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3 Ways to Say I Love You in French

How to say “I love you” in French?

The basic way to say I Love You in French is Je t'aime. However, there are several other ways to say I Love You in French. Find out these different ways with this free lesson. Listen to the audio of the French I Love You's and practice your pronunciation. Quora User, specialist in French grammar. Answered Jun 23, · Author has answers and k answer views. 1. If the person is a friend, who you know well, say "Je t'aime!" 2. Even you love the person but you're not personally close to, you say "Je vous aime!" 3. To say "I like you" to a friend or somebody you know. 6 Jul Want to spice up your relationship by telling someone 'I love you'? We'll share how to express your love in 25 languages including Spanish, French, etc.

It can be an even bigger moment when it happens to be in a foreign language that is not your own. Getting those 3 little words out or more or less depending on the language can be a challenge even when you are a native speaker.

It can even be more difficult when you are wooing someone from another country. What could be more romantic than speaking to a potential love interest in French? It may just be your most useful French phrase moving forward. There are dozens of other ways to show affection, but this is the one that shows how much you truly care.

7 Ways to say I Love You in French - French Truly | Helping you become a little bit French!

Check out other Spanish phrases that you should know. Only one letter off from Spanish, use this translation with foresight. Italians only declare this phrase to lovers and foodstuffs—so be cautious before you tell this to someone you just met on the street.

How to say "I love you" in French - Learn French With Alexa

It might take a special kind of person to find this German saying as romantic, but over a beer or two, it might sound better and better. While not too different from fellow romance languages, there is a difference between the Portuguese you speak in Portugal and the one you use in Brazil. A bike ride just outside Amsterdam along with a nice picnic can end in this Dutch saying.

This can be a great way to connect with a Swede on your trip to Stockholm. Just make sure not to use it across the border in Norway! Goes to show how connected these two language actually are. The Turkish language is full of love. This is only one way the basic version of how to let someone know how much he or she means to you. Ani ohevet otcha female to maleani ohev otach male to femaleani ohevet otach female to femaleani ohev otcha male to male. Hebrew changes Romantic Happy Birthday Messages For Girlfriend depending on who you are talking to.

Try and make sure you are talking to the right person—though most will be willing to forgive you if you become confused! Kiss your loved one on the cheek and let them know how much of a part of your life he or she is.

Great for the Polish grandparents at family events. However, think of how impressed your loved one will be when you spout this out seamlessly. Before you mutter some sweet words, remember that age also plays a part in which translation you use when speaking to others. After sitting down with some friends and goulash, you might want to tell them exactly how happy you are being there sharing a meal.

The Greeks are famous for their many types of love and how it can mean different things in different contexts. If you just want to let someone else know that you care, this is the best version to use. Remember that you would use Cantonese in other parts of China.

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Once you know for sure that you are using it in the correct place, this is one way to remind someone how important they are to you. The continent of Africa is home to some of the most complex languages—as well as a large variety. With a Latin base, you might notice some similarities between Romanian and its Western European counterparts. The pronunciation might be a little more difficult, though—make sure to practice!

Main tumse pyar kartha hoon malemain tumse pyar karthee hoon female. This works for siblings, friends, parents, and all the other people who add meaning to your life. In other parts of China, you will have to use Mandarin Chinese instead of Cantonese. Regardless, the meaning is the same: This is the informal way to address a companion or family member. The Thai people are some of the friendliest and kindest in the world.

It makes sense that they would say I love you from various levels. However, this is the translation you will usually find.

Who To Say I Love You In French

Spoken by more of the world than you would think 27 millionUzbek is a Turkish-based language with flavors from various parts around the world including Russia and Mongolia. Khmer is the language spoken in Cambodia, and it also follows rules relating to gender and age.

Before you bare your heart, make sure to find the right variation for whom you want to proclaim your love to.

How do I say "I love you forever" in French. Thank you for your feedback! That being said, it is practically impossible to write the word out in English, so always pay attention when you practice!

We hope this guide to saying I love you in Spanish, French, and other languages helped you. Send this to someone you care about so you can share the love together!

Who To Say I Love You In French

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