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Written by David Ancor. Sponsorship January 3 With the power of social media, athlete sponsorship is no longer only for world class athletes. Social media tools allow athletes to leverage the power of content marketing to find sponsors and get funded.

As an athlete, all you have to do is follow the important steps described below. Above all else, you can, NOT be shy to ask for sponsorship! Today, many companies are investing a lot of money into building their social media profiles by creating streams of relatable and shareable content.

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Corporations need content that their audience can relate to because it helps them build a brand that will win over customers. Since we are are more likely to make a purchase from a company that we follow on social media, many companies are hungry for social media ambassadors.

Thats where you come in.

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As an athlete, this is your chance to stand up and capture this incredible opportunity to help these companies with their content marketing and in return, get sponsored. When a company sponsors you, they are expecting you to represent the company publicly on social media. Which means, if you are looking to get sponsored, you need to have the right image on social media.

How To Meet Men In London

Sponsorships are about credibility and about creating a relationship. The importance of your public image cannot be emphasized enough. To drive this point home, imagine that youve been working on a brand for a long time and you ran into a person who you think would be a good face and fit for your brand. Before making the offer, however, youll need to know what people think about How To Meet Men In London person and what type of person he or she is. If this person is seen negatively, it will be immediately associated with you and it will impact your brand negatively.

This is similar to our scenario when you are asking to get sponsored - you are asking to be the face of a company that has been working to build a strong positive image for many years - so its no joke.

However, with a little bit of work you can create the image that companies will look for in a sponsored athlete. As athletes, and in our athletic pursuits, we know that the more specific the goal, the more likely we are to achieve it. We should use the same logic to seek out and land our sponsorship. Essentially, this is a one-way transaction with perhaps a small thank you note going back to the sponsor. By going up the ranks of sponsorship levels, you gain credibility, experience and critical knowledge to help you with future sponsors.

Also, remember that not all sponsorships are equal.

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The tiers provided here are simply guidelines - every company will have their preferences. But the most important thing is to start low and work your way up the ladder.

With every successful sponsorship you will have more opportunities opening up with the same sponsor and also with other sponsors. For example, if you do a Tier 1 sponsorship with your local athletic clothing store, perhaps a supplement company might notice and offer you a Tier 2 sponsorship.

It is important that you "control" what they find or at least create the appearance that you want. This will allow you to create an image that will increase your chances to get sponsored. Your page should have the following: Social media has couple of roles to play in regards to sponsorship. The first is it helps you brand yourself as an athlete with the profile image and the content that you share.

The second thing that social media helps you with in regards to getting sponsored is that it helps you give a return on investment to your sponsors. For this, you will need to have a reasonable number of followers. Create a Twitter Profile - here is a Twitter guide for athletes.

Create an Instagram Account - here is a guide for Instagram. All these accounts should have a link to your "main athlete-hub or website". They should also look professional with a nice picture of you doing your sport. You should also have a description that describes your passion for your sport and also differentiates you from other athletes.

You should answer the question of "what you do stand for in How To Meet Men In London sport? Here I want to make a quick point about the serious inferiority complex that most amateur athletes suffer from. This attitude stems from their sport and constantly looking at their flaws in attempts to improve their performance.

I know this was the case for me. Remember, your attributes include being highly competitive. You are determined and passionate. You have exceptional perseverance. You are pushing the limits of human capabilities. You ARE a role model in so many different ways! Are you thinking about sharing that grueling workout on your social media.?

Considering letting the world know about your nutrition program and total commitment to a healthy lifestyle? STOP thinking and press the share button. They need to see you train and understand the sacrifices you make to achieve your fullest potential.

Sharing online is how you grow your followers and thats essential to gaining sponsorships. In sum, when it comes to social media and your experience as a highly competitive athlete, think less and share more. Now that you have a community of followers on How To Meet Men In London media, you can show the companies that sponsor you a return on their investment.

The result is that your community of followers are being steered by you to follow your sponsor on social media or even buy their product. This is called using your influence. And, this is the way many companies grow their network of followers and expand their market: Athletes have an incredible ability to bring people together.

Corporations will often ask athletes to attend seminars, forums and various corporate events to help connect and motivate their people. Athletes have inspirational stories that help to create the right atmosphere for community building inside an organization.

This unique ability possessed all highly competitive athletes has great value to Hot Women Having Orgasms.

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Another aspect of business where athletes can provide exceptional value is product research and testing. This is especially true if the company sponsoring you is marketing products or services to athletes. For example, How To Meet Men In London company that manufactures athletic clothing might ask you to test some of How To Keep Him Interested When Texting products -- providing them with high value feedback and observations -- before moving to mass production.

This can be an important aspect of sponsorship because for so many companies, opinions and advice from highly accomplished athletes is often hard to come by.

Thats why it is up to you to give the best and most complete feedback possible when asked to do so. Using a spreadsheet, build the longest possible list of potential sponsors, including also their website address, their physical location stheir social media and their status in their industry. What type of athletes do they sponsor?

What is the leadership team like? A lot of athletes skip this step and end up with a company they cannot help. There has to be synergy between the athlete and the company so that a win-win partnership with you is possible. The other reason it is important to connect with these sponsors is simply you never know. By following them, the company receives a notification. There is a chance that they see your name and your profile.

If you do well and you continue to like and share their content, your name and profile may become attractive to decision makers.

If youve spent couple of weeks following the brands and companies that you are targeting for your sponsorship, it is time to reach out.

At this point you should have an idea of what type of content they are creating and how you could help them.

Furthermore, make sure to read their "about page" on their website where you may find values that are synergistic with yours. Message them on social media via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter DM and ask for an email address you can use. Now writing an email should be easier than you think because you are already familiar with the company or corporation.

In this email your job is to introduce yourself but more importantly, its to state your mission and describe how you can help the potential How To Meet Men In London achieve its corporate mission.

I relate to this as I helped start a company to help myself and other athletes get funding for their sport. My email to them How To Meet Men In London like this: The best way to reach out to them is connect to them on social media.

Try to help them accomplish their mission and give them a shout out on your social media. What I did was buy their product, because I actually needed it. And then I shared a picture or video using it. Then I made sure to share that image and tag the company in it.

I did it on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. That made an impression on the company and they ended up reaching out to me through Twitter. Getting this type of sponsorship involves two often overlooked two steps. Most athletes assume that their friends and family know you need a sponsor but they often dont!

How To Meet Men In London

Make sure your friends and family know you are aggressively looking for a sponsor or introductions to one. Running a campaign gathers all your friends and family members around your goals. They support your campaign by sharing and contributing to your campaign. There are a lot of opportunities for athletes to get funded out there.