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“THE BACHELOR / BACHELORETTE” CASTING. HOME TAPE INSTRUCTIONS. Hello and thank you for your interest in the show! We are looking for the most eligible singles in. America and want you to show us your great, outgoing personality. We want lots of energy and BIG SMILES!!! Have fun with it! Here are a few. Looking for The Bachelorette - ABC Auditions for ? Are you looking for Love ? Would you like to audition for the ABC's Bachelorette? The show is now searching for gentlemen who would like to date the new Ba. All applicants must sign statements acknowledging that they have read, understand and will comply with all of the following eligibility requirements (" Eligibility") of "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette" (collectively the "Program") in order to proceed with the application process: Employees, officers, directors and agents of.

Kevin Murray Last updated: To a certain extent, everyone wants his or her minutes of fame. My show was The Bachelor.

The room is completely silent. ABC Eligible contestants aren't running for political office, are US citizens, have a passport, are 21 years old, and are single "no monogamous dating relationship more than two months in duration" before filming. You also can't have an STD you'll be tested! I am 22 years old.

Can I handle 25 girls at once? Damn right I can. JanuaryI had my buddy interview me for my audition tape.

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I heard nothing for months and eventually, the thought of being on the show faded from my mind. As I drive away shaking my head I listen to the message: We have your audition tape and was looking to see if you wanted to meet for an interview in NYC in the next few weeks. Call us back when you get a chance. I almost swerved off the road, my heart was racing at miles an hour.

I needed to pull over and listen again. How did this happen?

How To Audition For The Bachelorette

I made that tape almost a year ago. And the opening to my audition tape — they actually liked that? I mean, of course they did. After I calmed How To Audition For The Bachelorette, I called back and said I was interested.

It was short notice, but I needed to at least meet these people and see the process for myself. I meet this token dude, who has me fill out paperwork while I sit on a couch. As I wait for my turn, I notice a few model-like guys leaving the elevator every few minutes and assume these are other potential contestants.

Most of them are either decked out to the nines or wearing those nut-hugging hipster jeans. Eh, well, fuck these people. None of them are living on a summer island in the winter. After over-analyzing every guy that walked by me, I was up. The interview is essentially an open forum to see how I articulate myself.

They occasionally ask follow up questions and are really interested in hearing about my current job as a taxi driver and my newest part-time job as an online dating consultant. I mean, my general story on its own is unique.

The interview lasts about minutes. Before I go, they hand me a thick manila envelope. They hypothetically explain the next steps should I make it to Singles 55 And Over next round, and what to do with the contents of the envelope. Basically, the next step would include an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles, only given to the top 50 guys for the upcoming season of The Bachelorette. I felt as if I was on autopilot, trying to absorb all this information while envisioning what the process would be like.

What the hell is happening? Once I got back to the Vineyard I had a chance to sit down and really dissect my packet. It was filled with questionnaires and directions on how to take more pictures.

I had one of my friends help me and together, we took one of the douchiest photo shoots known to man. Use the unique island landscape to my advantage, right?

The entire time I felt like cutting off my balls — an emasculating process. Oh look, a lighthouse! Nothing — and I mean nothing — happens on the Vineyard in How To Audition For The Bachelorette and February. So naturally, any gossip spreads across the island like wildfire. And great that every time I left the house I was bombarded with inquires on whether or not I was the next bachelor. So we want to fly you out to How To Audition For The Bachelorette one of the next two weekends.

Yeah, my hands were literally shaking. As I hung up the phone I called my family right away. Did I make the show yet? Easier said than done, of course. Reality TV is anything but real life. Yeah, that was awesome. I had started talking to a girl around the time I went to NYC for the interview. We ended up meeting a few weeks after and hit it off right away — so much so that I may or may not have written something about it. What are you suppose to do in this situation? On our second date, I told her I was a potential candidate and was waiting to hear back about possibly going to LA for round two.

She took it pretty well at first, though it seemed to weigh on her mind and loomed over us both. We saw each other a few more times, but once I found out I was going to LA it was pretty much over. There are months and months of time put into this process it becomes a struggle of what things in your life you put on hold and what things you keep doing.

For a dating show. Sounds pretty stupid when you say it out loud.

Yeah, that was awesome. I was heart broken and decided it was best to move on. We could become friends and if compatable who knows. Do you have any pets? Who can answer that question….

Not to mention, what the hell am I going to wear? Suddenly, there was this urge to buy better clothes and pimp out my wardrobe. I went from not caring about what I wore to feeling like I needed to impress all of America. Which is a great position to be in, since I have zero fashion sense. Flying out to LA felt like going on a business trip. Sure, it was fun to experience, but the process was far from ordinary.

When I first got to the hotel, I texted my handler, Matt. Yes, I had a handler. This was my go-to How To Audition For The Bachelorette for anything I needed. He met me in the lobby and we made our way to one of the main function rooms. Here I received another manila folder and was told to stay in my hotel room unless pre-approved and accompanied by my handler.

I grab my folder, a few Bachelor gift bags and begin to walk out. The table is full of candy and protein bars. I snag a few treats while he offers me some drink options. Since the drinks are free and unlimited I suggest several Bud Lights, fill my bags and look forward to be locked down in my room with alcohol and junk food — exactly what you want for dinner after a hour travel day. The manila folder is filled with about true-or-false and likert scale questionnaires.

How To Audition For The Bachelorette

Filling out these questionnaires while locked up for hours, made me both ponder everything in my life. At some point I started going stir crazy and was bewildered by the questions. By the sixth time, I almost checked yes. When you finally leave the hotel room, you meet with a criminal background investigator, a psychiatrist, a doctor to test your blood and urine, and then a have sit-down meeting with the production crew after yet another on camera interview.

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Not sure how good a look it is to sit down with a shrink five beers deep, but it happened. The part of the process that stood out most to me was meeting the production crew. I have a seat on this one, lonesome chair, about 15 feet in front of them. The room is completely silent. This one guy has what must have been my file in front of him.

Every single person I met from start to finish was awesome to deal with. Seriously — they were some of the nicest people to meet, a pleasure to be around. I arrived on a Thursday around 9 p. The trip was quick. Those two weeks turned into five. Waiting to find out if I was one of the 25 contestants was pure torture — the not knowing part is what killed me. It was impossible to escape, and the anxiety took its toll. I assumed the best course of action was to move on with all aspects of my life as if everything was normal.

But it was the wrong idea, nothing was normal. Instead of going on dates with her, I was now relinquished to obsessively watching the current season of The Bachelor, as one of those 25 women would go on to be the next Bachelorette. However, none of those events How To Audition For The Bachelorette match what I felt watching back-to-back weekly episodes on Monday and Tuesday nights — I felt like I was going to puke from start to finish. The season I was cast for was set to begin filming on March 11th.

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Finally, I had an answer. Thus, my Bachelorette journey was officially over. This huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. Even the commercials get my heart rate up.