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Glad you had a great time with United. I work for United on the ramp in Philly!! I always have had problems meeting other Gay friends.

Meeting Other LGBT People

I tried to join a Gay bowling league and all that did was show me how there are many cliques just like Jr. Stayed with the league for 3 years finally I had enough. The only friends I kept from the league were my team mates.

I am a friendly guy. Never had a bf either. Thank you for making this video. I have a friend who is gay. I have no idea how to help him make friends. He just needs to hear it from you. I want to send him this video. The last time I watched your videos note: I would love a video on gay dating with your boyfriend!!! The majority of the comments on this video are pretty rediculous. Seriously people, stop being so rude. I just wanna thank you guys for How To Find Gay Friends Online with my depressing gay life, after watching this video I used some of the tips you guys said to use, and now I have like over 9 gay friends and for that I just wanna say thank you so much.

In my experience, "making friends" on grindr is nigh impossible. Andrew-what a harsh burn at 3: I thought this video was going to show straight people how to make friends with gay people and that it would be a straight and gay guy talking.

Get you a guy that looks at you the way Dillon looks at Andrew at 2: What the fuck is this supposed to be? Their idea of redemption? Taking a popular RU-clipr and using him to try to appeal to the younger crowd to make people forget about that incident?

Or when United Airlines wrongfully accused a gay father of molesting his son. Brunch is popular with us gays. I hope you two fucked as well either during, after, before, or whenever the hell you felt like it while filming this video.

Hey Andrew, you got any tips for a young gay who is gonna be moving to the area here in a couple weeks for a new job? What can I expect from the gay community and the city as a whole? The one with gay porn ; Thx.

A fantastic educational piece for the youth of our community. TY for doing this!!! I liked how you not only shared your experiences, you shared what people can do. I liked how you were up front on how you did things and what it took to develop friends.

Advertising for a corporation like UA is no less than selling humanity. Hey man I love your videos and love when you collab with Dillon!

How To Find Gay Friends Online

Would you please take the time to check out my first video? It would really mean a lot! Look, a couple incidents with United Airlines has suddenly made it the devil. How many cases went viral? That shit was horrible, no doubt about it- but at least Andrew can see past this nonsensical villainizing. Lets make a big deal out of it. You know, the other day, a Starbucks kicked out a gay couple for holding hands at a table. Well, we better boycott the whole company!

United Airlines is doing something good here, and Andrews had the opportunity to come along so you guys need to chill. We where all friends then when I came out to them they started coming out. Dillon is so much cooler when he is with Andrew. When he is on his own channel he acts so immature with his How To Find Gay Friends Online and this loud laughing at nothing etc Customer service been good and no issues so far. Andrew is a cute guy for sure: It is funny how businesses are using folks with a lot of RU-clip followers to push products.

The Rhodes Bros have their morning routine video where they peddle various items. Sad that Andrew sold out to United. Delta is actually much more progressive with gay folks. Hey Andrew good tips: Totally understand the importance of sponseships but maybe sometimes we can try to avoid those really controvertial sponsers? However, you have complete rights to do what you think is right and we just give some little suggestions.

If people can be so quick to vilify United for the wrong it has done, they should also be able to acknowledge the good it has done. My Should I Call Him Or Text Him is not good. That seems to be the best way to meet people. Friend of a friend. The worst way is blind dates. The odds on those are really bad. Loved the video and your friends advice, but hate United.

Online customer service is atrocious. Benefits of being a handsome guy is that you would be much easier to accept the concept of "the world is kind". So gay male friends? Damn Andrew the actual friends burn!!!!!

I still need and answer to my IG question of what to see while I pass through Denver so I can continue learning!? Not the best video. Stopping mid video and moving on, which I never do, but need to this time.

How To Find Gay Friends Online

What kind of feedbackincluding the complaints and frustrationsdo you hear from partners, boyfriends and partners? Или ты к женскому полу равнодушен? Good and few is my rule.

United is going to sponsor his trips??? I knew once I heard United Airlines that the comments were going to go haywire. We are way too jumpy as a society and we need to stop that. We are way to jumpy as a society and we need to stop that.

Станьте друзьями, знакомься или влюбись. Разработчики забросили его что ли? Male prostitute killed client for suggestion of sex in passive role. Ты придерживаешься нетрадиционной сексуальной ориентации? This is a third party computer Forgot your password?

Maybe it is because Pence is opposed to gay marriage and supported so-called Religious Freedom Bills ,which basically condone discrimination against gay people! Sorry it makes you feel bad.

When u here in high school did people who u thought where straight contact u in anyway to both of u? Andrew, you have a very pleasant sounding and soothing speaking voice. I just came here to say that. Friends, especially gay, each come with lots of baggage. Keep it simple I say. Good and few is my rule. The last thing on earth I need are a load of whining, miserable, troubled, clinging, needy "friends.

Until I tried Southwest, I thought flying was just a necessary evil.

Bad gateway

They rip your soul out. Fly Southwest and enjoy flying. Never been to a pride before or gay bar. Always have a fear or not fitting in and being super awkward. People at pride are extremely diverse.

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Sorry but they dragges him across the plane Still remember so no United Love your video anw. Published on Jun 22, Dillon Instagram: I love hearing from you guys: Andrew Neighbors Month ago.

How To Find Gay Friends Online

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