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6 Oct Trojan's website offers a full view of their products and a selector tool to help you find the lubrication and material combo that suits you best. However, their sizes are not as comprehensive. They simply classify their condoms as Regular, Large, Extra Large. Here we have updated a condom size chart that. 6 days ago Use this condom size chart with lengths and widths to find the right one. From snug to XL, see why measurements matter and what various brands offer. Extra Large Condoms: When You're Kinda a "Big Deal". Condoms already sometimes get stigmatized for being too thick, but if you're a bigger guy, condoms that aren't your size can make sex downright unpleasant. Snug fit condoms, when forced onto large men, can feel like a choke-hold, leading to discomfort or pain.

Condoms come in all shapes and sizes. This chart should help you to find the correct condom style. Looks like nobody has reviewed this product.

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Why not be the first? This chart should help you in pick the right condom style that will aid in making condom wearing more enjoyable.

Please login or create an account to add this item to your wish list. Support Contact Account Cart 0. Atlas Extra Large Condoms. Atlas Extra Large condoms are made for the man who needs a little more breathing room. Each condom features a standard shape but added length and width.

What Size Are Extra Large Condoms

Atlas Extra Large Condoms are named after the greek titan who was condemned to holding up the sky for an eternity. With such a heavy lifter as their namesake, it's hard not to understand why Atlas Extra Large Condoms will provide you with extra strong, and extra large protection against unwanted pregnancies and STIs.

However, in during our testing, these condoms were only slightly larger in width than an average condom.

What Size Are Extra Large Condoms

That's why, for truly larger guys, we recommend a number of extra-large condoms, or even magnum sized condoms. At Condom Depot, we always strive to be accurate when discussing the size of the condoms we offer. Not sure which extra large condom is right for you? Check out our Big Guns Sampler for a way to try out several styles of condoms for well-endowed men. CondomDepot's Condom Sampler.

Reservoir Tip Condoms These are regular condoms. What Size Are Extra Large Condoms reservoir tip acts as a trap to collect semen. Non-Reservoir Tip Condoms These condoms feature a straight wall design without a reservoir tip. These are mostly used in the healthcare industry and for oral sex. Form-Fitted Condoms These condoms provide a better fit and more comfort. Studded Condoms These condoms have raised bumps for added sensation.

Nothing to be ashamed of. Even though latex condoms are super stretchy, if a condom is too small, you may still feel discomfort, and it has the possibility of breaking. Joshua February 20, Latex condoms from Durex, made for pleasure. Mewalo March 4,

Ribbed Condoms These condoms have raised lines on the shaft. These lines help in stimulation the vagina for added sensation.


Special Shaped Condoms These condoms feature a "Baggy" pouch on the head. Condoms like the the Pleasure Plus, Twisted Pleasure and the Inspiral use this pouch for extra stimulation. The extra headroom for him makes it less restrictive and better feeling. The excess "Bagginess" will hit upon her most sensitive regions to help in creating extra sensation.

D money March 19, I refuse to have unprotected sex considering the world we live in today, especially considering the fact I often cause my partners to bleed, at less to some extent. You don't want your condom to fall off or break because it's the wrong size. Thanks for your reply and your recommendations!

When looking at the various condom stats on our Web site, please keep the following in mind. Condom Thinness Our average condom thinness is 0.

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Lubrication is especially needed on "Super Thin" condoms! Condom Width Our average condom is 2" wide. We consider less than 2" to be "Snug" and longer than 2. The width measurement is taken at the middle of the condom shaft. Condom Headroom Our average condom headroom measurement is 2. The complied stats are not exact, they they are just an indicator to help you find the perfect condom.