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Why Girls Like Bad Boys

funny, and treats me great." Priscilla, 13, said, "They have to be honest, respectful, down-to-earth, won't judge me, and love me for who I am. I hate the guys that just want to 'hit it and quit it' or want a girl with all the looks and clothes even though she might not be the nicest person. 12 Apr Bad boys are always a challenge. Nice guys are never a challenge. Predictable plus no excitement plus no challenge equals "I prefer a bad boy." Related: The 50 BEST Inspiring Romantic Quotes For Men AND Women. 4. Loving a bad boy is in our genes. giphy. Women are designed to nurture. However. 4 Dec But when it all comes down to it, boys are like the best thing to ever happen to this gorgeous planet we live on. No matter how independent a girl is (a-hem) she still loves a strong confident guy right beside her opening her door and telling her there is NO way she is paying for the ice cream tonight.

It almost seems like most men fall into either the bad boy or the nice guy category. While some women say they want a nice guythey usually end up dating bad boys.

Boys that read are as good as it gets. Try mirroring a guy when you talk to him. If something bugs him he tells me and doesn't try to play it off. The deeper bonds that are part of feeling really close to another person go beyond simply liking the same music and TV shows, supporting the same sports team, or other superficial things.

Here a few reasons some legitimate and some just stereotypes that won't die why girls like bad boys and dismiss the nice guys: Nice guys are too nice. No one can always be that nice unless they're a saint.

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Bad boys "keep it real. No one respects a doormat. Nice guys don't set boundaries or make any real demands. A bad boy doesn't let a woman walk all over him or control him. Women can't respect a man they can control.

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No respect equals no attraction. Most people lead boring, predictable lives, so they're attracted to people who are exciting and a bit unpredictable.

Bad boys are always a challenge.

Regardless of what people say about her, she's beautiful in my eyes. All text shared under a Creative Commons License. Girls especially love confidence because being around a confident guy makes them feel like he can be counted on.

Nice guys are never a challenge. Predictable plus no excitement plus no challenge equals "I prefer a bad boy. Women are designed to nurture. However, instead of doing this with children, they often end up doing it with bad boys.

They think their love will save them. Nice guys rarely need to be saved. Nice guys don't usually need "to be fixed. Also, if they're busy fixing someone else, they don't have to look at what needs to be fixed in their own lives. Women are subconsciously attracted to potential mates with strong genes. Nice guys' fear of losing their woman sends the exact opposite message.

What Girls Like In Boys For Love

If a woman is afraid of intimacyshe subconsciously knows she can avoid it with a bad boy, since she can never get close enough to him to have to go there.

A nice guy will eventually want a commitmentand that's scary. We don't feel comfortable with people who treat us better than we treat ourselves. If you don't think much of yourself, the bad boy is simply reinforcing your negative belief.

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A nice guy is treating you in a way you're not familiar with and that feels uncomfortable. The sex just isn't as mind-blowing. A bad boy comes Where To Meet People as being able to deliver, even though that may not always be the case. Bad boys are totally sexy. Have you ever seen a bad boy who wasn't hot? I'm sure there are a few, but they wouldn't be able to get away with half the stuff they did if they didn't look so good.

Meanwhile, when a woman describes someone as a nice guy, she means, "He's not hot. Nice guys don't always know what to say and are sometimes at a loss for words.

Bad boys can be very charming and know exactly what women want to hear. However, they eventually switch over to being selfish. Historically, men have protected women — physically and otherwise. Bad boys give the illusion of being able to protect women, while with nice guys, women aren't so sure. Life is all about balance. Until men learn how to do that, more often than not, women will choose the bad boyuntil they realize that his bad qualities outweigh his good ones.

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What Girls Like In Boys For Love