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Recent researches, psychology and biology have pointed out many differences between men and women that can help us understand them both in a better way. Sometimes the main reason communication problems happen between men and women is that they don't quite understand the differences between themselves. 12 Oct Personality profiles appear to reveal consistent (if subtle) differences between men and women – but are they meaningful? While most large studies have tended to find the most consistent gender differences in the main traits of Neuroticism and Agreeableness, other scholars have pointed out there could. That's a fact, and there's a good reason why men and women are thought to be from different planets. The way we think and act is so different that it's no there are times we can hardly understand each other. Bright Side has prepared a post about 10 differences between men and women. The main room in the house.

Although many people are taught that differences in male and female behavior are solely due to culture, science suggests a biological basis for many of these differences.

10 Differences Between Men and Women

This would literally mean that women are the only ones in their right minds! On average, guy brains are about 10 percent larger than gal brains. But this is probably because on average, guys are 10 percent larger than gals.

Major Differences Between Men And Women

Although males tend to do slightly better in math while females do slightly better with language, standardized intelligence tests show no statistically significant difference between males and females. Males tend to have much larger inferior-parietal lobules IPL than females. This area of the brain is thought to influence mathematical ability. The brain areas that are thought to control math and geometry skills mature in boys about four years earlier than in girls.


The frontal and temporal areas of the cortex are larger in females than in males. These brain areas are thought to influence language skills; they mature in girls about six years earlier than in boys.

In reality, all mammals are sexist. Women are generally better able to process words and to use language than men provided that all other factors are constant. Men tend to have better spatial abilities.

Females have a larger hippocampus and a deeper limbic system than males, which allows them to feel the full range and depth of the emotional spectrum far more than those coldhearted, unfeeling jerk guys. Males are more likely to be dyslexic and autistic than females. Male brains synthesize serotonin far more quickly than female brains, which may explain why women are far more prone to depression. Women are also far more likely to suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder after a traumatizing event.

At around the week stage, girl fetuses generally start developing a thicker corpus callosum—the part of the brain that connects the left and right hemispheres—than boy fetuses. This may help explain the fact that women tend to use both hemispheres of the brain while men lean toward the left hemisphere.

Male IQ has greater variance than female IQ; in other words, while females cluster toward the middle, more males occupy the extreme high and low ends on the intelligence scale.

Both males and females release the hormone oxytocin during stressful events. But female estrogen combines with oxytocin to produce a calming effect, whereas male testosterone only makes men more aggro. The brain areas that control aggression and anger are larger in women than in men, which may account for some degree in larger male rates of violence.

ALL mental illnesses are real. I think 7 is BS.

16 Differences Between Men and Women in Infographics

You should see how I load the car on a trip…. Reblogged this on The Life of Decci. But, remember, this is just another generalization shown by studies. This is the part of the brain responsible for […]. I think that this would help you to understand why you prefer sing instead of math.

Women are the only ones in their right minds. The male brain is geared slightly more toward math. The female brain is geared slightly more toward language. Women are more emotional, but we all knew that already. Women feel more pain, but we all knew that already, too. Men tend to have better spatial abilities. Men are more likely to suffer from neurological disorders. Women are more likely to suffer from mood disorders.

I think that this would help you to understand why you prefer sing instead of math. I am sure women use the right side of the brain, men, the left side. Documented in the west as well as in hunter gatherer societies. In a parking lot at Wal Mart, I observed 50 women and their parking habits, 40 of them did not straighten out their front wheels. Men will react with visible distress to the idea of their mate physically cheating on them.

Male and female fetuses start showing brain differences at around 26 weeks. When it comes to intelligence, there are more male than female outliers.

Major Differences Between Men And Women

Women handle stress better than men. Men have weaker impulse control. Information for this article was pooled from the following sources: Some of the best Thought Catalog Articles!