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What Does The Winking Face Emoji Mean?

The Winky Face ;)

31 May Where the real trouble comes in is when you either start receiving or sending those winking smiley faces in text messages. Similar to a wink in real life, the winky face is more than just a simple smile- It can mean that what you've just said is a complete lie or even that you'd like to do something a little bit. A wink could me a wide variety of stuff. She could just be joking with you, or she could be hinting towards something more. Sadly it is hard to tell if someone is joking or being sarcastic in a text message. If you arent talking about something like a joke she could be throwing you a hint to make a move i know i dont use a wink. It is used as a way to convey the playful sentiment in a medium, such as text, where emotions can't otherwise be displayed. Depending on the Chloe: did he put any emoticons? Jess: Yeh he put The secret code that means a girl wants your cock inside her used mainly in text messages and facebook chat. It also acts as.

By this stage, we all recognise the importance of smiley faces. Thing is, there are many different emoticons and some of them are pretty unusual. What does the smiley winky face mean?!

He's tiptoeing around a fine line between wanting to go all in and trying not to ruffle your feathers. They're nervous, they want to ease into this gradually, but while showing their playful side. The winky face on its own is flirty. Here are some of the most popular emoticons:

That's a combination of two things! That throws everything out of perspective. Here's what just a few of them mean. It's not a casual "I'm happy" smiley, it's not a flirty "let's do this" smiley. As if to say, "I'm so cool! So what does that tell you?

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It tells you that she likes you enough to tell you something about herself that she wouldn't tell a stranger. Whether she considers you a friend or 'more' is completely unknown unfortunately. Another semi-tricky one, the tongue out smiley is the winky face for timid people. They're nervous, they want to ease into this gradually, but while showing their playful side. Hence the tongue out face.

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It's cheeky, but can be interpreted as nothing other than that. Usually with their friends. So if you see this in a text message, I've bad news: No girl wants any guy she likes to make the connection between her and vomiting. Even if it's only in a smiley face.

It's just not done. The only exception to this rule is if you're having an intense argument over something she hates and she throws it in there to get across how much she despises Damien Rice. That's acceptable, but if you see this a lot, take the hint. Are you ready for a revelation? The devilish smiley face doesn't actually mean they want the ride.

I was shocked too! There is an obvious exception to this i. You What Does A Wink Mean In A Text Message need to read into a smiley face because you've already got all the information you need out of that. It's only when the message is unclear that you need to interpret the little devil. When people say "let's go for a drink, we'll have a messy time!

They want to destroy you with alcohol, not with their pelvis! The angel smiley face, on the other hand, is a definite sign that someone is flirting. No, this isn't opposite day, this is actually true. If someone says they're not heading out at the weekend, or they're not into some weird sex thing or something like that, they might have this at the end of their text.

It doesn't mean they're an angel, OK.

If they have a reputation for that sort of thing, don't waste your time on them. Then there are your ever-so-slightly more complicated emoticons — the flirty or silly tongue sticking out: As if to say, "I'm so cool! Please tell us which questions below are the same as this one: Thing is, there are many different emoticons and some of them are pretty unusual.

All they're actually saying is, "I'm a good girl, it'd be a shame if I was corrupted somehow. Like, you know, with sex!

What Does A Wink Mean In A Text Message

The really wide grin smiley, that expresses a ridiculous amount of happiness It's a friend smiley, if ever there was one. It says "I have a good time with you, enough that I can laugh with my pig snort laugh at stupid things". Some people might say that's bullshit, that their girlfriend or boyfriend uses it all the time. But there is a difference between someone you're trying to impress and someone you've already seen naked.

The 'I-know-it, you-know-it' face. The face that has, let's get it on, in big neon letters all over it. If they're talking about someone else they're hooking up with. It could mean an invite to a threesome If you're flirting with someone and the shocked face pops up, it is either extremely bad, or extremely, extremely bad. It all depends on what comes after. If you make a suggestion and you see a shocked face pop up, followed by a generic "what are What Does A Wink Mean In A Text Message even talking about?

It can only mean bad news, if not the worst news. That said, if they reply with a shocked face, followed by a winky face, you are so in there!

The winky face on its own is flirty. Sorry to say, but this face has no hidden meanings; it does exactly what it says on the tin. If you see this in a message, it's basically just a buzzkill for the mood.

Unlike the angry face, which can be a little playful, most people only use this when they're genuinely uncomfortable or unhappy with something. It's the facial equivalent of sighing in someone's face.

What Does A Wink Mean In A Text Message

The only time it's ever a good sign is if someone uses it when they text you to say they can't meet up, or they won't see you this week.

Otherwise, total penis deflation. The most evilly ambiguous smiley of them all! You can read almost anything into this smiley, depending on the sentence that comes before it. If you get a smiley face after every second message, or every time they say something nice, then it's a pretty good sign you're in there. Be wary of this though, some people use these things like commas, so they mean nothing at all.

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Some might say this means, very simply, I am sad. Sure, if they're talking about homeless puppy orphans, then yes, it's a very simple "I'm sad" message. That said, if someone is using when talking about what a long day they had, or if they don't like their boss, that's a demand for sympathy. They want you to say "Awwww, poor baby! Be wary of teases though, some people just like the attention. If they have a reputation for that sort of thing, don't waste your time on them. Save your awwww's for the classy ladies.

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