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Уважение к старшим

См. также в других словарях: Precarious — Pre*ca ri*ous, a. [L. precarius obtained by begging or prayer, depending on request or on the will of another, fr. precari to pray, beg. See {Pray}.] 1. Depending on the will or pleasure of another; held by courtesy; liable to be changed or lost The Collaborative International . ненадежный (unreliable, insecure, precarious, untrustworthy, unsafe, iffy) . / prakeriyas/ Liable to be returned or rendered up at the mere demand or request of another; hence, held or retained only on sufferance or by permission; and, by an extension of meaning, doubtful, uncertain, dangerous, very liable to break, fail, . Перекур в бассейне. Леонид Брежнев в отпуске, август года, Крым, СССР.

Wowhead Client клиент Wowhead — небольшое приложение, с помощью которого вы можете обновить данные на сайте, а так же воспользоваться дополнительными возможностями!

Вы также можете использовать Wowhead Client, чтобы просматривать выученные рецепты, выполненные задания, собранные ездовые животные и спутники и полученные звания! Данный сайт активно использует технологию JavaScript. Пожалуйста, Включите JavaScript в вашем браузере. Комментарии Комментарий от Saturas32 Приручил вчера этого пета, на 62м и вот прикол он мне ниже пояса! Комментарий от yuripq во-первых, у ханта есть способность увеличивать размер пета.

Комментарий от Chigirenak выше пояса есть петы, например. Комментарий от Krobot у этих гончих самый большой агр-радиус в огненых недрах.

precarious — с русского на английский

They have a long range area cast that does about fire damage. Also a bite that should only be hitting the tank and one random area effect skill: Face the dog away from the raid to avoid the fire area effect and at a steady pace burn the mob down.

Confusion and Stun may have the main tank lose aggro temporarily. Core Hounds can drop all Tier 1 BoE belts and bracers. Комментарий от Azarim They preform the Bite ability on a random secondary melee target. The damage should be around and they like to bite the same target several times. They patrol within MC, and have a fairly quick respawn timer.

You will need to dispatch them quickly, make sure to skin for the Core Leather, and move on. Комментарий от stellas Those dogs are easy to handle, if you act like a team and everyone knows what to do.

Shaman stood on hes positionDPS stood on their positions. Протовар - держал босса Холиприст - на от Холипал - на мт Лок - дамаг в босса и аое. I never once drew agg from my hunter using this method. The DPS were waiting there, and opened up on him as soon as I got there. Why do they make expansion greens the same level as previous blues or even epics?

Basically just keep them from facing the raid or you will die. They have many incapasitations but they are easy to take down. Комментарий от littlidabbi Loot the dog.

Комментарий от zbegra In the latest beta patch Blizzard added pet abilities for these, and they will most likely be one of the new exotic pets for hunters.

Level 1, 25 Focus, 10 sec cooldown. Комментарий от Cuphat Tameable. Got mine after two tries. Комментарий от Serreah Did it with myself Prot Pally and my friend Hunter it was kinda tricky to figure out but once we did it was easy. Once he got down to near death hit Divine Shield then lay on hands, Then I just proceeded to heal. Divine shield lasted perfectly until the tame was finished and he ended the tame with almost full health.

Комментарий от stevencof k heres my question, how the F do u get past the giants, lol. I had enough block value to wholly negate their attacks and even if they dropped aggro with their punt attack, they hit everyone else like What Does Iffy Mean In Texting.

Just keep shooting it. Once those 5 mobs are killed, run across the bridge and hang out on the cliff overhang to the right. Eventually an Ancient Core hound will patrol up- this is your target. Have your healer heal the hunter- the damage the Hunter dealt will stop it from deaggroing.

What Does Iffy Mean In Texting

Uvuros does not have this. Also the MC one does the screen shake when it walks good for freaking people outbut this might be annoying to you depending how sensitive you are to it. Again, Uvuros does not do this.

Not sure if these little bonuses were intended by Blizzard or not but if they were it would make sense to have the one from the 40 man raid instance be a bit more special. Комментарий от czokalapik Really easy to tame. Good luck, i hope it helped ;]. Комментарий от amthayer Taming the core hound in MC is soloable. I and a friend he came up with the idea when no one would help him have both used this method successfully Illidan server Alliance side.

Jump on down to this little ledge jutting out from the sidegiants will bug out and reset in about half a minute or less. My boyfriend put down fire resistance and stoneskin totems next to me, and put rock shield on me before running away He kept pulling aggro from his heals. Pulled him out to the entrance as usual. У вас может возникнуть желание проверить написание своего комментария перед тем, как поместить его на сайт.

Fire resist pot Haste pot Abacus of Violent Odds Enough Resil to be crit immune at least 10k hp any other haste is helpful but not needed As others have stated as you enter MC you can mis direct mobs to a throwaway pet and jump on the ledge to your right and feign there while your pet dies.

Drink the resist pot. You now have one minute until you can use the haste pot with trinket.

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There are two core hounds you can tame Either is fine but timing is critical. Because the timing is so tricky it is best to bring several of each potion Комментарий от MajorMeowMix When u tame him as a hunter will he lose health or skills?

Комментарий от Ladimore Tamed by 3: He doesnt keep the skills he has as an Elite, you get Bite and Lava Breath. Комментарий от Neryssa Tamed by me and a Prot Paladin. Did a few pulls, then skipped the firelords by going via lava.

My Hunter is a Draenei with Herbalism, so 2 heals did help a lot. Pulled the corehound, did a few damage, cast the 2 heals, started taming. Falling In Love With Someone was healing, and once he got near me on threat, he did Hand of Salvation. What you will need 1. A healer pref shaman or paladin for the fire resist 3. Patience I did this using two accounts, a ret pally in horrible gear and my hunter.

What you need to do is jump off the ledge to the right of the Molten giants onto a small ledge below. Jump on down to this little ledge jutting out from the sidegiants will bug out and reset in about half a minute or less. I figured healing from this point would be a good idea because my paladin would be unreachable and so long as my hunter had agg I could provide myself with a safety net. This however, does not work because if you attempt to tame from the ledge above you will also end up getting a Core Annihilator linked with your Core Hound.

Be warned - there is a core hound pat who comes around that area once every 15 minutes. Next, you need to set yourself up properly. By that I mean prepare everything for taming. If you are new to the hunter class you should know that taming works in pairs only so long as you have aggro for the entire duration.

I would recommend a threat addon like Omen to help you gauge your threat listing. Building agg and taming your Core Hound Before attempting to tame your core hound, ensure you have a method of establishing agg and maintaining that agg for the entire tame duration.

For me I started my tame by firing off a steady shot and arcane shot with a few auto shots in between to get some agg. Then I proceed to begin What Does Iffy Mean In Texting just before the CH got into melee range. I never once drew agg from my hunter using this method. Other healing classes will likely have to tip toe more than i did and rely more on hots. After that, I am now enjoying my Core Hound pet.

Most of my problems was coordinating my two toons at the same time. Комментарий от mugwamp Hey all, good advice here. For a noob, though, can anyone give a step by step on how to actually GET to molten core?

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Any tips are much appreciated. Комментарий от Aranthar Tamed a corehound solo with this set up. They are cheap and will help a LOT. Look elsewhere for info on doing this.

You want to run along the rightmost wall, dropping off the cliff on that side as soon as possible.

What Does Iffy Mean In Texting

One giant should hit you once, if you do this right. Land in the lava and swim downstream along the right hand side. DO NOT take any more steps out then absolutely needed, or you will aggro the group nearby. No pats go near this spot: Feign here and eat up to full. You will aggro the two mobs to your right: It is not entirely safe: However they are on long patrol rotations, and thus easily feigned around.

You should see several things: Bear with my text-art here for the layout He spends about 1: A 2nd corehound will path up from down below D, turn around, and path back. He can aggro you in the spot you are standing as can your main targetso when they are in transit, watch and be ready to feign.

Your goal is to be ready when the main corehound is sitting at A. As soon as he begins to What Does Iffy Mean In Texting, pop your Haste Potion and Nightmare Seed. Within about 2 seconds of moving, he should be in range of your taming spell, although still across the bridge. He should reach you with about 5 seconds left of taming due to having to run over and across the bridge.