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14 Aug I don't discuss things like penis size or anything like that, but we will share experiences so as to help each other. For instance, the kink I previously mentioned I sometimes have issues with, and I asked my SO if I could talk to this one friend about it; I made clear that she wouldn't tell anyone and wouldn't. 24 Aug She had hoped for what a woman friend might say, something like “The same thing happened to me” or “I know how you feel; I'd feel the same way,” after which they'd continue to talk about it. He is frustrated, too: why does she want to talk about it if she doesn't want to do anything about it? He probably also. 5 Feb Growing up, I never really saw anyone who looked like me on TV. Every now and then, there were stories in the news - about honour killing victims. Sometimes you saw Asian women wearing funny clothes and speaking in funny accents; and if you were really lucky, you saw the girl who felt so oppressed by.

Pretty much any out-of-the-ordinary request, fetish, or sex move will be discussed and debated in great detail. A strange pain, awkward spotting, or bodily fluids that you can't entirely explain.

Basically, just tell us if we're dying or not.

Like when you slipped during shower sex or your roommate's date walked in on you having sex Comedy Central via foxtel. Check your inbox and confirm your subscription now! Share On facebook Share On facebook Share. Share On vk Share On vk Share.

What Do Women Talk About With Each Other

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What do British Muslim women talk about with each other?

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What Do Women Talk About With Each Other

Share On link Share On link. When you have sex with someone new for the first time. Inquiring minds need to know. When you honestly would have rather skipped the foreplay. Because, like, what was going on there? Quick — to the condom aisle!

I think it was one of those personal injury settlement companies. There are a lot of teenagers with smartphones. I feel the same way about girls going around telling people about a guy with a small dick. Unless it's something he'd obviously be okay with other people knowing. Sorry if you don't like the answer, but I am far from the only woman who does that.

And the answer is pretty much always yes. When you humblebrag about the UTI you got from all the marathon sex you had last weekend.

25 Sex Things Women Actually Talk To Their Friends About

But actually kinda sorry, because UTIs hurt. Let it all out. Want help looking and feeling your best?

When you have sex with someone new for the first time. The most important thing is for both to understand how the other is approaching the conversation. The Thrive Global Community welcomes voices from many spheres.