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10 things you must know about an Aquarius woman

21 Jan You can't try to mold an Aquarius woman in love into the perfect woman you want her to be. You can never hold the wind in your hand, can you? She's the same. Trust in and flatter her open-mindedness. Aquarius women are variously described as bohemian, eccentric, unusual or even a little quirky. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Aquarius women want love, but not the cookie- cutter version you find in Hollywood movies. Do the unpredictable. Stay loose. Sometimes. To love an Aquarius is to love someone who is as changeable as the liquid that this water-bearer pours without end. When your partner is an Aquarius, you would be smart to learn the 10 most important things to know about how to best love your Aquarian.

The Aquarius woman values her independence more than anything else. She likes to sing a different tune. This is why she thrives in the areas of innovations, creativity and philosophy. Due to her independent nature, she can run away from anything that could restrict her freedom and is often engaged in solo projects.

One thing that sets the Aquarius woman apart, is her utmost passion.


Aquarius is symbolized by the Water Bearer that brings that precious liquid as a gift. She is the same way with her heart.

The Aquarius Woman

She gives wholeheartedly to those closest to her. She is also very protective of her loved ones and family, and is willing to take a bullet for them. Her passion makes her a great lover because she giver her all in the moment.

What You Need To Know About Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius woman wants to make the world a better place-literally. She is usually engaged in some sort of charity work, or helping kids, or trying to do something for others. Leave it up to the Aquarius woman to show you what rebellion really is.

If everyone is saying yes, she will be saying no. If everyone is going right, she will be going left. Never expect her to do anything the way everyone else does; instead, expect her to do the exact opposite.

Money management is bound to be an issue and Libra does not share your humanitarian vision. More than anything, she is the ultimate non-conformist. That makes her one of the most charismatic and enigmatic signs of the zodiac.

She needs to be living a life that excites her, and she will always be looking for the next wondrous adventure, even if she goes by herself. Because she gets stuck in her head a lot, and because she is always thinking about a million different things. Aquarius women can easily cocoon and shut the world out when isolation kicks in. This makes them come off as moody or cold, but the truth is they need a break from the world sometimes.

They are very sensitive but they internalize their emotions all the time. Aquarius women can brood over things from the past, the present and the future and dwell on them, which can make it hard for people to get closer to them.

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The Aquarius woman can put on a show like no other. That makes her one of the most charismatic and enigmatic signs of the zodiac. This is why they draw a lot of attention and make a lot of odd and interesting friendships. The Aquarius woman will be the first to push you to go on stage and sing your heart out, or take a trip to in the middle of nowhere.

Her freedom-loving spirit and independent nature make her do some of the craziest stuff in life. The Aquarius woman will also be friends with people from all walks of life; she tends to mingle with nearly everyone, no matter what their age or background is.

The Aquarius woman tends to swivel from one extreme to another. She is both loving and detached. Needs her space but loves being around people.

If she finds any answers, no matter how way out, she will be happy to share them. But nothing scares her more than having her freedom and autonomy taken away. Playing at her own leisure, she will place her pieces precisely, never skipping a beat or making a false move. Some of it has the Aquarian woman scratching her head and looking for clues to the human psyche. Coming on too strong, too fast, could scare her away.

The Aquarius woman is a puzzle, sometimes to her own self. However, you can count on an Aquarius woman to make your life a lot more delightful and a little less humdrum. You can find a fiercely loyal in friend in her; one that will stick around when everyone leaves.

What You Need To Know About Aquarius Woman

You can count on her to inspire you, she is always reaching for the sky, coming up with seemingly absurd ideas, trying to make the world a better place and making her own statement. ALL mental illnesses are real. They are usually hard to figure out or pin down, but in case you wanted to torture yourself and try, here are 7 things you should know about the water bearer. Read Quotes from Rania. January 20th — February 18th […]. January 20 th- February 18 th […].

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