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The 10 Most Adulterous Countries in the World

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2 Nov Most Sexually Active Countries in the World. For example, does climate have something to do with sexual activity? What would be more inviting backdrop to having sex: a snowy freezing day at the top of a mountain village or a hot sweaty day at the beach? How much do cultural traditions and customs affect. 30 May Greeks also score high in reference to duration of sexual intercourse, ranking second with minutes on average, following Nigeria in first place with 24 minutes. The top 10 most sexually active countries are: Greece: ; Brazil: ; Russia: ; Poland: ; India: ; Mexico: ; Switzerland: 17 May It's no secret that European countries are the more sexually active countries in the world but did you know that Malaysia is also within the list? Based on a Durex survey, Malaysia ranks within the top 10 most sexually satisfied countries in the world. Sexual satisfaction is defined by being free from stress.

Top 10 most sexually active countries Calculated with the frequency of sex per year Quiz by bleumarine22 - Jan 12, Help Pause Take Untimed. The quiz is paused.

Top 10 Sexually Active Countries

Frequency of sex per year. The study was made by Durex condoms company. It was conducted on a sample of individuals from each country studied, saying how many times they have sex per week.

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And they obtained these results on average per year. Here is the source: Btw in africa they don't use that much condoms but I think that we can have some good scores there XD. What led you to believe that Americans have a lot of sex? In spite of the image pushed by Hollywood and Madison Avenue and some moralist detractors of the countrya great many American are sexually neurotic prudes.

Haha, first of all, it is "to whom" and really why would you think USA is having so much sex?

Popular Related Keywords sex sexual behavior Show more sexual practice sexuality heterosexuality homosexuality sex life sexual history sexual contacts sexual intercourse human sex ratio. Sexuality - overview Americans' love life and sexual preferences Contraception and safer sex Sexuality - overview The most important statistics. Our services Click the question mark for further information. I just spent a few weeks in Bulgaria and am having a hard time believing they made this list. Countries by Initial Letter and Continent.

Actually, kalbahamut said it better already. Ad kalabhamut - I am sure you have a point.

Most sexually active countries worldwide 2014

Plus, I would also add that during the communist times, there were not that many things our parents were allowed to do in their free time, and gradually, this particular pastime became local tradition:. Should rectify that, but interesting quiz otherwise. I just spent a few weeks in Bulgaria and am having a hard time believing they made this list. The girls there were often hot, but also very conservative.

According to Durex, satisfaction declines as we get older, as we have sex less often and have fewer new relationships. Premium Statistics Size of the sex toy market worldwide in and in billion U. Ad kalabhamut - I am sure you have a point. We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you.

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Top 10 Sexually Active Countries

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