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Females Than Why Males Stronger Are

News: Science Shows Women Stronger Than Men (TFM 42O)

What if women were physically stronger than men?

5 Aug Age and gender comparisons of muscle strength in women and men aged 20–93 yr in the Journal of Applied Physiology contains this graph Fig. 1. Regression analysis of age- and gender-related differences in concentric (Con; A ) and eccentric (Ec. 29 Dec They not only took on the 19,foot high Huayna Potosi Mountain in Bolivia but did so while dressed like, um well, women (read: traditional Aymara clothing). This got me thinking about the carved-in-stone “reality” that the vast majority of men are supposedly bigger, faster, and stronger than the vast. Men are naturally bigger and stronger than women in general because women were created to be a help to man Woman was created for man and of man by God. Having said that, physiologically, in general (not individually), the average American male is between 5"10 and 6"3 and weighs anywhere from lbs, .

I have to confess some upper tosh is being written on this thread. To the question "Are men stronger than women?

Check out the numbers of women who have died for their country in Iraq and Afghanistan. The age of onset of hypertension [high blood pressure] also occurs much earlier in men than women. I've seen just as many strong women as strong men. We can at least partly thank natural selection for these traits.

Yes, not every man but in a vast, vast majority of cases. In fact the disparity is so large that the Men's Under 52kg tiny guy class world weightlfitng record is about the same as a female Olympic lifter of 40kgs or 90lbs heavier. Well why do the "weaker" lower bodies of male sprinters which are carrying a heavier upper body" still easily outperform female sprinters. In the words of the great late Bill Hicks: Do you want me to walk you through it? Only 7 of the women made it into the top leaving 93 men in the top half.

Replies to my comment. There is not exact way of measuring all the females and males strength and comparing the two as people are born and die everyday and there would just be too many people. The hero who would do the DIY and put out the rubbish. Measurements included motor unit number, size and activation and voluntary strength of the elbow flexors and knee extensors.

I don't know how far up the table the strong women came. As a rule of thumb a woman is about a third less strong than a man.

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So she would register 75 on his scale of There are gym goers, steroids etc etc. Men tend to have better upper body strength than women.

Why Are Males Stronger Than Females

However, this varies by age, physical condition, height, weight, and so forth. I suspect, for example, that I could beat up lots of men even though I am a woman, because I work out just about every day in one way or another.

Why Are Males Stronger Than Females

What I tell my students is that the strongest man, in terms of upper body strength, could take the strongest woman hands down. However, most men aren't that strong unless they work at it, and many Why Are Males Stronger Than Females do not work at it.

And women who are stronger will be able to handle men who are not in condition. Women have better lower body strength. I lift more on leg machines than do many men at my gym. Women also have better pain endurance, more body fat which helps with enduranceand better endurance in general it isn't a mistake that women are much more successful at swimming the English Channel than are men, or that girl babies live longer than boy babies in the same malnutrition conditions, for instance.

Gender differences in strength and muscle fiber characteristics.

So the question of whether men are stronger than women is a complex one, without a single answer. In most foraging societies, while men may do the actual killing of game, women are the "beasts of burden," carrying as much or more than men can or will.

Why they are willing to do this is a different question.

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