Restricted Number Calls And Hangs Up. Chicago Hook Ups!

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If you got any video suggestions, let me know. Me after watching this video: Welp time to watch some SpongeBob.

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Bro my whole fam has fucking as our area code as we used to live in the chicago land area. So seeing that shit on here was creepy in of itself lmao. I was in my care going to school and got a call from I hung up the phone and I was joked about how the devil was calling me. Then I told my dad and we laugtht.

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After school I checked my phone and had a voice mail. Now this was the weirdest voice mail I have ever heard it sounded like a hollow voice and their was a lot of static in the back round. I only heard a few words but it scared me and my friend very bad. When I answer it told me it was just saying hello and did not want any harm.

I told my other friend and he called the number. The number did not work on his phone. Roses are red violets are blue I just got clickbated and so did you. I used to be so into these things And I kinda hate it. Type which number you would want to call if you were at a cell in a police station: Red numbers Personally, I would callin an attempt to call Logic. I think that the concert peapole tryied to cover up a murdure there involved in.

I called boothworld today with a friend and we both heard the same thing.

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If I leave my ex gf number up Here the curse is the greatest of them all. Called em all suckers! I feel like some of these might be fake, but they are still pretty interesting.

Boothworld was a creepypasta, and either a fan or the original author registered a phone number based on the story. They even contacted some people back in order to just fuck with them The last story you mentioned in that one was actually part of the plot of the Creepypasta.

He has his ex "remodelled" and they kill her. Ive gotten a call by the red number and I did hear the loud frequencies.

8 Phone Numbers That Are Too Creepy to Call

I called the number then when I called it somebody talk evil then hung up and then my friend was calling and then he said his best friend is dead. This is fucking bullshit all the numbers fake this is just for views and entertainment.

Restricted Number Calls And Hangs Up

I got a call from Also just for clarification the number 4 pronounced Shi she resembles the Japanese word for death. You can read 9 ku as suffering as suffering as the two sound similar in Japanese. Same area code and everything I can hardly breathe, this is fucking terrifying. Holy shit that sounds fucking great, brb getting my phone right now. The number that calls my phone every. Are any of these numbers not haunted??

Restricted Number Calls And Hangs Up

My mum got an phone call from and it was just heavy breathing on the other side The location was also private…. Trending History Watch later Liked videos My playlist.

"Don't Ever Answer a Call From Your Own Number"