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30 Apr Well I'm kind of mad at myself because I washed my Lane Bryant bra and some of the hooks got bent really bad. Does anyone know where I can take it to. 4 Aug How many times has this happened to you? You take it out of the wash and it looks like habas.infod. I always try to remember to hook the bra strap together before I wash it. I also try to remember to put it in something like a mesh bag to keep it from being damaged. However, there are just some days that. Your bra can suffer from a lot of wear and tear throughout the day and in the wash. Often the clasp can break, the bow can become detached or the padding in the cups can get.

Discussion in ' Budget Board ' started by Ms. GrumpyApr 30, Log in or Sign up. Jul 5, Messages: Well I'm kind of mad at myself because I washed my Lane Bryant bra and some of the hooks got bent really bad. Does anyone know where I can take it to get the hooks replaced? I am not a crafty person and the bra is new.

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I wonder if you take it back to Lane Bryant if they will replace it. It seems that washing it, even in a machine, should not damage it. Maybe it was a defect in the product. Apr 2, Messages: Can you bend them back with a pair of pliers? Feb 19, Messages: They sell the bra hooks at Jo Ann Fabrics. Maybe you can replace it somehow? Aug 6, Messages: The hooks shouldn't bend!

Cathy Anderson 09 March at GrumpyApr 30, Step 3 Give the bow a gentle pull to ensure its placement is properly secured.

I machine wash all of my bras not even on delicate cycleand I've never had a hook bend and they last for years. Maybe it is a defect, but chances are, if the tag says hand wash, they won't replace it.

How To Fix Broken Bra Hook

I'd say your best bet is to buy replacement hooks at a craft store and find someone who is crafty to sew them on for you. Or, just trash the bra and don't buy from Lane Bryant again. Apr 23, Messages: Any fabric store, even WalMarts that have fabric, have bra repair pcs.

You can remove the old hooks, and sew on new ones not the best planor cut off the end, and sew on the new replacement piece it may not match well.

Of course, you say you're not crafty, do you, or How To Fix Broken Bra Hook you know, have a sewing machine? I guess that checking to see if the store would exchange it is the best way to go. Mar 28, Messages: Sew the darn things back on with dental floss and you'll never have to sew them again.

Mar 18, Messages: My bra from Lane Bryant did the same thing. One wash in the cycle and even tho, I hooked them before I put them in, they came loose and are really bent all to heck. I just bent them back with pliers the best way I could. They still hold me up.

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I've had these for about 2 yrs or so. I didn't think about taking back to the store PS, I've stopped shoping at Lane Bryant, prices went up but the q2uality didn't.

Thanks everyone for the quick replies! My best bet will be to buy new hooks and maybe have one of my moms friend to sew it on for me. This of course is kind of embarassing since the lady is extremely petite and my size 40D would probably wrap around her twice. Apr 21, Messages: Octoberbride03Apr 30, Mar 1, Messages: I think it is the lane bryant catalog that is going out of buisness.

And, expensive they are! Do you have any ideas on how to convert a normal bra into a convertible bra? Once the seam is out, remove the damaged hook. Bras often get damaged in washing machines. Feb 5, Messages:

I washes one of the bras from there and the hooks were fine. Feb 3, Messages: Aug 21, Messages: CarolAMay 1, My information wasn't based on rumors from the DIS board. They said they were going out of business.

Feb 5, Messages: Pliers do the trick. On a side note, since I worked at leggs,hanes,bali,playtex outlet forever while in college, I must tell you all it is best to handwash your bras. At the least line dry them. Of course, I do toss mine in the wach, but the drier heat breaks down the lycra and they stretch out too quick. Things will sag quicker You must log in or sign up to reply here.

How To Fix Broken Bra Hook

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