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10 Qualities To Look For In A Man

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23 Jan A lot of women struggle to know what qualities to look for in a man. Read on to find out what you should look for in a man in order to find Mr. right. 12 Jul These are the fundamental qualities women are looking for in a partner. Nail these down and the rest will fall into place. 30 Oct What makes a man attractive? James Michael Sama complies a list of the top 10 hottest things a guy can do. ___. In a society flooded with articles, social media updates, dating advice magazines, and hardly ever enough mental down-time to slow down and reset — we are left overloaded on information.

In the world of dating, people often look for different things to suit their tastes. And while everyone knows what they want in a mate or lifetime partner, we often miss out on great people because we are looking for the wrong things. The things many of us want can be too superficial, or we may be a little too selective in the qualities we are seeking out.

Qualities to look For in Men Before Getting Married

Women can often be so rigid with men that one cannot help but wonder: Are some of us not in stable relationships because we do not know what qualities are important to look for in a guy? Is our focus on what he has or who he is? The things women should look for in a man are the simple qualities that we may feel are basic but are truly important ones.

Sounds like a lot, but this is not a difficult task. However, it does require a bit of discipline on your part and plenty of patience. Is he upfront with you about things that are important and what he is feeling? Honesty is what holds a relationship together because trust is everything. Is he really sweet and romantic one minute, and then hard to get in touch with the next?

In the beginning, this will be pretty hard to figure out unless he slips up fast because people often put up a front to impress the individual they are interested in.

But if he is already slacking on the romance, things will only go downhill from there.

Trust me, it will help you in the long run. The greatest minds in the world and the most successful entrepreneurs have experienced failure and defeat, but instead of hiding from it, they openly embrace it. But man, leaving the toilet seat up was a deal-breaker! And while it may be true that some women are into the stereotypical mysterious bad boy who's emotionally unavailable and treats them poorly, most women would rather date someone with positive qualities to bring to the relationship.

Is he modest or is he really into himself? Can he admit when he is wrong or is he always refusing to own up to his mess? Does he come off as a genuinely good person?

What Qualities To Look For In A Man

Does he have good intentions or is he shady at times? It is also important to surround yourself with people who treat you right. A man who does not know how to talk to you may feel a little too comfortable disrespecting you.

It does not take much for a man to have a child, but it takes much effort to be a good father. So what is his relationship like with his kids? Does he talk to them often? Moreover, does he try to have positive interactions with the mother of the kid s? Can he stimulate your mind? A fine man who is good in bed is nice, but an intelligent man who has more to talk about than surface bull and sports is great!

What does he consider his foundation?

Where does he stand in terms of politics? If you are a woman of a specific faith, are the both of you on the same page? If not, can you work with that, or is it something very important to you?

What Qualities To Look For In A Man

Is he a reckless spender? This one speaks for itself: Does he keep his word? Is he the type of man you think you could count on?

The Best Qualities in a Man | What Women Want in Men

Does he at least put in an effort? A reliable man is almost as important as a trustworthy one. It could create resentment down the line. Physical qualities fade, but a man who possesses an upstanding character is one who will cherish and treat you like the queen you are.

Take some time to get to know him on a serious level and find out who he is internally and not whom he wants you to believe he is based on his external image. Trust me, it will help you in the long run. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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Knowing what to look for in a man can be difficult, especially if your past relationships are confusing you about what you want in your man. Having a man who cares about you is vital for every relationship. Having a man who will treat you like you are his equal is very important. Are some of us not in stable relationships because we do not know what qualities are important to look for in a guy?

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10 Qualities To Look Out For When You’re Getting To Know A Guy

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