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Re: Male Celebrities Fakes & Requests - 2017 edition

31 Dec Welcome to the Male Celeb Fakes thread! You can click here to subscribe to this thread. Just a reminder of the additional guidelines that we have in this thread. Please: Do not quote/repost images. Do not post HUGE images - use a link instead. Do not post 'themed' images of characters from Harry. Please note that none of the celeb fakes I post are created by me. The copyright goes to the talented creators. If you find something on my blog, which is your property and is not accordingly tagged. Hey guys so I created this blog for all of my fakes of guys I find attractive. You can do as you please with them all i ask is that you keep my signature on them. I would be upset if someone stole my.

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Celebrating a New Show Just a reminder of the additional guidelines that we have in this thread. Anyone care to help him out? Galavant make happy King Richard. Dave Franco can't get enough!

You can click here to subscribe to this thread. Just a reminder of the additional guidelines that we have in this thread.

Male Celeb Nude Fake

Do not post HUGE images - use a link instead. Do not use bodies that, when combined with a face, create an image that appears to look under Do not post images with official studio watermarks on them. If you make a request, please try and provide some decent quality facial images for the fakers to use. They spend enough time on their work without having to trawl the internet for images.

In addition, please provide the celebrity's date of birth. Do not make the same request more than once a week.

Male Celeb Nude Fake

Please remember that the artists create these fakes for free, and for your enjoyment. Requesting a fake is no guarantee that one will be created for you, so please don't harass members if your particular fake doesn't materialise. If a request is fulfilled - please Male Celeb Nude Fake the common decency to thank the member for their trouble!

Further guidelines and variations may be put in place during the course of the year, and these will be posted in this thread and added to the 'Stickies' at the top of this forum. Also, those of you publicising your blogs, please remember that this thread is designed for people to post images, so please contribute images to the thread in addition to promoting your blog. If you do not have a link to JUB on your blog, we will remove the link to your site.

The previous editions are here: JUB's full list of smilies can be found here. Hope this thread is Male Celeb Nude Fake awesome as the previous one. Gonna have to rearrange my bookmarks before i forget. Originally Posted by iheartzac. Originally Posted by CombiningPowers. Happy New Year everyone, its a little late but meh, its the thought that counts. Last edited by doctorwholove; January 1st, at Last edited by leofraud; January 1st, at Greyston Holt and Steve Lund Bitten.

For my good buddy Vacancy!

His show "Beyond" premiered on Freeform tonight. Dave Franco can't get enough! Willie Boy, send Niall my way when you and your partner are done with him. Results 1 to 50 of Dave Franco, James Franco p:

Tyler Hoechlin is waiting for you! Happy New Year sweetie! Originally Posted by leofraud. Originally Posted by paxart. Dave Franco, James Franco p: Originally Posted by Jake Tom Hardy I don't have any ideas right now.

I put him on ignore Last edited by Aalimar; January 2nd, at Anyone care to help him out? Banksy's art is great; he'd be ashamed of that sort of rubbish. There is Male Celeb Nude Fake a lot of reposting of pictures, something we're asked not to do, as it's unnecessary and wastes space.

New Year Resolution from everyone, please - just don't do it! Last edited by DanFan; January 2nd, at Can we start it off with some fakes of Thomas Sangster please? Originally Posted by joesman. Whatever you are trying to do here is atrocious. You should be so ashamed to even post such shoddy work. You are insulting the great word of guys Male Celeb Nude Fake real talent.

Absolute horrendous work and you are doing this for what reason. Shame on you for making this thread that has so many great fakers a travesty.

Please note that certain things cannot be posted in the Celebs forum:

Galavant Richard and traveling together. Galavant make happy King Richard.

Timothy Olyphant Gay Scene

He has always wanted to try to make top. Originally Posted by joshuaplastic. Just so everybody knows Nash Grier just turned 18 on December 28th.

All Male Fakes - All The Time

It's never too early in the year, Male Celeb Nude Fake spread some goodwill cheer! Originally Posted by Willie Boy. Yes, and it will be a little while before pics taken on or after his birthday start showing up. It isn't like he's a mainstream actor who is constantly seen around Hollywood or photographed at events.

Originally Posted by doctorwholove. Chris Pratt on the receiving and cumming end from Nick Robinson! Oh, but he apologized and even kissed a gay fan to prove he never really meant it.

He doesn't like women OR gay men??? Originally Posted by elioottoani. All times are GMT The time now is