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17 ‘Other Men’ Explain What It’s Like To Have An Affair With A Married Woman

Why Married Women Cheat and have Extra Marital Affair. Just as reasons why married men fall in love with other woman, it was found that the reasons married women have affairs are not very different. (See Reasons Why Married Men Fall in Love with Other Woman). Below are a few of the most common reasons found. 1 Feb People who have cheated before are % more likely to cheat again. Affairs are most likely to occur two years into a marriage. 35% of men and women admit to cheating while on a business trip. 9% of men admit they might have an affair to get back at a spouse. 14% of women admit they might have an. 3 Mar It's not only happening on House of Cards. This woman considers a don't-ask- don't-tell rule the secret to her marital bliss.

Dating sites such as Ashleymadison. While this article does not discuss the rights and wrongs of infidelityresearch nevertheless seems to suggest that it is fairly commonplace. Given this extra risk the question arises as to why females risk being unfaithful and what possible benefits they might gain from this? In his paper, Buss cites numerous reasons from a variety of sources as to why females might engage in infidelity. Generally the benefits of infidelity for females may be grouped under two categories which are to ensure reproductive success and secondly to receive some form of external advantage.

More broadly, females might engage in infidelity to increase their likelihood of having children or to produce stronger children, or they may do this as a means of securing some form of external benefit or to elevate their status in some way.

Furthermore, a female may be motivated to Married Women Who Have Affairs unfaithful with a male who is attractive, because this will increase the chances that any sons will themselves be attractive, thus increasing the probability that a female will have grandchildren referred to as the sexy son hypothesis.

Female infidelity may also be driven Black Lesbians On School Bus the strategy of genetic diversity.

A female who has children with several males will produce genetically different offspring, giving each a chance of success in different or changing environments. For example, one child might inherit intelligence, whereas another might inherit physical strength, with the possibility of each characteristic being advantageous depending on the environment they inhabit.

Finally in terms of producing offspring, the fertility backup hypothesis suggests that a female whose partner might have reduced fertility may benefit from a sexual affair, in order to make it more likely she has children. In terms of receiving some form of external benefit, the resource accrual hypothesis suggests that females may be able to exchange sex for resources, such as money or gifts, although in our evolutionary past this may have been food or shelter.

Furthermore females may also exchange sex for protectionpossibly for their children and other family members. Previously this would have meant protection against harm from wild animals, or perhaps even protection from exploitation by other humans. If a regular partner were unable to provide such protection due to being absent, then a female may have been able to obtain resources or protection by offering sex to another male.

The enhancement hypothesis suggests that a female might elevate her status among her peers or possibly gain access to higher social strata, by engaging in a sexual affair with a man of higher status.

It is also possible that by engaging in infidelity, females may be able to improve and enhance their attraction and seduction skills, referred to as the honing mating skills hypothesis.

Married Women Who Have Affairs

The consequence of this might be an improved ability to make mate choices ultimately leading to mate switching, meaning that a female may have an affair in order to expel her present partner, and in the process acquire one who is superior. In addition to the above reasons, it is likely that a female would find desirable a different partner who is more interested and committed to her, and is more attractive and compatible than her current partner. Therefore, Buss notes that in several studies receiving sexual gratification is also a reason commonly cited for infidelity.

If sexual relations with a regular partner are unsatisfying then an affair with Amateur Voyeur Video Tumblr male may be a positive move. Overall however it seems that the mate switching hypothesis and the resource accrual hypothesis are those which have received greatest support from the evidence. Follow me on Twitter martingraff Try calling them women every now and then.

They probably cheat because the female sexuality thrives on newness and variety and women love sex. I've been involved with hundreds of married women. Some of them sexually, some more emotionally. Based on my experiences, the first theory of having superior children, may be what our genes have us doing, but to the married women I meet, I'm simply attractive. Becomes Married Women Who Have Affairs extremely healthy looking. Perfect teeth and my body is like a greek god I'm a competitive bodybuilder.

17 ‘Other Men’ Explain What It’s Like To Have An Affair With A Married Woman | Thought Catalog

And yes, regarding additional resources, I think this may be a big part of it. I'm a high ranking officer, with advance degrees and have lived all over the world. I was a millionaire by the age of So the get both financial status and social esteem dating me. But both of those factors pale in comparison to the real reason why married women are attracted to me.

It's because I pay a LOT of attention to them.

Married Women Who Have Affairs

I listen to them, I call to check on them. I remember their BD. Whenever I see them, I mention how beautiful they look. And what a good mother they are.

It can also be caused by emotional dissatisfaction - perhaps a spouse is feeling neglected or unappreciated. I remember their BD. As the marriage gets older, the mutual attraction begins to fade away.

Believe it or not, I NEVER put down their significant other, other than to say that "he" doesn't seem to appreciate what a great thing he has. Women need to be appreciated. If they know there is someone that appreciates them, it doesn't matter if they are rich, or good looking or high on the social ladder. But then again, those things don't hurt either. Interesting comment, if only it were true. All Married Women Who Have Affairs leaders, all Alpha males Each had multiple affairs, mostly with married women.

Good Character, as you put it, may be prominently displayed in public, but behind the scenes, Alpha males are still sexual tyrannosaurus. Alpa male is a joke. Men can't except that women are just as sexual and maybe even more so, after we are built for sex.

I males luke sex, with women, as much as they claim then why so insecure about female sexuality? An Alpha male doesn't mean that women can't be equally or even more sexual. In this case Alpha means a man that is more dominate than other males. Probably closer to the term To your point, I've met some women that are extremely sexual and have worn me out, which isn't easy to do. So totally agree that women can be more sexual dominate than men I don't sense any ill will in your question, only curiosity, so I will continue to respond.

You ask why don't I stick with single women and thus have some integrity. Well, not sure where to begin. But three obvious answers come to mind. First, the best are usually taken. As mentioned above, and putting modesty aside, I'm rather top shelf. While there may be guys better looking, or richer, or higher status, when you roll all 3 together, I think there are few that have more to offer in those 3 areas combined than I.

Likewise, there are not a lot of top shelf single women that haven't already been scooped up. So its a matter of scarcity.

Secondly, sex with married women, is usually vastly superior than single women. Married women have something to prove, they what to make you come back, so they usually are tigers in the sack.

We now tell women that they can have it all, that they can work and have a family and deserve to be sexually satisfied. It's not a secret that I'm married, but it's also not something I want to think about right now. Not only do they make moves, they actually make a rhythmic vibrating song using their body movements.

And thirdly, to be honest, knowing that your lover is going to go back to someone else but will be thinking of you all the time is an ego trip. Married women are more attractive, better in bed and it's naughty.

Why Married Women Cheat

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