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20 Dark Psychological Tactics That Will Make Women Fall in Love With You - The Art of Seduction

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6 Jun LETS GET AN MPUA in here and clean this thread up. And correct me on what im wrong about. LOOK GUYS. i dont give a fuck what you think - this works BIGTIME for me. It may be wrong but idc it WORKS for ME. Maybe its not this and its my tight inner game, or my social status who knows. All i know is that. So you are wondering the best way a woman addicted back. Well, when it relates to dating with an captivating woman, men always toss in the towel their powers to the woman's. Normally, hot and beautiful women don't respect a man who always chases these and show lower benefits than them. How To Attract A Woman. 6 Aug You're are one of the few who took the initiative and found this. Congratulations. Now here are 5 Secrets about women you must know before you continue Secret #1) A Woman Will Never Tell You If You Suck In Bed. While a woman will complain for hours to her girlfriends about how clumsy and clueless.

This is a chapter from my book How To Get Girls: There are men who have trouble getting a date with women and then there are men who have to beat women off with a stick. While the vast majority of men fall in the former category those men who can get women addicted to them fall into the later Make Her Addicted To You. The men in the latter category reside near or at the top of the sexual pyramid with women in the middle and then the vast majority of men at the bottom settling for whatever scraps if any are thrown their way.

This is no way to live. Luckily you can change where you reside on the pyramid and go from the bottom echelons to the very top. Make Her Addicted To You men who have embraced their masculinity and are men, they have a hard time keeping women away from them. They will have women respond strongly to them wherever they go because women naturally respond strongly to masculinity. They respond strongly to masculinity in societies where masculinity is encouraged and the majority of the population Ignoring A Man You Like at least a modicum of masculinity, so in a feminized cancerous society such as our own women are going to respond like crack fiends to men who are masculine.

The process of getting a woman addicted to you is relatively simply, just follow what is lain out below. The trick is keeping them off. Women love to be dominated by a strong man.

Masculine dominance is to women what a round perky ass is to a guy.

Being spontaneous is what makes any relationship fun. All i know is that in life the more i cant have something the more i want it. Just drop us a note.

A giant turn on. And as I have said biology trumps societal shaming and any ideology. Tell women what to do and how you want it done. Have standards that they must meet. Make them perform for you in some way, shape, or form. Dominance is not barking orders from a place of insecurity, dominance comes from a place of security and is the opposite to domineering.

Let women know what you want. If you want them to do something for you, make Make Her Addicted To You. Not angry and fighting but simply by stating the fact if they want to stick around they have to meet certain standards and qualifications.

5 Secrets To Make Women Sexually Addicted To You

Remember this comes from a place of security and appreciation for the feminine. Not from a place of insecurity and hate. These are simply your standards and she can either meet them and perform or get out. Again not in a hateful way just in a matter of factly way. Women want to perform for you. They want to please you. Show them what does and then let them do so. This is key to so much with women and life. As a man you cannot show signs of weakness, or put more accurately you cannot be weak.

Men and women both has disdain for a weak man. A man who plays the victim will always be hated as men are not victims but rather warriors and creators. He sarges out and fixes it, he does something about it. Nor are bitterness Make Her Addicted To You hatred. When a man makes a decision or comes to a conclusion he sticks with it.

Even if his women or all women are against him he keeps his conclusion and thoughts.

How to Get a Woman Addicted to You - Make Her Want to Die for You

He is immune to the opinions of others. A woman will know he is the real deal and get even more turned on by him. Or anyone else for that matter. Make Her Addicted To You is a rock that the winds of society and women simply bounce off of. He moves when he wants to move, he will not be moved by others. Good sex equals dominant sex. Dominate your woman in the bedroom. It cannot be said enough good sex equals dominant sex.

Romance novels are to women what porn is to men. That is what equals hot sex. Dominate her in the sack and she will be at your beck and call. Literally she could be on a date with a guy, you could text her, she will leave the date come over screw your brains out knowing she is going to be kicked out once the orgasms are over.

Make Her Addicted To You

Make her cum from your manly dominance and you will be a diamond among coal. A man among boys. A fresh prepared organic steak among piles of dog shit.

Getting women addicted to you is relatively simple. Real masculine men go out and have women just about throw themselves at them. They want to be taken and ravished by a real man, not some little boy with his scripts and techniques but a real man. Be a man and the women will fall at your feet, every time. So if you want a woman to come back anytime you want her to.

To be at your beck and call remember to do these three things. Make her do things for you and have standards she has to meet. Not from a place of being domineering but from a place of security and dominance. Show no weakness and always be the man. Dominate her in the bedroom. Get rough with her and she will love you for it. Allow her to be the submissive fuck doll as she has always fantasized about doing. Do these things and she will do whatever you want whenever you want.

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Nor are bitterness and hatred. Of course, some guys and some girls just want to know how to create trust artificially when indeed they SHOULD NOT be trusted in the first place, but that's whole other topic. Now, hold on with me for a sec here:

If you found value in this post then I would encourage you to share this site with someone who may need it as well as check out my books here. You can follow me on Twitter here. You are not chasing her realityand Fuck her like there is no tomorrow… Great post — straight to the point and the truth, if only we had this when we were eighteen…. Be a man gentlemen. In every situation and every moment of your life… be a man.

Warriorcreatororganic steak. What a pick me upthis article was today. Think of dominance as more the woman wants to do what you want. More of a leadership quality than a nagging quality if that makes sense.

Make Her Addicted To You

Many males die still boys, even if their biological age may be one hundred. However with a man he must be initiated into manhood by other men. A woman cannot turn a boy into a man, ever. It is biologically impossible for a woman to raise a boy into a man. They simply are not biologically equipped to do so.

How To Make A Woman Attracted To You

Another reason, and i felt this way, because being a leader, taking the lead, leading, requires skill, it has to be learned, or just not the cases for guys that are naturals for women in which being dominant, taking charge, leading, was always natural common sense for them but thats because probably they were initiated into manhood with the very few masculine role models today.

No, I would say it does. Dominate Them Women love to be dominated by a strong man. Maintain The Frame This is key to so much with women and life. Screw Her Good Good sex equals dominant sex. Summary Getting Make Her Addicted To You addicted to you is relatively simple. Charles Sledge More Posts. You are not chasing her realityand Fuck her like there is no tomorrow… Great post — straight to the point and the truth, if only we had this when we were eighteen… Be a man gentlemen.

Absolutely Dash, be a man and everything else falls in place.