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How Much Does It Cost To Join AARP?

Is AARP worth it to ANYONE? - AARP Online Community

3 Sep However, if you're thinking of joining AARP just for the travel discounts, you should know that there are many senior discounts that don't require membership. For example, Best Western offers a 10 percent discount to anyone 55 years or older. If you're 62 or older, you'll get a 15 percent discount at Marriott. 3 Jun Unfortunately, public records mean when you cross that rubicon of 50 years, the AARP, the American Association of Retired Persons is a non-profit lobby group. But their cards will get discounts, and it's only $16 for a membership, which includes their magazine. Anyone a member and thinks it worth it, or not. 31 Aug Everyone that I knew who talked about or received mail from AARP was 50 and older (e.g., my parents). However, several years ago, I stumbled on a deals forum where people in their twenties and thirties were debating whether joining AARP, to take advantage of the benefits, was worth it. Just like that, I.

Should you join AARP? All of the articles, like most information about retirement, focus on the financial aspects of becoming an AARP member. Every article ends up saying for the most part you can get the discounts anyway just by virtue of your age as many companies give senior discounts starting at age 55 or For Andrus, however, it meant taking up the cause of aging persons seeking dignity, quality of life and, yes, health insurance.

Is AARP Worth It?

In she saw a need to expand the organization she founded in for retired teachers seeking health insurance. At a time when health insurance was pretty much non-existent for older Americans, Andrus approached many Is Aarp Worth It To Join companies looking for one that would insure retirees.

This, folks, is what AARP started out as and still is, a lobbying organization for older people. Persons of independent means. Whatever you want to call us. AARP is a voice for us in Washington and even some other parts of the world. AARP makes the aging in America a powerhouse to be reckoned with and listened to. Yes, I like the discounts I use from time to time. I like the magazine and newsletter I receive. How else will I know which flicks are trending now and worth watching?

Yes, I could trawl the web, Google this or that, and probably come up with the same info. And, included in this bargain is a membership for your spouse, no extra charge.

Why I'm Canceling My AARP Membership

But, the biggie…a gargantuan lobby. With a family history of longevity on my side, I figure I have about 30 years left on this planet.

Is Aarp Worth It To Join

And, being part of a generation who is used to having its way in the world, I have no intention of leaving my voice behind with the workplace. Just think if there was no AARP. Do you think our friends in Washington would hesitate to rip Social Security and Medicare to shreds?

Thanks for the history lesson. I need to dig around for my out-of -date AARP membership and renew…now! Without AARP, we might be sorry. Thanks for nudging me to give AARP a closer look. If their agenda has become more attuned to the needs of working class and poor seniors in the years since, I for one would be happy to know it. I might add that there are local chapters of AARP which usually meet once a month.

This is a good way for retirees to make friends and local connections.

Most chapters include social activities, and some have travel groups. There is a separate membership for the local chapter. Check the AARP website to find the closest chapter. According to AARP you can opt out of having your information shared.

Like your bank and some other industries, information is not sold by AARP, but it is shared with affiliates such as insurance Is Aarp Worth It To Join travel companies providing discounts to AARP members.

I did not opt out of the sharing and occasionally receive an offer in the mail for lower cost insurance or Why Are Women Insecure packages. They are in bed with for-profit insurance companies that put profits over health.

I see there is an AARP alternative for conservatives, but none for humanist social, political and environmental progressives. Hi Mary, Thank you for your candid response. Most health insurance companies are for-profit, including the one I use. I agree that they often put profits over health.

The only way for us to change the status quo is to get involved or create our own organization. I encourage you to keep speaking out. Thank you for doing so. But what I would like is more information on it. IF possible please send me some information through the mail.

Major, Thank you for visiting my site. Please go to AARP. There is also a lot of information available on their site. Many people are surprised to learn that the popular organization called AARP is only a marketing organization and not a life insurance company.

In fact, the organization was originally set up by a life insurance agent as a strategic way to market life insurance to seniors. AARP is a large organization boasting over 38 million members ages 50 and over. They opened for business in and now have offices in all 50 states. In order to qualify for AARP life insurance rates you must also be an active member. I have heard good things about AARP over the years.

I agree with you about the free bag. The money is better spent on helping seniors. And considering the current political climate of calling Social Security and Medicare entitlements, when we, in fact, paid for these from our paychecks, is all the more reason to support AARP. There are those in Washington who want to cut SS benefits even to current recipients. When I mentioned joining and asked for feedback in social media, after reaching the magical age last yearI received some of the same negative comments you experienced, all related to their political views.

Yet I still go to work.

AARP offers all members the chance to save on many of their expenses that the encounter every day. I told you that you won't need health care! By gecm [1 Comment].

I have personally enjoyed the immense savings received from AARP and even recently enjoyed the benefits of the free movie screenings in my areas. Thanks for your share! Elizabeth, I agree with your comment about baby boomers. That is my generation and we have historically, from birth through today, caused a huge increase in hospitals, schools, businesses, cars, houses, etc.

Which 'memberships' are worth the money [11alive]

Well it HAS come to this. No wonder prices are sky high. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

Is Aarp Worth It To Join

Notify me of new posts via email. AARP is worth every penny. I joined a while ago. Will be 55 this year and looking for retirement in 2 years! I have been told AARP sells your info to other companies. Can you request that not be done? I do believe that I will be joining. This is a really good price. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

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