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24 Jun Anonymous. #1. #1. 7; being rimmed (as a guy) is ****ing excellent lol Should really be "Woman up". No, everyone likes different things, . You shouldn't be made to feel like a prude or be told to "man up" just because you don't want to do something. Liberal is right in that he says in the. Ok, but how do you do it? If you've never rimmed someone before, you can treat it a lot like licking a nipple: a little licking, sucking, kissing, and biting. Before you start, try nibbling, kissing on the cheeks; jiggling them a little bit, and surveying your upcoming meal. Watch how it puckers eagerly awaiting your tongue. 29 Jan Woman A: I would probably never, ever give a rim job, unless it was one of his biggest fantasies and he requested it and he had just taken a shower. Then I guess I'd do it. If you've only given, why? Do you feel like your ass is being overlooked? Man A: Not very many women are into going down on a guy's.

Most straight men completely freak out if you go anywhere near their ass. Maybe it's the older generations that feel that way r5, but I find that guys of my generation are much more open with it. Ass play for men has been creeping into straight porn for years now, and women fucking men with strap-ons in porn is also on the rise as a genre. It's a gay guy's secret weapon. If you ever manage to get a straight guy to allow you to Do Women Like To Be Rimmed him, if you rim him he's yours.

He WILL come back for more. Wasn't this asked just last week? Why don't you go ask over on ivillage or something, where the straight women are? Blow and rimjobs are the new ways to a man's heart. Do them good and he will be yours for all eternity. Now that he's lost all that weight, it's easier for me to get my tongue on his asshole.

I'm dying to find a straight man who is 'open' to rimming as part of me going down on him and to gradually introduce my pinky and then my middle finger, then using a mildly anesthesizing gel. Are there any books out there on the subject or would a gay male porn video be a good teaching tool Do Women Like To Be Rimmed a straight woman like myself - I have always found watching and reading about gay male sex sooo erotic.

Maybe 1 in Some is really overstating it unless you are saying "some pornstars will do it". There was a video on Efukt of a homely girl with dyed blonde hair just starting out on her new career in porn. It shows her gamely trying to rim a guy; she's doing her best to go through with it "Lick it! Some straight men like some don't. Some girls do it some don't. You can't generalize about sexual practices. I keep waking up to find my bf rimming me At best its ticklish, at worst its irritating as hell.

Using a dental dam to go down on an ass is like bringing a helmet on a roller coaster. Before you start, try nibbling, kissing on the cheeks; jiggling them a little bit, and surveying your upcoming meal. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Anyway, now I live in morbid fear that one of these days he will wave that hairy ass in my face and whisper "pay back time, babe". This is a joke post right? I mean can you imagine?

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I'd be at it for a couple of days. And with what I know about his diet, do you think I'd go anywhere near it? I've always wondered if str8 men didn't keep as clean down there, since they don't think of the area as being "in play. R23, Are you sure about that only "1 in 10," claim?

Have you taken a national, verifiable and certifiable poll? I don't have any personalknowledge of the subject, but I've started to see it more and more in straight porn over the last five years or so.

It amazes me how women in straight porn will do the sickest shit imaginable, but I've yet to see a single one who really gets in there when she's rimming a guys ass. Not often enough according to my best straight buddy. I've offered to eat his butt for him. He is considering it. God help them Meet For One Night Stand they do.

Too many straight adult men have huge skid marks built up in their underwear. They don't know how to wipe much less clean themselves. Many women do bj's, some do anal intercourse, very, very, very few would voluntarily rim a guy. I'm sure there is a generational gap for all these activities and they all become more common, but for rimming that's still very, very unusual. It's not high on most people's list of sexual priorities.

Having said that, the last time we were together he let me fuck him. He said he didn't enjoy it. Why the surprise that straight men could love anal attention? Do you guys really think the anatomy of a straight male ass or its erogenous zones are different than those of a gay male ass? All men have nerve endings on their anus and prostates inside barring surgery. If straight men really wanted their gfs to do Do Women Like To Be Rimmed, they'd make sure they were clean down there.

And the gfs would likely be more amenable to such a request.

Do Women Like To Be Rimmed

Since most straight men don't bother to make sure they're clean, either it means they're not interested in being rimmed, or they're so arrogant and self-absorbed they think they shouldn't have to be clean in order to receive a rim job. When I was in high school a long, long time ago, the story came out from the biggest stud jock that a girl from one of the Catholic all-girl schools had licked his asshole before he fucked her.

It made me realize that there was a whole other world out that I, a lonely, closeted year old virgin, had no clue about. SATC had Miranda hooking up with a cute guy she met while running at Central Park who ate out her asshole and eventually wanted the same, but of course she loudly refused when he dared go there.

It was Match Com Usa Login amazing to me how those gals except for Samantha would fuck so many men but would have the most boring, missionary-style sex imaginable with their bras on and somehow think they were so sexy. In before a bunch of delusional queens claim that they rimmed and blown a bunch of "straight" guys.

He'd have to be open-minded, sensuous, playful, good hygiene- how many straight guys are like that?

Even if they experience it and begin to like it a lot of them out of those won't accept that they like it 4. Anyway, now I live in morbid fear that one of these days he will wave that hairy ass in my face and whisper "pay back time, babe". A hole that does not even self-clean, because nature never intended your fucking tongue inside it. Do you object to kissing people?

I think most women would start to suspect bi-sexuality if he wanted her to eat out his mangina, and that would be a turn-off for her. I've seen a few who seem to be getting into it, or are pretending to. In some porn films you'll see a woman who has her face buried in a guy's ass crack, but you can't see what her tongue is doing, so you you don't really know if she's really rimming him or not. Sometimes you'll see a woman licking a guy's asshole, but usually not with a lot of enthusiasm.

I don't think rimming a guy is something that turns a lot of women on. I've seen lesbian porn where women seem to really like rimming another woman, though. R50, Not a good idea to generalize about female sexual practices, or those of straight or Do Women Like To Be Rimmed men.

Many straight men stay with a girl that is open to their sexual desires, whatever they may be. That's why I laugh when I read claims that men want a much younger girl, fantasizing that they may be very open minded sexually. Douche all you like but that remains a shit hole. Not a mangina or manpussy or whatever. A hole that evacuates feacal waste. SHIT and sometimes diarrhoea. A hole that does not even self-clean, because nature never intended your fucking tongue inside it.

Do you lick toilet bowls?


Then why the fuck do you wanna lick a SHIThole. Damn, why do people have to be so nasty! R6, older generations like it, too. The straight men I had sex with loved it when I rimmed them.

Of course, we never thought of it as rimming.

Do Women Like To Be Rimmed

I just did whatever and if they liked it, I did more of it. Gays actually lick their partners poop-holes? I would never have imagined. I have never heard of hetrosexuals engaging in anything like that. Maybe in porno movies, but not in real-life. I am a "straight gal" and trust me, my tongue has never been anywhere near my husbands' dirty shit-encrusted anus.

Sickest thing I ever heard. Straight women do it more now - without a doubt. There is an multi-volume series of porn where straight women "toss the salad" of their stepfathers, stepfathers and black boyfriends.

Who likes their A** Licked?

I am pretty sure the company is DevilsFilms. He did it Do Women Like To Be Rimmed her sometimes, which grossed her out no end, so to reciprocate was a major turn off. Finally, after scrubbing his ass outside and in, she put her tongue on his ass for a second and then basically gargled with Purell for a half hour. I gather it won't happen a second time. Can one orgasm solely from rimming? I've never rimmed giving or receiving and frankly, can't see the appeal. I"m 31 and I've been with exactly women - just hit the century mark last week lol I need to celebrate this useless accomplishment.

ANYWAY, I've kept track of my sex adventures over my lifetime, and of that girls, 67 of them have eaten my ass and I've only been turned down one time when Cute Questions To Ask Girls. Most of those girls enjoyed rimming more than giving a blow job. If you think licking ass is a gross thing, that shows me that you have very poor personal hygiene. Because I don't know about you, but I clean my entire anal area - and body and mouth for that matter - very thoroughly.

So much so that I'd eat a buffet from my own colon lol. So if you think licking ass is gross well sorry but it's likely because you're grossed out by your own asshole.

R64, I hope the man doesn't get "a mistress on the side. My building's straight, Puerto Rican handyman with a nine inch uncut cock rims me several times a week.