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10 Jan In Poland, the ratio was much worse (often at one girl for every three guys), but I picked up much easier. I learned that ratio is only one factor to .. lay a Polish girl to save my life. I've been in Ukraine (currently in Crimea), and I meet women everywhere; I went to bed with two women my first week here. 20 Nov I've been reading this blog for two years now and want to thank all of you for the job done up to now. I also started learning Russian after meeting a Russian girl in the south of France. We dated only for some month but I never quit learning Russian (maybe I was more in love with the language than with the. There are lots of concepts that I discuss in this course such as beefing up your profile to demonstrating higher value, opening flirty and playful messages, how to continue the conversation once the girl replies as well as how to get her number for the meet up. You will get included my many (top secret) actual, unedited.

Ukraine caused me to revise my theories about wanting to be in countries with a high female to male ratio.

For example questions about last guys with whom the girl had relations. If 2 people like each other, how soon do you think they should meet after talking online? Read more about PPL dating here: Чем вам нравится заниматься больше всего?

In Polandthe ratio was much worse often at one girl for every three guysbut I picked up much easier. I learned that ratio is only one factor to consider when determining if a city is good or not.

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Being able to communicate fluently in a common language is surprisingly much more important than being surrounded by boatloads of women. On a beach resort they ended up making Bernie look like the life of the party.

How To Meet Up With A Girl

While dead, Bernie makes many friends and even hooks up with a pretty girl. In the sequel, which I believe was a box office smash, Bernie is brought back to life using a voodoo spell where he performs a strange tribal dance with his chest puffed out.

How To Meet Up With A Girl

In Ukraine, the girl is Bernie. Follow these four steps:. She will give short responses that do not at all help you continue the conversation.

The Empire Strikes Back. What do you do for fun? Good Monday Morning Peeps! We will easily process your requests and give you all the results.

Silence will be standard. It will seem like she has passed into the netherworld, but as long as her body is still there i.

Some silence on your part is okay, but too much silence and she may reanimate and walk away into the arms of another guy. Touch early and often.

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Do you remember the scene in The Matrix where Trinity brought Neo back to life by declaring her love for him? Words will not reanimate Bernie, only touching.

Just understand that while doing this, she will not touch you back. When you run out of conversation and this will definitely happen because of how little she gives yousuggest a dance. There actually should be less suggesting and more demanding. Attempt to kiss Bernie. This is because you want to establish a sexual frame to make it clear that friendship is not on the table. It contains tourist tips, game advice, and sex stories that give you all the information you need to bang hyper-feminine Ukrainian women, with extra details not released on the blog.

Click here to learn more about the book. The following is an excerpt from Bang Ukraine.

Topface — знакомства с девушками в городе Бейрут. Общайтесь онлайн!

Follow these four steps: Ukrainian Girls Bang Ukraine: