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It was a good way to get my foot in the door somewhere and began my working career. It worked well with scheduling me for the hours that I was able to work due to my busy school and sports schedule. They were very uplifting and understanding. I would recommend any high school student looking for a job to work with. Michigamme Elementary School. Michigan Road, Port Huron (MI), , United States. Как добраться · () · Добавить ссылку на сайт Paul Mitchell the School Great Lakes. Lapeer Rd, Port Huron (MI), , United States. Профессиональное училище, Парикмахерская, Школа · км . George Street, Sarnia +1 веб-сайт, Телефон. Paul Mitchell The School Great Lakes. Lapeer Road, Port Huron +1 веб- сайт, Телефон. Relax Rejuvenate Body Care. Cathcart Boulevard, Sarnia + 1 веб-сайт, Телефон. Spa Huron Avenue, Port Huron.

Mostrando todas as Productive and fast pace. Fast pace with always something to do. Great workers and manager who offer good hours. Help build customer service skills and confidence in talking to strangers. It is a wonderful place to work at. It was my first job and I love the people there the three years I spent there.

Assist Kitchen Manager with food preparation and customer orders with speed and accuracy. A typical day at work for me is usually a frantic pace of deliveries, phone calls with customers and upkeep of the store. Настоящую Гринкарту США дозволительно получить только для сайте http: Antibiotics may be made sooner than living organisms or they may be synthesized created in the laboratory.

They have great people that works there and comes in. I was able to balance both with out extra stress.

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I had fun working at KFC. There was more students than adults. I have learnt so much at KFC especially office works. I had more opportunity of getting a good career and getting into what I have always wanted to do in life at KFC.

Unfortunately my family always comes first. It was fun working at KFC because i had more people in my age and the hardest part was dealing with the kids. The most enjoyable part of the job is when we have fun activities. Атмосфера не принужденной работы.

Руководство и коллеги помогают тебе во всем в твоем начинание и продвижениисложность в начинаниино потом не какой сложности. Это работа для души если втянуться то ты не захочешь прерывать ее. On some days I would come in a couple hours early to clean and change oil in every fryer.

Paul Mitchell School Port Huron

Then move onto food prep for the day. Also put the truck order away a couple days a Paul Mitchell School Port Huron. Then work the lunch shift. After lunch filter and clean the fryers to get them ready for the closing shift. I learned here that there was no opportunity for advancement with the cooks. The co-workers were fun to work with. I learned to train new employees in my area and was very good at it.

The hardest part was not being able to advance. Fun energy and everyone was Cooperative. Management was easy to work with and everyone was fun and cooperative. Everyone was able to get done what they needed to get done in a timely fashion with hardly a complaint from a customer. Chill place to work in. Very positive area with welcoming people.

Customers were challenges that i had to overcome but then again it was a great way to learn how to deal with different personalities. In short period of time, I acquired a very good understanding of the importance of customer satisfaction, time management and administration skills.

While I was working with KFC, whenever a new product was launched they focused on digital marketing like sending emails to the customers about their new dishes, posting in social media about trying their new recipe and sending their offer prices to the most visited clients from their databases I believe my background and skills closely match your job requirements and I am confident I can make a positive contribution to your organization.

Loved my job and the people I worked with. They are amazing with working with young students with their school schedules and family life. Couldnt have asked for a better started job. Productive place to worker, Positive attitude all around.

In this Work place I learned how to: Assist Kitchen Manager with food preparation and customer orders with speed Girl Scout Meeting Agenda accuracy.

I opened the store and check expiration dates and make food orders. You can find a Paul Mitchell School Port Huron of demo videos about XEvil in YouTube. I am always 20 min early for work everyday just to make sure the day goes smooth because you never know what problems you might run into when you working with the public always have to be in a good pleasant mood cause our customer love happy faces I love working with the public different people mood and attitude you have to be strong minded to deal with so many different personalities I believe I was bless to work with the public. En experiment omgang av gotlandska brandamandel rutor.

Maintained cleanliness of work areas to ensure health standards are met and work areas are up to code to prevent health code violations. Managed and controlled inventory for food supplies, utensils and equipment in store.

Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology Port Huron Michigan

Restocked kitchen supplies, rotated food in freezers, and monitored expiration dates to ensure freshness of food. I have no review to give at this point for kfc.

Paul Mitchell School Port Huron

They are a fast food company that cares less about the employees when it comes to management. Social and productive environment.

Over all I loved my job and enjoyed making my customers smile. The best part of my day was serving the customers in a orderly fashion. I enjoyed working at a fast pace while engaging in short conversations with each customer. I took pride in caring for my customers. We have an extremely strong team and support each other where we can, I have made some amazing friends here! A typical day at KFC is busy busy busy You to move at a fast pace as needed. Management is all in how you make it.

Co-workers it depends who and shifts. Lovely, friendly and helpful co-workers.


I have learned that the role I play is a lot harder than it seems. I enjoy working at kfc, it is a fun environment to work in and I enjoy being able to work with the friendly staff and managers. For jobs in Russia, visit ru.