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Hey everyone, just wondering how you've met some of your best friends and how you socialise and meet people in Melbourne. <3 Feel free to add. 4 Mar I am a first year international student. I've recently arrived in Melbourne and I'm finding it hard to get to know the city and find some interesting things to do. I don't know anyone here, apart from a few students I'm staying with who are also new here. What are some ways of meeting people and finding things. 19 Sep Hoo Haa is the perfect venue to meet new people with a long island bar allowing plenty of spots for conversations to arise whilst waiting for your drinks! A dance floor area that's always a blast sits at one end whilst a rear bear garden and private booths provide an opportunity for easier conversations.

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How To Meet People In Melbourne

How can I better find a job? I'd like to go on a hike! I need a job. I need to move! Where to find a share house to rent? How does everyone meet people in Melbourne? Hey everyone, just wondering how you've met some of your best friends and how you socialise and meet people in Melbourne. Work remains the the most common for me, then a combination of online Twitter in my case or at gigs.

I should add that I know and Where Do I Find A Boyfriend to and interact with lots of people but that's governed by where I am and what I'm doing, and the person I spend most time with out of choice is my wife my kids fit into another category I suppose. So I don't actually set out to make friends, which may be because I interact closely with a large number of people and don't have a gap to fill. Volunteering and local community events working bees and the like - I love plants so there's always a lot of weeding and transplanting to do, and that's when the stories come out with a bit of coaxing As well as the political soapboxing, but that's the beauty of having a shared activity not just interest - you can go back How To Meet People In Melbourne what you're doing and let the conversation move on naturally until you get used to each other, warts and all.

My best friends though were from grad studies - i lucked out and got into a course with an amazing cohort of people from a massive range of ages and backgrounds: I also had a fantastic housemate who ended up being a great friend and I became friends with many of her friends too.

This isn't always a reliable way to make friends though. I am terrible at striking up conversations without that physical activity. But that's the seed of most good friendships Someone has to start. You should hit me up via PM. I'm a horticulturist that is going to go and study arboriculture. I am a plant enthusiast and collect orchids. Damn, what a shame I've just left Melbourne to go back overseas for a year or two: I reckon most plant-related courses are a fantastic way to make friends, most people are as they always say Please remove the Facebook link and message the mods to re-approve this post.


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I'm an indoorsy weirdo so I've met many of my indoorsy weirdo friends through Roo Teeth a Rooster Teeth fan group meetups. When I moved here, I went with a friend who was part of a meetup. Got invited to a party that night and best mates with most of them two years later. Otherwise it's through friends of friends or meeting people at random events that I go to or at bars. I've met quite a few friends at the end of a vipassana meditation retreat on the last day when people can communicate.

How To Meet People In Melbourne

In the past i met good friends that have stayed friends on mIRC 13 years ago or studied a diploma and met a few friends there. If you're not studyign but have a friend who is, they'd probably be happy to invite you to meet lots of people from their course, I know one of my close multimedia studying friends did. Also speaking to buskers or busking, some are really cool people. I used to randomly wander around some times, Just aimlessly going wherever you feel like, stopping to hang out in parks and read or into interesting looking buildings, random gigs, conversations on the street.

Psychogeography is an approach to geography that emphasizes playfulness and "drifting" around urban environments.

The checkout line is the easiest place to start a conversation, but there are plenty of other excuses too. Damn, what a shame I've just left Melbourne to go back overseas for a year or two: Ruby and Rails Melbourne We're 3, Rubyists.

It has links to the Situationist International. Psychogeography was defined in by Guy Debord as "the study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals. Well it was difficult but as most people say, totally rewarding if you let it be what it is, an experience or an experiment to try out.

Forget Tinder: Melbourne's best venues for meeting people -

Also not speaking was the easy part. But the place has a great atmosphere, soothing and quiet. I won't say any more though: This was around 9 or so years ago when I first moved here.


From there, we had a small group of friends that got larger etc Outside of uni, I found meself a community of table soccer players who seem to vary in age and profession regardless of how casual or competitive they are. Oh could you tell me how you found this table soccer thing?

It sounds fun and kinda exactly what I'm after. As someone who wants to learn about the city and it's good and bad parts, it's an intriguingly random option. It's a way of discovering the city through the people, but looking through guide books. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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So I don't actually set out to make friends, which may be because I interact closely with a large number of people and don't have a gap to fill. Having moved from uni to the world of full time work in recent years I have found that while I 'come across' many people in my pass times for me tennis and yogait's often hard to 'connect' with them and build any rapport because people focus on the task at hand and then have to rush off. There are different Meetup groups depending on your interest: I am a pretty casual person i love going out to a restaurant or movies, chilling at home with a game Looking to chat and who knows.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? I have a particular interest in medicinal plants. I've met a lot of people that way. There are also some more general interests like drinking and meeting people http: I'm pretty boring now though, haven't met any new people for awhile.

I'm on the waiting list for next sitting! My hobbies allow me meet people too.