free and the interface is easy to use. Texting plan not needed, only a WiFi connection. To quickly send a picture or video with one line of text back and forth, SnapChat is the most efficient.

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Many only use Snapchat for communication. It is a simple app and all you need to set it up is a username and email. It can be used for messaging online or through your phone service, as well as for video conversations. However, most people I know still use Skype for it. Although Google Hangouts seems to reign supreme as a classy alternative for video conversations, the notification noises on Skype have grown on me. But, I have never had a call dropped on Google Hangouts before.

I have had several calls dropped with Skype. Once the call dropping proves too annoying for you, switch over to Google Hangouts. It may be difficult to move on Best Dating Apps Chicago Skype, but it will be worth it.

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For Apple users, I recommend giving Google Hangouts video conversations a try. That way you can have your text and video messaging all in one app. This is a free instant messaging app mixed with a dating app and Google Plus. I downloaded it for a day and over the course of a day got favorited by random guys all over the world.

To avoid this kind of attention, there are settings to customize your privacy if you do not want your profile to Best Dating Apps Chicago seen publicly.

You can also follow YouTube channels, celebrities, movies, etc. As for me, I do not like online dating which is what the app has the most features for.

It has more users around the world than any other messaging service, so this is the app to download if you have international friends. The interface is simple and easy to use. There is also an app called WhatsApp Wallpaper that can be downloaded with the main app to customize your experience.

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It is free to use for a year and is only 99 cents after. Viber is like WhatsApp, but has cuter stickers. So if you are all about the emojis and stickers, check it out.

Best Dating Apps Chicago

In addition, you can call other Viber members for free. Speaking of cool stickers, KakaoTalk has the cutest emoticons. You can also download different themes for your account.

Best Dating Apps: Faveable

If you are going for a nice, fun interface, you cannot beat Kakao. And now for the wildcard. If you want to talk to one random, automated person instead of your friends, try the Ethan app.

Try them for yourselves and watch out for our next edition of the Best Phone Apps. We are a creative team of Chicago newsmakers. We have something to tell you… And we will.

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Best Dating Apps Chicago

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