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Vision In Peripheral Seeing Black Shadows

Seeing Dark Shadowy Spirit Figures & Spirit Orbs in Peripheral Vision [HD]

Shadow-like anomalies in peripheral vision | Eye Problems | Patient

Although peripheral vision is not used to distinguish colors, it is much better at detecting motion. The combination of seeing no color coupled with excellent ability at detecting movement could be another reason many have reported seeing dark, black shadow ghosts move from the corners of their eyes. If you still think this. Shadow ghosts dark vigils corner of the eye peripheral vision. They are generally reported to look like shadows, often resembling faces or human figures. For this Due to the in-built human propensity to see faces and figures in random shapes, it is inevitable that some corner of the eye phenomena include such shapes. Hi there, I have been seeing moving shadows in my peripheral vision for about 2 months now. This happens at all times of the day, regardless of sleep etc. Another few things. I get constant head.

Posted 19 September at I am a male, 23 and I' ve noticed quite a strange thing about my vision. Not everyday, but certainly often enough. I have also recently developed a PVD along with some floaters, went to check my eyes, ophtomologist couldn't find any sign of retinal detachment or anything similar and said that my ocular pressure is perfect. BUT - the strange thing that i experienced maybe around six months ago or so is that strange phosphene-like shadow thing in both my eyes, maybe a bit more pronounced on the left one.

Its pretty much the same thing as if you pushed an eye with your finger and seeing that shadow, but it also became apparent when lifting my head all the way up and looking above and even a bit further as if you'd wanna throw a ball above your head and looking back I see bow-like shadow right down in my peripheral vision like two black half-circles with a bright shadow around it, again - like a phosphene.

Ghosts & Peripheral Vision

It is also apparent when my sight is fixed on something and i start quickly rotating my head. I see it on the sides, as well like shadowy dots.

As I grew up, I slowly banished those thoughts and feelings, putting up walls like Fort Knox to hide from what ever "it" was trying to talk to me. This happened 3 times and the odd thing I was in 2 different houses when it happened which means houses couldn't of been haunted. While some people distinctly see a shadowy human form, others have described shapeless wispy black blobs and swirling columns of dark smoke. Time is an Illusion.

I should also mention that i suffer from a bit lower blood pressure than normal, but not significantly. Could it be due to a low pressure or something else?

Seeing Black Shadows In Peripheral Vision

I would really appreciate if someone knew what that thing i described could be, i can even try to draw a picture of what it looks like and send it to you.

Have you gone to your primary doctor?

Seeing Black Shadows In Peripheral Vision

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Go see your doctor. Others won't see a face at all at any time during this exercise. Time is an Illusion.

Shadow-like anomalies in peripheral vision Posted 19 September at Oldest Latest Most Votes. I have pvds in both eyes,i get all sorts of wierd symptoms.

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