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How to Get The Friends You Want, while Staying Naturally Introverted

Thanks for writing. From what I could glean from your relatively brief message, I sensed both anxiety and some possible defensiveness on your part in regard to meeting people. Humor, like anything else, can be used a number of ways; by " sarcastic" I wonder if you mean laughing with or laughing at the potential friend. 11 perfectly introverted ways to make friends as an adult. Comment on blog posts . You know your favorite blogs you read all the time? When's the last time you commented and shared your thoughts on those blogs? I've made so many new friends by simply consistently reading their blog (which I was doing anyway) and . As an introvert, I've had a really difficult time making friends with other moms at my kids' school. I tend to focus on a few deep relationships rather than many shallow ones. The truth is, I already have some very good friends—and feel guilty I'm not pouring enough of myself into those relationships. It's the classic motivation.

How To Make Friends When You Are An Introvert

We don't need the presence of other people to feel content. There's a subsection of introverts who go beyond this and really love solitude.

Two Easy Ways To Make Friends As An Introvert

They stay home alone on Friday nights to watch Netflix. Their weekends and evenings are spent doing quiet and solitary activities. And they're happy like that But there can be times when solitude feels like a cage. It isn't "inauthentic" for an introvert to want company. Wanting to be around people just means an introvert isn't a misanthrope. Unfortunately, making new friends can be difficult.

We may have made friends organically in high school or college, but that doesn't necessarily translate into making new friends in the real world. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. So if you're out of practice, or are out of ideas, here are a few tips for making friends as an introvert: Realize that you want to make friends.

Making Friends as an Introvert

And not just "kind of want. Make a list of five places where you can find people with similar interests. If you're having a hard time coming up with things that interest you, include places where anyone goes when they leave the house. You can find a potential friend at your work's cafeteria, in line at a grocery store, or volunteering at the animal shelter. Personally, I've made several friends at knitting circles. You can also make friends online.

How To Make Friends When You Are An Introvert

Maybe it's on Facebook in the form of an old classmate, or in chat rooms for readers of Sherlock fan fiction. I met one of my good friends on Twitter. The most important step in starting a new friendship is showing up. Start showing up to those places you just listed. This may mean incorporating a few productivity tweaks into your day.

It's OK if you're anxious about going to new places and doing new things.

But if I wanted new people in my life, I would have to take action. Here is what that means: Growing up, I always had one best friend, with whom I spent nearly all my free time. For more info, go right here: James on September 18, at

But don't let it control your life. Show up with an open and nonjudgemental of yourself or others mind, and with your only expectation being that you will meet people, not that you will make a friend. Realize that for most people, friendships can take a while to form. Don't push a possible friendship.

Why It’s Easy For An Extrovert To Make Friends

Do acknowledge and be interested in other people and what they are saying. You may click with someone the first time you meet, or you might have to meet and talk to someone many times before you're interested in becoming friends with them. Be open to others. If someone smiles, smile back. Sometimes that's the end of the interaction. Sometimes the smile segues into an annoyance, like being hit on or asked for money. Sometimes the smile turns into a conversation, which eventually turns into a friendship.

You'll never know if you don't smile back. Learn to tolerate small talk. I know, it's the bane of our existence, but conversations have to start somewhere, and most of the time it's with small talk. What are a few ways you can let a person know you want to stay in touch? Can you ask them if you can connect on Facebook?

What about giving them your email and telling them you'd love to keep in touch? How To Make Friends When You Are An Introvert the person is likely to be in the same place the next day or the next week like a store clerk or a fellow volunteer you can end a conversation with "see you next week!

Do you want to be friends with everyone? The person you're talking to may have too many friends as it is. Or, they may be totally disinterested in having any friends. I've turned down opportunities to get to know people I normally would have loved being friends with simply because I felt my life was too chaotic to add something else to the mix.

You have no way of knowing, so it's best not to take it personally. Find an accountability partner. Maybe it's a current friend who's very supportive, a family member, or a life coach. It's often easier to follow through on a promise to someone else than a promise to yourself.

Realize that hard things get easier the more you practice. There are friends out there for you, but you may need some patience, luck and a whole lot of showing up until you find them. It'll be worth it.

New friends are very unlikely to just present themselves at your door, so you're going to need to find them. My top favorite hands down is LinkedIn though. When someone I know and trust introduces me to someone else, they always accompany it with some kind of love and that little bit often helps push me forward in a whole new way.

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