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When women say they don't want a skinny penis, how thin are we actually talking? : AskWomen

No bigger than 5 sharpies. Also sharpies as a unit of measurement should catch on because I'm sick of having to convert inches to cm. 15 Sep Susie and Richanda compare penis girth with some hair products so they can better visualize the size. 28 Apr What is a thin penis? Like the rest of our body organs and glands, your penis also has an average, generally accepted size, length and thickness. When your.

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What Is Considered A Thin Penis

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I feel she would enjoy a much fuller, pleasurable sesation if I had more thickness for her to work with. You won't be able to vote or comment. Would you consider having that checked professionally?

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According to him, this simple technique should give men an idea of what their ideal penis size should be. I'm skipping this holiday. Yer standards are too high if you consider 7 inches "respectable". Unless you are seriously tiny it really depends on how you use it.

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What Is Considered A Thin Penis

When women say they don't want a skinny penis, how thin are we actually talking? Ok, basically ever since I saw a Jenna Marbles ustream, I've been a wreck.

Thick Or Thin: Penis Girth Again

I always thought she was a fairly Women Fucking Women Pics, smart, average girl, who just happened to get famous. Anyway she started talking about penis size, and she said the worst thing was a skinny penis.

Long and skinny to be precise. Anyway that hit me, cuz from what I can tell I'm not very thick. And of course all around the web this is the general consensus from women. They don't want a skinny penis. But when they say this, how big in inches do they mean. Would most girls consider that skinny? What sucks is I'm nearly 5. Sorry for such a dumb post but I've been obsessing over it ever since I saw it, and I don't know if I really have one or not? I mean I know what stats says average is, and I'm either on it or right around being average, but is that could enough for most girls?

Or What Is Considered A Thin Penis I have the hated pencil dick? Also sharpies as a unit of measurement should catch on because I'm sick of having to convert inches to cm.

Oh damn I just realized What Is Considered A Thin Penis answered the question in the title. So you're saying that the 5 units of sharpie is thin? Would you say the 5 units of sharpie is enough to give a full feeling? Or would it barely provide sensation? You could have a 2 sharpie dick and that'd be cool provided you could work my clit like a pro. I see, I see.


How many sharpies would you say is a point where skinniness doesn't even come to mind? That doesn't seem like a big difference. Also, are these regular fine point sharpies? Noice, I can sleep easy. If you have time and another sharpie would you mind posting a 6 sharpie photo? Seems like they get no support when it comes to body shaming from either gender. I'm not sure how many people here are going to be able to give you an actual measurement.

Even if you are smaller than average, many women don't orgasm from PIV sex. So if you're concerned about their pleasure and not just your size, there are plenty of other options. I have been unable to take one due to girth, but he was dumped for his lack of oral hygiene.

Did you check here? I have, every thread, but none mention a specific reference point for what an adequate circumference is. I see "thick is good" but "thick" could mean anything. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new text post.

What Women Want In A Penis, According To Women Themselves

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Nor have I turned him down.