Why Is The Flag Backwards On Uniforms. Looking For Hookups!

Flag Why Is Uniforms On The Backwards

Here's why the American flag is reversed on military uniforms

Admiral Alexander Vasilyevich

Ополченцы Ленинграда: бойцы рабочего батальона А.Е.Ратников и С.И. Меньшиков несут патрульную службу. The muzzle brake worked by directing the blast backwards through a series of fluted spiral channels. It was an incredibly complex piece of equipment that several UK .. War in Lybia, , would have demonstarated these were outdated. habas.info -gun-carrier/. I'm a U.S. Army Soldier, i once had a Civilian tell me that im a shitbag because my flag was on backwards Really? I'm a U.S. Army Soldier, i once had a Civilian tell me that im a shitbag Love this. I always see the whole army wife/ girlfriend but what about the wives and girlfriends that are the ones wearing the uniform?.

My sister said only girls wear it upside down while i see it is more convenient and i hit the crystal hard one time so i have more reason now. My brother used to wear his watch upside down. My mum, a conservative muslim, thought this was gay and made him wear it properly. It was a funny bollocking, which me and my sister laughed at. Your in denial because you are gay. Wearing a watch on inside of wrist - is wearing for yourself.

Wearing a watch on the outside of wrist - is wearing for others to see. I have been wearing my watches upside down since I was a kid. I broke a few crystals growing up, because I wore it up.

Why Is The American Flag Worn Backwards on Soldiers Uniforms?

Turned it down solved that problem. Thank You for this video. I have always wonderd why some people wear there watches up side down. Now I know at least one reason why. Or this could be the only reason. At least for me I started wearing it that way in the Army. My Drill instructor told me to wear a watch with a black band and turn it around so that it would not glare in sunlight and give away my position.

Kind of like the third guy on a match. I have done this on occasion bur then I smack it against my belt buckle or scratch it when grabbing heavy things to lift haha. Pros and cons either way. I think back then it was for "style". Fossil is a good company. I would totally mess up a nice watch.

Why Is The Flag Backwards On Uniforms

I wear my watch the same way, for the same reason. My father wears it the same way. I use to wear a watch, now I use the cellphone to check for time.

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I wear my watch like this as well I have done this since I was in Army Basic Combat Training. My Drill Sergeant was wearing his like that, so I asked him why. He said because it protects the face of the watch and you can see the face easier. So When we were able to wear watches, that is how I started wearing mine Why do I wear my watch upside down? Published on Sep 14, Yes, this is a random video. I get asked from time to time, why do I wear my watch upside down?

К салюту по случаю провозглашения независимости Израиля готовились не только арабские пулемётчикино и миномётчики. I wear my watch like this as well One would obviously ask:

Here is my explanation. TV Actors Wearing your watch on your right wrist Stuart Lomas 2 years ago. Why you should wear a watch Tuxedo Thursday Year ago. The gear soldiers carry seattletimesdotcom 7 years ago.

Not trying to be a dick at all. Thank You for this video. Sounds to me they came up with any excuse so you guys would wear it that way. The Empire Strikes Back. Конвертер YouTube видео Наш онлайн видео конвертер позволяет конвертировать видео с вебсайта YouTube в форматы webm, mp4, 3gpp, flv.

I like it loose and sloppy Marc Goldberg Year ago. Keep Your Game Tight: Why Do You Wear a Watch? Four ways to wear the Apple Watch iDB 2 years ago.

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Why Is The Flag Backwards On Uniforms