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Scrotal Shaving Technique

14 Feb grundle grooming. Getty Images. Taint. Grundle. Perineum. Whatever you call it, this is a man's forgotten area. Even the most manscaping-obsessed guy the sweat produced in this region.) To enjoy the good properties of the grundle (and minimize the bad), a little maintenance is in order. Related Video. 15 Nov Your scrotum and shaft in particular are prone to many skin folds and grooves, which can easily be nicked or cut. In fact, those areas have been proven to trap huge amounts of bacteria—when you shave them, even a minor cut or laceration can cause bacteria to get inside there, says Brian Steixner, M.D. 23 Mar Some guys trim their pubic hair, others prefer to shave or wax, and most guys just leave it alone. It's not necessary to remove the hair in this area to keep your body clean; it's just a personal preference. Trimming: Trimming is the most basic and affordable way of maintaining the appearance of your pubic hair.

Bringing a sharp instrument close to your genitals can be intimidating; but with preparation, time, and practice, manscaping can be an easy task. You may want to shave the hair from your scrotum the first time in your bathroom, to remove the long hairs. This is described below.

This will help to remove any microscopic bacteria, thereby reducing the chance for infection. A far safer and more sanitary approach is to simply opt for a hot shower. Not Helpful 52 Helpful These are fairly easy to buy online and usually available in bulk package form.

But afterwards, the easiest way to shave your scrotum on an ongoing basis is to do it when you are lying on your bed on your back. A double-blade razor works really well.

You should shave every few days this way.

Once you have shaved a few times the skin becomes used to the treatment and usually the itching subsides. Additionally, any kind of bacteria or virus not just those associated with STDs can infect the cuts. If I shave for the first time and it gets red and bumpy, what should I do? Holding the penis upward, shave downwards carefully from the penis to the lower part of the scrotum.

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This will make the hair easier to shave later. Longer hair is more likely to clog a razor. Using a safety razor will How To Shave Pubic Area Male Video better than scissors and it will cut the hair shorter. If you use a clipper make sure you use a 0 or 1 blade on it, if you do it will cut almost as close as a razor blade.

The skin of the scrotum is so thin and loose that it can be caught by the shaver, and this is extremely painful. Trimming the hair in this spot should be done with scissors.

How To Shave Your Pubic Area for Men the Right Way - Guy Counseling

If you decide to use a men's electric razor, avoid shaving down the underside of the penis and on the center of the scrotum. Getting a cut in those areas will be excessively painful. After you trim your long hair off your scrotum the first time in the bathroom, you can trim your scrotum hair more easily by lying on your bed on your back. The same applies to shaving. Avoid using chemical depilatories.

These are products that "melt" the hair away. Many men avoid using products like NAIR and other bikini area hair removal creams due to the sensitivity of the scrotal area. If you do want to try it, however, test the hair removal cream on the inside of your elbow before applying to your private parts. Then test a small amount of the cream on your genitals before going all the way. When applying it, do not allow any of the cream to get on the head if uncircumcised, you can try to pull your foreskin well over your glans.

Ensure the room you are using for shaving will be private for at least an hour or however long you think the process will take. This is not something you want to rush through! Consider shaving late at night. Consider shaving sitting in a very shallow hot bath. The hot water in the bath will prepare the area for shaving better than showering. Your body will How To Shave Pubic Area Male Video very Emo Goth Punk Quiz you are sitting down and your genitals are very accessible.

You also have a handy source of water in which to rinse the razor. If this is not possible consider shaving sitting down, ideally on the floor for ease of access and stability. If you use the edge of a toilet seat to sit on, letting your pubic area sit over a garbage can while shaving, the mess will be next to nothing to clean up. If you're using an electric razor, it can drop in the toilet so it's best to do it somewhere else. If you prefer standing, try shaving in your shower.

Just make sure to stand out of the water to avoid watering down your shave lather, and constantly rinse your blade. By shaving at the start of the shower, you will let any cuts close themselves and thus avoid any stains in your clothes. Lather the area for shaving. Lather the area with the best shaving cream intended for sensitive skin, such as Taylor Bond Shaving Cream. Avoid menthol or heavily scented creams since they are a known irritant.

This is going to minimize the number of cuts you get by adding in moisture throughout it. Complementing it with a shaving brush will help with loosening and softening the hair follicles, more than water can alone.

How To Shave Pubic Area Male Video

Some electric razors are supposed to be used on dry skin. Read the manual of the electric razor to see if you should shave wet or dry. Using a new safety razor, shave each area using short, very light strokes.

Removing Pubic Hair

The key in shaving the genital area is to always make sure the section of skin you're shaving is taut; shaving loose skin can lead to cuts because the skin will move with the razor and create an uneven surface.

Rinse the blade by submersing it in water after each stroke. You may also want to pull out very large hairs that may have been left over from inadequate trimming. Apply as little pressure as possible. If you just glide over the skin without applying pressure you won't cut yourself. The following tips are for shaving against the direction of growth "against the grain" - which produces the smoothest shave but note that if you first shave in the direction the hair is growing, you will shorten most of it.

Then shaving in the opposite direction will be easier, but some people find it sufficient to just shave in the direction of growth and stop there. This is especially true because shaving against the grain is more likely to result in ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Shave above the penis.

How To Shave Pubic Area Male Video

Pulling the penis downward, shave from the top of the penis upward to the navel. Holding the penis to the side, shave inwards in the sides of it and in the sides of the scrotum. Shave between the penis and scrotum. Holding the penis upward, shave downwards carefully from the penis to the lower part of the scrotum. It may be easier to shave while the penis is erected since the skin will be more extended and the penis is easier to handle. The scrotum is much easier to shave if the skin is extended.

The scrotum should be shaved from the middle front part of it to the sides, with extreme care. It is best to shave when the scrotum is ascended - meaning tight against the body. The piece of skin that goes between the shaft and the sack may be especially problematic.

One thing you can do is take an ice cube into the shower and rub it on the scrotum to tighten things up. It can help get rid of that flap of skin between the shaft and the scrotum. Rinse off and wash the area you shaved using mild soap. Clean the room that you shaved in too: Rubbing with the towel will increase irritation. If you are shaving the first or second time it will most likely irritate the skin, once the hair starts growing back.

Manscaping - How to Shave: Shaving Down There

This can lead to itching and redness. This will be gone within a week roughly and once you start shaving more often it will stop. You can apply baby powder to shaved areas that rub against each other, How To Shave Pubic Area Male Video the inner thighs, to minimize friction. Use some antiseptic cream to minimize skin irritation.

Take a few tips from the ladies and do things like exfoliating after a day or two. This resets the hair shaft, preventing ingrown hairs and significantly reducing itch as the hair grow back in. You should also thoroughly moisturize the skin with unscented lotions or ointments. A good option for men is Bag Balm, which is very good for your skin How To Shave Pubic Area Male Video does not have a feminine smell.

Baby oil is another option. Some people find that applying baby oil to the area immediately after shaving helps tremendously with the itch and irritation. You can also lather up and run a pumice stone over the shaved area to soften up the sharp edges of the hairs created by the razor blade. This will prevent it from becoming itchy when growing back. You're helping people by Mid Florida Lakes Homes For Sale wikiHow wikiHow's mission is to help people learn, so we really hope this article taught you what you wanted to know.

Yes, I read the article. Is it best to have my dick hard when shaving my dick and balls? Yes, it is best because when you're soft it is harder to get to the areas that need to be shaved. Not Helpful 4 Helpful Is it normal to shave at the age of 13? Shaving your genital area has no age limits. If you have pubic hair and you want it gone, then you're old enough to shave.

Not Helpful 7 Helpful How do I shave thick hair on the shaft of my penis? Start with trimming it first, then start shaving; it's easier and doesn't tug on your hair as much. Not Helpful 61 Helpful Can I use shampoo instead of shaving cream?