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Amanda Bynes Calls Miley Cyrus Ugly, MILEY RESPONDS!

Amanda Bynes Asks Drake to Murder Her Vagina and Other WTF Tweets

13 Apr Amanda Bynes has a new boyfriend who knows how to love her body right and she'd like us to know this has something to do with him being black. “it's amaziing how good it feels when someone knows how to love your body! I am having withdrawals from a certain guy lol:)” she tweeted last week. 22 Mar The most interesting thing about Amanda Bynes—and there are many, many things competing for that superlative—is her Twitter account. She retired from acting through it: “I know 24 is a young age to retire but you heard it here first I've #retired.” (Her tweet minutes before: “I like black men I'm very attracted. 21 Jun Coming as a dreadful shock to fans of The Amanda Show and the gender- bending comedy She's the Man, Amanda Bynes has announced her retirement from acting at the tender age of The Lucille Ball-hopeful of a generation announced via Twitter (following the progressive declarations that she's very.

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Amanda Bynes -- Provoked by D-Bag Photog, Calls Him 'An Ugly Black Man'

Inappropriate posts may be removed by the moderator. Send us your feedback. International users, click here. Business Tech Sports Entertainment. Amanda Bynes typical white girl who dates black men!

Leave a Comment Track Replies. Grew up to become a mental case drug junkie who happens to prefer chocolate men. I think that's great my issue is she garners their attention by attacking or coming Amanda Bynes Black Guys black women. Notice the first tweet mind you no one knew who she personally preferred until she declared it in her tweet.

Now out of left field she plays the victim role as if someone was attacking her for dating black men. Her latest escapades involves going publically at the hottest black woman out currently Rihanna. She took a personal swipe at Rihannas looks.

Business Tech Sports Entertainment. DoinME — she probably gave both of them herpes, so im gonna assume this female is a ho. David B Baltimore, MD.

I pray that whoever decides to wife this train wreck up. Kanye already got Kim so he is busy will lay hands on her stupid arse. Black men why Amanda Bynes Black Guys it that when you get a WW she usually exhibits such traits as miss Bynes. Insecure, petty, and desperate. The majority of these threads is about celebrities you rotted yuck mouth motherfuka Now when I make a thread about one it's a problem but you glitter wearing arse be on threads about beyonce and kim k.

I guess for the same reasons all of these white guys that date black women troll this site. Womp Womp if you gonna post stick to the subject matter or else vacate the premises You don't want to address the issue which is most of you date these type of everyday ww who play victim but yet attack black women.

I didn't even know who this girl was until about 2 weeks ago. The DailyMail UK has a story about her everyday. She is the walking definition of a "train wreck". Numerous traffic violations with none of them actually her fault I think this woman was pretty much waited on hand and foot during her youth.

She was some teenage stargot everything she demanded. Well now all that's over apparently by her own doingas I understand she retired from actingand the real world doesn't revolve around her.

Get used to ithun. I also Amanda Bynes Black Guys she is in dire need of some kind of mental help. She also very badly needs a friendwhich she apparently does not have at the moment. I knew I she liked black guys.

Like, maybe a REAL article about childhood actors who had their ups and downs and triumphed in the end even if not as famous as before? Well now all that's over apparently by her own doingas I understand she retired from actingand the real world doesn't revolve around her. As you may've heard, Cardi performed at several different Super Bowl bashes in Minneapolis, including the Maxim party. I liked her in Maxim magazine though. Worry about your white man.

I just knew it. Id tear you little ass up AManda! Amanda is pretty but too ghetto for my taste. I liked her in Maxim magazine though. That is the type I would smash but not date on a serious level. My neighbor, a couple, married, Black man, white woman, both professionals, do not live the usual boring stereotype. I bring this us because most IR couples are like this, not like the stupid stories obsessed racists like to throw around. America's obsession with Amanda Bynes Black Guys men and white women is insane.

Its jealousy and insecurity. I don't care who people screw or marry. Take a deep breath, letting go of obsession is good for you. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the black guy from "what I like about you" that turned her out to black guys.

I wish I could be drake for a day. I had a thing for her since we were both kids and now I know why.

Amanda Bynes Black Guys

The feeling was mutual. Why oh why do certain types of black women use the worst types of examples to prove a point?? Obviously Amanda Bynes has mental health issues But this will not stop the pathetic and extremely bitter black women taking advantage of the situation to regurgitate their relentless tirade in the direction of black men Tell me when this thread is updated: Subscribe Now Add to my Tracker.

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Amanda Bynes Asks Drake to Murder Her Vagina and Other WTF Tweets

Enter your email to get updates when people reply. Share your thoughts with the world. Jan 12 7, alright alright Jul 12 Location hidden Please wait David B Baltimore, MD. Harrisson Level 8 Since: May 08 32, Pacific Northwest Please wait Worry about your white man.

Jun 09 1, Laramie, WY Please wait Loveasiangirls Ann Arbor, MI. Explain You could tell from the show Amanda Bynes Black Guys I like about you" see was into black guys. She was all over her best black friend of the show.

LOL She looks good I would put it in her butt. Mar 12 2, los angeles Please wait Apr 13 1, Location hidden Please wait It seems Black women that date white men are the most obsessed. They are only dating white guys to get back at bm after all.

Amanda Bynes Black Guys

So of course they are gonna hate. And no, white males hate the most. No jealous male crackers hate the most. Barack Obama, our next President Nov ' The nation of Wakanda. Why do some guys that claim to be white suprema Smartest posters on Topix afam. Who is ur favorite white troll?