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Even as society becomes more accepting of different cultures and types of people, the fear of judgment can make dating seem like a stressful activity ( instead of a fun one) for crossdressing singles. We've scoured the web to bring you the top 10 crossdresser dating websites, where what you wear doesn't matter in your. So he likes to dress up once in a while. He loves you very much he just has a few nice outfits too and likes to wear them from time to time. Would you? Have you? Why? Why not. I am just wondering if any girls out there would be willing to date a crossdresser? Now I am just asking because at times I enjoy to fully dress up as a woman and just wondering if any girls are in.

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Having sex with a cross-dresser is pretty cool. Ask me any questions! The whole six years lost their meaning. OK, had to get this off my chest after reading to many jokes from those that condemn out of lack of knowledge and understanding. I imagined him reaching out to me in passion — and he did.

He loves you very much he just has a few nice outfits too and likes to wear them from time to time. Maybe if we could swap outfits. I don't think I would I'd be afraid he'd look better in a dress then me!

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I had a bf pick up my bra and put it on as a joke I'd hate it if he showed up to meet me and we were wearing the same outfit! Even worse, that he looks better in it than I do! I don't think is as big a deal if women ware mens stuff as it is a man wearing a women stuff. I love Men's T-shirts and flannel boxers.

Um if I gotta have um I think things would be different then. That doesn't make sense. A friend of mine is getting married to a crossdresser which doesn't surprise me.

I have seen a picture of him as is and then I saw a pic of him dressed up as a woman Now the reason I bring this up is because I I Forgot My Eharmony Password this guy in Jan. So now I am more open to it most defenitely. Thats all I am gonna say.

I can't say for sure I would consider dating a crossdresser but I am defenitely more open to it since I know what its like for a man to be into it. Good for you I have dated cross dressers. Eapsecially if Dating A Cross Dresser wearing somthing sexy under his "man" clothes, and we go out in public Geeze, I couldnt stop whispering naughty things to him.

A year into a relationship, if he revealed this tome, I would be hurt that he didnt do it in the beginning. But I think that everybody should dress and act the way they feel comfortable: You my dear show tolerance and understanding if not education for your comments.

To many are to fast to condemn and judge. I read your response and figured that you might have meant that you would not leave if you were already into a relationship with a CD.

And you are right, most women are Dating A Cross Dresser hurt, upset and mad that he hid this from her then they are about his being a cross dresser.

10 Things I Learned From Dating a Cross-Dresser

It pains me to read some comments from others that think this is sick and want to poke fun at and make sick jokes about a very real compulsion that simply cannot be helped.

It's not an illness nor a choice we make. Some experts think we are born with this desire or need to express the feminine side of who we are. It usually begins in Man Licking Girls Breast between the ages of And most of the cross dressers are heterosexual and not gay.

Many boys and men have hidden this little known phenomena from family and wives for many years and have never been discovered. It's sad that many have even committed suicide out of shame and lack of education and understanding.

The hardest part is self acceptance through education for those of us that are afflicted. Some are very lucky to have wives and girlfriends that loved them enough to at least understand and accept this cultural difference. Many cross dressers make more compassionate and understanding husbands due in part of the psychological need to express their own softer side.

Most are in fact very masculine and undetectable in their role in business and other social settings. To bad shows like Jerry Springer only show the sick side of what the psychological scholars now agree ad know is not abnormal behavior. It is a harmless compulsion that we do not Dating A Cross Dresser why it manifests itself in many boys before puberty, but thank God we are getting more educated and understanding of differences between people then pre-Internet days.

Dating A Cross Dresser

So before you condemn a person for his being a cross dresser, I'd suggest you research and learn more about the topic before showing ignorance and intolerance with comments about it being sick.

It may not be something you can or want to deal with in your relationships, but let's try to be mature and not condemn what we Dating A Cross Dresser not understand.

Some of us may feel the same way about your tattoos, weird piercings in places other then your ears, but we try to accept and live and let live. OK, had to get this off my chest after reading to many jokes from those that condemn out of lack of knowledge and understanding. Now to the question: Would I date a cross dresser?

Dating A Cross Dresser

A woman that cross dresses? Gee, I think I already have! Women can wear about anything they want and no one thinks a thing about it.

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But if she looked like a man, no thank you, I am not interested. Yes, I do love feminine women. I'm not into men in any way! Maybe I'm old fashioned but I like a man's man Even tho I'm very big on women's rights. I just can't picture my dadfor example, wearing pantyhose and a dress White dress shirt, tie, slicked back hair, pinstripe vest.

I tried to hide it but. So he likes to dress up once in a while. Does he wear the same size as I do? Well I know I couldt look better than you Coastergal. Ill never tell monica. I think it would be hard for me to Dating A Cross Dresser a relationship with a cross dresser, because I am attracted to big, burly country boy type men. I have nothign against it I just don't think I'd be attracted to a man dressed as a woman But who's to say?

I've never been in the situation. I cant stand dishonesty though, I prefer to hear the truth upfront as I dont scare easily. Well Little Whip its people like you who give crossdressers hope that there are good people in the world who can accept and love people for who they are I'd love to date a drag king, but they are usually gay.

I think your a closet CD case, Sugar. I dont know how would feel if he came out wearing my clothes,makeup i m thinkin i may laff a lil ,tell him to take it off.

Yes you are one cool chick. It's definitely different and not Dating A Cross Dresser scene.

Now with a background in writing, Amber brings her tireless wit and relatable experiences to DatingAdvice. On the surface, I was more involved than ever. Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing One day I told him, "We need to talk about your cross-dressing. You may find that you like this activity less.

I just realized this forum thing existed.