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How to delete PinkCupid.com account?

How to Delete Your OkCupid Account Permanently. This wikiHow teaches you how to permanently delete your OKCupid account. Since the mobile app doesn't support permanent account deletion, you'll need a computer to perform this process. Open. If you no longer wish to be a member of habas.info, please click here to switch off your profile. You will be asked to choose your reason for leaving the site and given the opportunity to provide further feedback, or a testimonial if you found your match with us. Print This Page». 14 May You must cancel your subscription to the Paid Services before the end of the trial period, otherwise you agree to pay for the Paid Services on and from the If you have reason to believe that your account is no longer secure, you must immediately notify us and you must promptly change your password by.

This lesbian community is a lot similar to other dating sites, but here at Pink Cupid, the members here are all seriously looking for a partner to spend the rest of their lives with.

At Pink Cupid, many dating tools are offered. Some of them are a personality profile, upload photos, instant messaging, use chat room, video chat and send members interest. For full use of the dating tools offered, an upgrade in membership is needed.

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If you are a lesbian and single, spend a few hours at Pink Cupid and witness how easy it is to date other lesbians here. This is a great place for lesbians to match with other lesbians, so join now.

They have to look at Pink Cupid Delete Account profile to remember what you talked about with them! I got married to woman that I met from Pink Cupid. She was a perfect woman. I cheated and we ended the marriage. I think Pink Cupid is an excellent tool for dating.

I think that every site will have its issues.

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Pink cupid is a scam. It stands racial and cultural bigotry. I signed up twice to test my suspicion. First account was abruptly suspended and I was referred to join black cupid. Just to be clear I did not indicate a race preference for my matches. I guess because I indicated being black on my profile info pink cupid decided that I would be better suited on black cupid Pink Cupid Delete Account.

I emailed member service regarding their unilateral and undue account suspension and referral but I never received an answer from them. The second account Black Asian Dating Site also suspended and this time I was referred to international cupid site.

I should also mention that I had several contacts at the time of suspension, but pink cupid claimed in the email sent to me that my chances for match may be more on the other sites mind you. Pink cupid is a total scam and is racist. I signed up two different accounts to test my suspicion.

Both times my account was abruptly suspended and I was referred to black cupid and the second time around to international cupid. I sent an email to member services complaining regarding the undue suspension and referral to other dating site, but did not receive a reply to my complain.

Just to be clear I did not indicate race preference for my matches. Racial and cultural Bigotry that is what this site actually stands for. Do not waste your time on this site. One person reached out from another state, and I asked if she was moving to Florida. She said, no, that an interest blast had gone out to 20 people without her knowledge. So I wonder how many of these people from out of state even know messages are going out.

Everyone on this site is supposedly interested in hooking up or a relationship, so the number of people who reach out who are in other states or other countries seems very suspicious. And you cannot filter them out. You can only filter out people in other countries. And, like on other sites like this, you realize quickly that most people have not been on the site in a long time, so, at this point, even if you reach out, the person Pink Cupid Delete Account probably not Pink Cupid Delete Account to check the site and has long since turned off the automatic email notification function.

I met a narcissistic abuser on pink cupid. While this could happen anywhere, Im writing this review to warn others just to be careful. I wont return, I found Plenty of fish to have more geniune women and an easier user interface.

This site is nothing but a scam as in men pretending to be women. And if everyone had to pay, it would reduce the problem. I can understand not using your true first name as an online name but the info you submit to Pink Cupid privately should match up. The company is probably run by a bunch of hetero males.

Do not join this site because a lot of women on this site is men posing as women. One of the worst things I have ever done in my entire life was sign up and become a paid member! When I signed up I chansged the auto Free And Easy Dating Sites to NO as I wanted to sign up for a month when it came to the following month I found they had taken another months subscription and the auto renewal had changed to YES!

I asked for my money back and they refused saying had it on auto renewal! Why I ever paid in the first place is beyond me!? Also there are a lot of men posing as women! I have been on Loads of dating sites and this is by far the bloody worst one ever!

Do not even entertain it!

Click on the " Billing History " link. Open the drop-down menu next to your profile picture in the top right corner of your home page and click on the " My Account " link. Trusted Muslim matrimonial app used by over 4. Cupid Media May 7, And they tell you that you sound like a person they want to get to know better.

Do not under any circumstances enter your personal information or even worse, credit card information into this site. Smiling people of Nigeria are probably rubbing their hands together as you are doing so.

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Nobody on this site is genuine, and if any are, there is absolutely no way of communicating Pink Cupid Delete Account them without being scammed in the process. I went on this site and all i got was women that act like they want to get to know you.

And they tell you that you sound like a person they want to get to know better. I was about to upgrade my account but I had a bad gut feeling so, I googled it and I saw this!

So thank you for this review!

Pink Cupid Delete Account

I joined this site last November. I decided to give it a chance. After that I just let the subscription languish. When I checked in the other day, I had no less than 10 people intested in me in the space of three days. One I chatted with seemed real. The others contacting me have well-written profiles. So much so that I thought they were real. As soon as we began emailing, I was struck by bad grammar, syntax, and spelling. One supposedly said she was Italian — I speak Italian.

The problems with this site are endless. I have cancelled Pink Cupid Delete Account subscription and recommend that others on the site do the same. Or…how about they are in the jewelry or gold and silver market…and they travel all over. I tell them to take a picture of them selves and hold up a sign with my name on it- and email it to me in less than 5 minutes and if not I will no they are a fraud…guess what- they quit talking to me.

Hope they all rot in hell. There are too many men pretending to be women on this site. When you know Pink Cupid Delete Account sure an contact pinkcupid they give you a run around about taking down the profile. Absolute worst site for lesbian dating. They need to clean their site up and stand behind their real members in order to give them a better experience, not protect scammers which is what they really do.

Joined Pink Cupid to meet and possibly find a soulmate.

Pink Cupid Delete Account

Boy was I wrong. All I met were men disguised as women and foreign Pink Cupid Delete Account trying to take you for your money. Alerted Pink Cupid but they did nothing to protect those who are there for the right reasons. Stay away from the sight… You would be wasting your time. I WAS thinking about restarting my subscription with PK but thanks to reading these reviews, this is exactly why I cancelled it.

Impossible to cancel account!!! They will charge you every month without any way to cancel. Now I must dispute with my cc company. I never take the time to post reviews but this time i felt obligated to do so. This web site is a total scam.

DO NOT do the paid version. I would not trust my personal credit card information on this site. Some of these women may be real lesbians to meet and chat but my experience was completely horrible. If you really like them make them produce a photo holding a news paper with the date on it or my personal favorite to separate the scammers, have them take Pink Cupid Delete Account photo holding up their profile on pinkcupid. Hope this helps and good luck. I give this site a huge thumbs down.

The entire site itself is one huge scam. No one is willing to meet you in person or video chat with you.

Rick female, 44 I got married to woman that I met from Pink Cupid. Not Helpful 5 Helpful 3. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been readtimes.

I give this site two thumbs down. If I had five thumbs, I would give it five thumbs down. I should have known the site itself was a scam when my bank initially refused to allow the transaction to pay for the membership.

My bank refused payment also and when I spoke to them about it they recommended I search for peoples reviews and look into the company a little more before trying the 3 month payment option.

I am very grateful for your comments and now setting about trying to delete my profile.