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A long paragraph for my bestie Emily?

Cute Paragraphs to Send to Your Best Friend 1. Our company is all I crave for, because with you there is no dull moment. 2. I don't mind walking up a thousand stairs just to be with you, my dearest friend. 3. Your company is what I always look forward to. Thanks for being real. 4. When I feel bored and lonely, reminiscing. 2 Jul Best friend paragraphs that make you cry. Let go of the things that you are supposed to hold on to, they might have given you happiness before but maybe this time they will be able to make someone else happier. What happens yesterday is done, it is past. What happens tomorrow still be in reach. Something I will cherish forever! A beautiful paragraph from my best friend.

20 Long Paragraphs to Send to Your Best Friend

We often send out love quotes and letters to our lovers, but our best friend also deserves at least a couple throughout the year. After all, your best friend is the person whom you know you can always count on when times are rough. Below are some sweet messages you can send to your best friend to make them feel loved and appreciated.

Certain things happen in a certain way at a certain time and place for a certain reason. I love you always, my dearest friend. No matter where life takes us, I will always be your best friend. To my wonderful Sweet Paragraphs For Your Best Friend, today like every other day, I pray that our friendship will always blossom and knows no end.

It will always stay fresh like the early morning river. Each and every day will be another chance to cherish and love each other so much more than ever before and we will always be together till the end of time.

Sweet Paragraphs For Your Best Friend

I love you beyond the stars, my adorable friend. I feel so blessed to have a friend like you. I never thought angels could exist in this world, but here you are in the flesh.

You were always that person I never expected to be friends with. I thought we would never get along.

Got a Comment for This Post? You are a friend indeed! Your love and care is what gave me life!

But when we came together, it was like something clicked and I knew that you would be a part of my life forever. Thank you for being my dear friend. I love you more than you know. You might go off into another city to pursue a career, and I might head off on an adventure on the opposite side of the globe. But despite that, I know that our friendship can withstand any distance. Our friendship can withstand extreme time differences.

And even though we may not talk as often or see each other as often, I know that absence only makes the heart grow fonder. Whenever you feel joy, I feel it too.

And when you feel pain, I feel it so much that I want to do anything to make it better. I love you, my friend. Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a whole lot more. Because of you, my experiences Sweet Paragraphs For Your Best Friend life seem so much richer and so much fuller. Because of you, I can say that I am a better person who is made happier with you as my best friend.

I know without an iota of doubt that your life can be awesome and beautiful without me in it, but not so with mine. Because I need you every day just as the plant and trees need carbon dioxide to stay alive. And your friendship to me is like the blood that is pumping in my heart and the air that I breathe.

I love you beyond words. You are my mirror and my shadow. And you are my shadow, too.

Sweet Paragraphs For Your Best Friend

You never leave my side. In fact, we can go for weeks without talking. Thank you for being my best friend. Just as much as an empty brain needs wisdom and knowledge, so also I need a great friend like you. Just as much as the body needs Sweet Paragraphs For Your Best Friend and water, so also I need a friend like you. I love you always, my sweet friend. But these people can come and go depending on what suits them. However, finding a best friend that can last for a lifetime is difficult. Ever since I met you and throughout all our years together, I can confidently say that I have found my best friend in life.

I make a lot of mistakes. I say the wrong things, do the wrong things, and end up in bad situations.

letter to my Best Friend

But despite all that you have been with me through it all. You were patient and kind with me. You let me be myself when I felt like I should change to please other people. You have accepted all my imperfections and made me see my own inner beauty. Please stay in my life forever because your friendship is one of the best things to ever happen to me.

I love you, my dear best friend. One million memories, ten thousand inside jokes, one hundred shared secrets, one reason: I hope that as we grow older we make even more memories, jokes, and shared secrets.

Your friendship is for keeps, and I intend to keep it forever.

I'm honoured to have you. Your caring is new in my heart every morning, Your heart of love is seen great every day, deep down my soul! May our relationship never soiled. You mean so much to me. Cute paragraphs for your crush - I like you paragraphs for her.

These are great to lighten up ur best friends day when there feeling down or too just tell them how u really feel and surprise them. Thank you for sharing your positive comment. Please feel free to share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Have a great day, Destiny!

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