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Women Like Position Do 69

what do you think of 69?

Ladies what positions do you women like most??honestly

I know you're looking for married women answers so as an unmarried male I'm about as far off as can be but from what I understand a lot of people don't like someone going down on them while going down on someone else because you can't enjoy your own pleasure when you're focusing on getting them off. But I think a. 2 Aug Sure, their responses didn't answer that question once and for all, but they reminded us of that age-old truth about sex positions: If you like it, do it. If you don' t like it, don't do it. Doesn't get simpler than that, does it? Ahead, check out our readers' unfiltered thoughts on ing — and share your own in the. 5 Dec DrEd surveyed over 2, people across the U.S., U.K., and Europe to see what sex positions are favorites, not just by gender, but in each country, too. What they found was that women are a bit more tame in their sexual choices and sexual desires. They're even less vocal in regards to what they want to do.

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Do women like the 69 position? - GirlsAskGuys

To bad i had to learn at an older age how much fun doing positions could be. Oh one more thing. Your open to different things. You will make a wonderful lover. Just a tip from an older lady?? Make sure you hold her a bit afterwards Just touching maybe lightly kissing. We all know you are, flexable,blueyed.

Do Women Like 69 Position

Sometimes doggie with someone smacking my ass. Other times bent over in the shower. As long as kissing is involved, especially the spots that give you the goose pimples, I'm hip.

Do Women Like 69 Position

And sometimes just playing around changing positions during one sesh is hot. Gotta have strong legs, though, ladies Ladies what positions do you women like most??

I didn't enjoy it because I can't concentrate- either I am focusing on giving my SO head, or I am too distracted by him going down on me and I end up not doing as much as I should. I believe this because, I wouldn't want to have to do work while i'm trying to relax while my SO is eating me out. Also it's a LOT easier to deep throat in this position. This includes sexist and rape jokes.

OMG doggie all the way for a fav My babe says her favorite position is bent over the nearest piece of furniture. I like my legs on the man's shoulders. I like the positions that leave you upside down, backwards and wondering which way "up" went!

Whatever way can get him to grind in deeper and pull the hair. The girls I have been with have all said doggy style as it makes them feel wanted and like the deep fill up and her on top so as to control the clit friction Guess it all depends on my mood.

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Glad to be of service. Toss up between on TOP and Gasman- Rest your nerves, and mine too. In a chair facing eachother, for that deeeeeeep penitation!

I'd think the balls wouldn't be right in your eyes then. I am a bit of a cowgirl That being said, it's also a really awkward position and I find it really hard to concentrate on pleasing him when I feel so awesome. What Guys Said 1.

Like I said on the others, my legs my head, rough and fast, spank me and pull my hair!!!! I agree with rooster.


I am a bit of a cowgirl