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What Happens If A Person On Disability Gets Married?

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Marital status, therefore, can be an important factor in determining eligibility and in calculating the amount of the benefit. Benefits for a married couple, both of whom receive SSI and have no other income, amount to 25 percent less than the total they would receive if they were living together but not as husband and wife. These Social Security beneficiaries can sometimes lose their benefits by getting married, depending on your relationship to the person on whose record you collect Social Security benefits. Parent's work record. If you are an adult disabled child receiving benefits under your parent's work record, getting married will cause. Yes, your mother is correct in that your pending marriage probably will affect your child's SSI benefits. Once you are married your spouse's income and resources will count in the calculations Social Security makes about your son's eligibility and benefit level.

The Social Security Administration runs two programs which grant financial assistance based on severe, long-term disability: However, while the employment criteria are very different for each program, in both cases claimants will be disqualified if they earn too much money. These monthly limits have different names under each program.

Will I Lose Ssi If I Get Married

The FBR also equals the monthly payment limit. Remember, SGA is a gauge of your ability to perform work.

How Will Getting Married Affect My SSI Payments? | habas.info

The SSA wants to ensure that disability benefits are granted only to claimants who are so ill or so seriously injured that they cannot consistently perform work. SSDI benefits can be affected by marriage if you qualify through another person. Be advised that if you get SSDI through one of your parents, those benefits will stop once you get married.

Will I Lose Ssi If I Get Married

Your SSDI benefits will also be discontinued upon remarriage if you qualify through a former spouse. The important part is that your countable income does not exceed the FBR. However, there are increased income limits for couples.

Social Security Disability and Getting Married: Will It Affect Disability Benefits?

Instead, you should use the SSI monthly limit for married couples, which varies depending on the source of your income as described below:.

As you can see, the FBR for married couples can vary dramatically. All the same, you should be wary of ditching a resource in an effort to qualify.

How long you are ineligible for SSI benefits depends on the value of the resource you transferred. If you need help filing for disability benefits in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, or if your claim was denied and you want to appeal the decision, our legal team can help.

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In other words, when you initially qualified for SSD benefits, you did so because either you, your spouse at the time, or your parent met the work credit requirements for you to receive disability benefits. Disabled Adult Child If you are a disabled adult child of a worker whether disabled or currently workingthen you may receive disability benefits under their work credits with the SSD system. The same is true if you initially qualified under the work credits of an ex-spouse who is deceased. For this reason, anyone who qualifies for SSD benefits must qualify under work credits as either:. The important part is that your countable income does not exceed the FBR.

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However, there are increased income limits for couples. While medical status and the presence of a clearly diagnosed and defined, severely limiting disability is necessary to qualify for SSD benefits, so are sufficient work credits. If you are a disabled worker who paid into the SSD fund through payroll deductions prior to becoming disabled, then your marriage will not affect your eligibility for benefit payments or the amount of benefits you receive on a monthly basis. To set up your free consultation, call our law offices right away at in New Jersey or in Pennsylvania.