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Have you ever said to a girl can I cum on your face and literally just jereked your load into her face. That would be fukin cool as fuk..I done it with thai prostitutes but I never treid with a ''real'' girl but a few let me cumon their tits. I never try in mouth though either. Ok admittedly i've never nut ON a girl's face, however i like Johnny's idea. Typically i'll be about to cum and i'll say "where do you want it". This works best with partner's i've had for a while, but i can see it working WAY better with me planting the seeds of thought earlier like Johnny describes. Most chicks are willing to do. 11 Jan "Facials are degrading — and that's why they're so hot." So says America's leading sex columnist Dan Savage about the act of ejaculating semen on to someone's face. But the appeal of the facial can't be summed up with that single term. Rather, this act that's become the standard coda in porn is about.

What is the appeal of cumming on a woman's face? I just do not get it, I have been asked in the past if it would be ok with me if a guy came on my face and I've never objected to it, but I just don't see the appeal. From my perspective, they obviously enjoy it and it's not a huge deal to me because I can wash it off a minute later and they were respectful in asking beforehand, so why would I say no. But is there some additional satisfaction that I'm supposed to get out of it?

The least you can do is say "close your eyes" Ok admittedly i've never nut ON a girl's face, however i like Johnny's idea. Compilation Compilation Teenager The downvotes will probably rain onto this reply but it's the truth and the truth is that I am a doormat, I'm not pretty enough to be the girl who rejects guys or who wants them to please her. Porn generally doesn't show the aftermath of a healthy-sized comeshot to the face, which usually involves copious amounts of towels, momentary blindness, and laughter.

What satisfaction do guys get out of it? It's a primal sort of dominance thing to a lot of people. It's also prevalent in porn because it's easy to show the viewer, and some people like it because of that. Yeah, but how is that any better than like, cumming in a girl's mouth?

Doesn't that feel better than basically jacking yourself off to finish and then seeing your splooge on a girl's face? I mean why not take advantage of what's in front of you?

Cum On A Girls Face

Cum On A Girls Face don't know, I'm just really clueless about the whole "manly man, I cum on girl face to show she mine" thing. Although I do get the reason for use in porn. Sorry, face to face interaction with the opposite sex is not my strong suit.

I usually just say yes to things and hope it will make the other person happy. I've always liked it because it shows the girl is into me. At the very least, her letting me shoot bodily fluids all over her shows that she's really into me and honestly can't get enough. It's hard to explain, but looking at a girl's face with her mouth open saying' please finish this for me' is incredibly satisfying.

I've always though most girls enjoy it too For me it's that those bodily fluids are gross, I'd been told that since I was old enough to masturbate. Then I went on the internet and was like "wait, there are girls who like that stuff?

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It's a lot like talking to someone of the same sex only they have different dangly bits. Which, most of the time, doesn't really come up in polite conversation. What Does The Upside Down Smiling Emoji Mean you can't have a conversation with someone, I don't understand how you can let them Cum On A Girls Face on your face. Well I've never had a sober sexual experience so it usually just moves along as quick as possible, "can I cum on your face?

From this thread alone, it seems like you have a pattern of unhealthy sexual and emotional relationships. Never having sober sex and being incapable of having a conversation about sex are two HUGE red flags. I gingerly, and as kindly as possible, urge you to talk to a professional or someone you know to be in a healthy, long, sexual relationship.

This isn't safe physically, as being intoxicated can lead to you being injured or pregnant, and it isn't safe emotionally. I'm worried about you, girl. I'm just not good at conversation, that's all. Alcohol loosens me up some since I am so, incredibly, uptight and it makes me feel better about myself, I could never see myself naked when I was sober, much less let another person see me naked.

Liquid courage is all it is. And I'm a sophomore in college, not exactly a place overflowing with healthy relationships or people to talk to. Never had a sober sexual experience!? You're missing out man!! Being all up close to a person breathing their air being in a state of mind in complete control is amazing! Aren't you afraid that it'll make you look passive and uninterested, or even maybe like a doormat? The downvotes will probably rain onto this reply but it's the truth and the truth is that I am a doormat, I'm not pretty enough to be the girl who rejects guys or who wants them to please her.

I'm passable as the last resort, can't even brag to your friends about it in the morning fuck and I have accepted my role in society. The only role you've accepted is a self loathing one. No one should ever view themselves in that way. The only thing I could imagine is that sometimes men's sexuality is very visceral, and guys like it Cum On A Girls Face, kinky, nasty There are many men, given the chance, would rub the bodily fluids of an extremely attractive or any girl all over their own bodies, or at least feel turned on by the thought or fantasy of this kind of "dirty intimacy" that probably stems from adolescent fantasies that never quite left their system because of that odd, "funny feeling" you get as a guy thinking about these kinds of things.

So along comes lol porn, showing people doing all this nasty stuff, and it Cum On A Girls Face women seeming to enjoy and crave this kind of thing also, delighting in the emissions of their male partners, making men feel, even if for the sake of fantasy, that something about themselves is as attractive and enjoyable as the things they crave from a woman.

So while there is some primal feelings of dominance involved, it is my personal opinion that a lot of this fetish comes more from a deep desire by a man to be equally desired in the same way, to be craved and lusted after in a very base, primal way, a girl showing she has the same curiosity, relishes in the base and nasty aspects of a male, feels the same odd pleasure from a man's most private and intimate functions.

Adolescent boys spend an inordinate amount amount of time during puberty trying to unlock the mystery of the Vagina. It's a highly mysterious but bogglingly attractive thing to think about.

From what Cum On A Girls Face read over and over, many women they feel like their vagina is a meat-flappy, funky-smelling, discharging pit of weirdness or even hideous shame. For a young man who is experiencing the full-grip of testosterone and male attractions, the vagina is a temple, a beautiful orchid, told to waft perfumes and rumored to be a source of sacred nectar and honey. There is really no real good way to describe how and why a certain part of a body can elicit these feelings, a tightening in the pit of the stomach, an anxiousness and excitement that replaces anything we ever felt as boy being taken to a toy store by a hundred fold.

For your safety and privacy, this link has been disabled. The expressions she makes, how awesome she looks. For me, it makes perfect sense. But as you can see from the above post, women are not universal on this or any other topic. Never having sober sex and being incapable of having a conversation about sex are two HUGE red flags.

It makes as little sense to me as it probably does to most women when I really think about it, but those several million years of deep programming are not easy to ignore nor define. This means that almost anything related to the vagina is also part of this beautiful mystery. Panties are physical accessory to it, a concept we can fully relate to, as a fellow underwear clad creature ourselves, but there is something wholly different about women's underwear, as if made to be attractive.

Men's underwear is utilitarian and rarely meant to be seen, much less enjoyed in any way. But a woman's underwear, even its most basic form, almost always has some kind of superfluous design or accessory that makes it cute. Lace trim, pink coloration, soft or whimsical patterns Panty fetishism is easy to develop, Cum On A Girls Face most guys at least have an appreciation for that article of clothing, if for no other reason than the panty in the enviable position of being in close physical contact with the vagina, the last barrier.

And also something needs to be said about the smell of a vagina. It's part of the mystery from the day we realize that boys and girls have different parts that look, feel and smell differently. It's a scent fundamentally different than anything we as men experience in life, it's electric at times, odd or funky in this strange way that causes all those instant, uncontrollable responses to well up.

There are exceptions always, but most men are wired to respond to this smell and are rewarded with little shots of some kind of pleasure-chemical in the brain. Combine that with the whole idea that women's bodies are idealized as these clean, pure and sacred things, that the idea of a dirty, Cum On A Girls Face panty can be alluring to some guys, like a glimpse into the secret world of female sexuality.

A substitute for intimacy almost.

Cum On A Girls Face

Actually not especially more than most guys I think, I just took the time to think about why they're attractive at all, because it is really odd when you think about it. I don't get people buying used panties or having crazy deep fetishes for just panties and collecting them or something, but there's always a spectrum and it's worth trying to analyze a little.

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It's feminine and easily sexualized, especially if there's discharge on it. BigAngryDinosaur could probably answer better than me, I'm not into that sort of thing and this is only my understanding of it as a man. A lot of stereotypes come up in porn that don't really line up with real sex, but because that's many people's first exposure to sex these days, they get these ideas in their head that this is what's expected.

That being said, everyone is different and there are people who would genuinely enjoy this. As a man I've never done this, but I don't see the appeal either.

I usually do whatever we're both comfortable with, and go by what my partner wants. It's the domination aspect Cum On A Girls Face it.

If you are cumming on a person's face you are pretty thoroughly in control of saif person. It's called a 'money-shot' and it's just a cool way of showing that the guy Date A Doctor Website, in fact, ejaculate. Regarding the position of the semen, well it does kind-of looks dirty, dominant and overall: It's like marking your territory. You get to say, look, I did this, for a little while this was mine. This is the best way to explain it.

I hate when people try to say it's all about dominance. Sure, it's like that for some people, but not for everyone. You just have to be careful that none of it gets in her mouth. If she swallows it when she pees it back out it could leak into her vagina and impregnate her that way. As a woman who is super into having my boyfriend cum on my face, I've been told my interpretation of it is pretty right for a lot of men.

It makes me feel like he wants me as his own, like he thinks I am so sexy that he wants to be able to have himself all over the part of me he thinks is sexiest and that's awesome to me.

I Cum On A Girls Face like it's probably the same reason a lot of men love when women swallow: In addition to that, it can also be a huge dominance thing, though it doesn't always have to be. Cumming on a woman's face is supposed to be this taboo, dirty thing, so it can be fun to partake in that and see someone willing to do it.

Why He Wants To Ejaculate On Your Face

I guess for me the satisfaction comes from a lot of different places. First, like I said I love the idea that he wants his cum all over my face because he finds it so sexy and I love the ownership aspect of it.

I love seeing how much he loves it. It makes him really excited and watching him actually looking at my face while he bites his lip and jerks himself off is just wow. I think it's incredibly hot and it feels dirty, but in a really great way. In addition to all that, it physically feels good to me, but that could be because I'm super into submission. It gets me so excited and turned on, and the feeling of his cum on my face is nice.

It's like a reward for being dirty, I guess, and the sensation of it dripping is hot. Cum On A Girls Face, I feel awesome. He's really happy; I'm really happy and he just looks so hot and in control of me, and that is just incredible.

God damn, your answer kicks mine right in the teeth. I think you have a great insight into this.