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Virginia Clemm

Virginia Clemm (August 15, January 30, ) was the first cousin and teenaged wife of the author Edgar Allan Poe. The two were related on Poe and Virginia. The fact that they did not have any children has led some to suggest that the relationship was platonic, and that they never consummated their marriage. When writing the letter he had not yet wed his cousin and so was asking her mother to bring her to him. He was responding to a letter from her in which she must have indicated that she might take her daughter to Neilson Poe. Neilson was Poe's rival and cousin and it seems he did not care to think of his. 14 Mar Edgar Allan Poe Married His 13 Year Old Cousin A fish has only a few ' marketable' years in which to sell the stink-hole to the highe$t bidder(aka ' marriage'). Bipolar at least. There's been some speculation he had some kind of brain disease that would have eventually killed him anyway. Maybe it did.

Poe was 27 years old. Poe first met Virginia when she was 8 years-old after moving in with her mother Maria his aunt in Baltimore, Maryland. The couple reportedly honeymooned in Petersburg, Virginia.

The marriage document was co-signed by his friend, Thomas Cleland who verified Virginia Clemm was 21 years old.

Verify your Comment Previewing your Comment. While dying, Virginia asked her mother: About all you could do is move to a sanitarium in Arizona, and he didn't have money for that.

There is no hard evidence, however, that a private ceremony was ever conducted in September,so it remains mere speculation. Because of her young age, the young couple apparently slept in different bedrooms until she turned 16 and only then began a normal married life. Such was not the case in ante-bellum America. Cousin marriages, in fact, were perfectly legal in all States prior to the Civil War.

And the age of consent to marry was well under 16 until social purity reformers kicked off a campaign in to petition legislators to raise the legal age of consent to at least The advocacy campaign paid big dividends, with almost all states raising the age of consent to 16—18 by Ljungquist, a literary critic and a leading authority on the life and writings of Edgar Allan Poe, informs me: He writes to her with an emotional intensity, but evidence suggests that she was "cherubic" and child-like in her appearance at the time of the marriage in Richmond.

The early stage of their relationship may have been more like an innocent brother-sister relationship.

The Surprising Truth About Cousins and Marriage

Rushed to Washington College Hospital now Church Hospital in an unconscious state, he died four days later after never regaining consciousness on October 7, at age 40, just two years after losing Virginia.

After his father David Poe abandoned his family and his mother died of tuberculosis on December 8, in Richmond Virginia, when Edgar was only two, he was taken in but never officially adopted by John Allan, a Virginia planter. Poe was one of three children but all were raised by separate families.

Flat broke, he enlisted in the U. Army, registering as "Edgar A.

Edgar Allan Poe Married His 13 Year Old Cousin

Poe introduced his detective hero, C. Poe was buried alongside his young wife Virginia in Baltimore, Maryland at the Old Western Burial Ground today, the Westminister Burying Ground in an unmarked grave in the very rear of the gravesite. In Novemberhis remains were dug up and moved to another more widely visited section of the graveyard at the southeast corner of Greene and Fayette Streets.

This move was done in order to accommodate the flood of tourists and Poe admirers who wanted to visit his gravesite.

No one who remembers that dark-eyed, dark-haired daughter of Virginia — her own name, if I rightly remember — her grace, her facial beauty, her demeanor, so modest as to be remarkable — no one who has ever spent an hour in her company but will endorse what I have said above. Want to add to the discussion? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Why Did Edgar Allan Poe Marry His Cousin

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Why Did Edgar Allan Poe Marry His Cousin

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