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The music was pounding, hypnotic. The men were young and hot, and eager to dance with her. Most of the other dancers were locals. The song ended, way too soon for her Why Women Like Rough Sex, but in the brief lull she realized just how winded and sweaty she was. Jessica thanked the thirty-something businessman she was dancing with, and headed for her table.

Her purse was there, but her coworkers were nowhere to be seen. She frowned, checking her purse and wallet to ensure no one robbed her.

She pulled out her cell phone.

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She felt her body change, her energy level dropping. Totally mental, because she had a long day of negotiating with her client starting at nine the next morning. Jessica never intended to stay up so late, but who knew a hotel club could be so kicking?

Why Women Like Rough Sex

So she gathered her stuff up and headed for her room. The lobby was virtually empty at that late hour. But then she head the music and laughter.

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It was very loud. Too Why Women Like Rough Sex for her to sleep through. Jessica stood in the middle of the hallway and determined it was coming from the next room down from hers. Jessica considered calling the front desk and complaining, but decided it would be best to ask them to tone it down herself.

They sounded like men. And she had a way with men. They all wanted to make her happy. First, she placed her purse on the bed, and stuffed the key card in a pocket of her jacket. After touching up her lipstick and hair, she pasted on a sweet smile and went next door.

Why Women Like Rough Sex

She had to knock five times before the door opened. There was a porn movie playing on the TV, with five men watching and laughing as them cracked jokes and nasty comments about the antics of the actors.

Several men were already passed out around the room.

Okay, they were passed out drunk. The groom brightened up, as did all of the others. Jessica felt a moment of panic. She suddenly realized just how dangerous it was for a lone woman in a room full of wired, drunken young men. Something stirred deep inside, and she bit her lip. Charlie was her type. Tall, dark, handsome, clean cut…and for that one last night — single.

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The men were looking at her hungrily. She got a little tingle, a bit of heat between her legs. Jessica fidgeted, finding it a bit harder to breathe. With hands in her hair, Jessica Why Women Like Rough Sex up to Charlie, who was sitting in a straight back chair.

She had to hike up her knee length pencil skirt to straddle his lap. Charlie immediately grabbed her butt, squeezing it nicely. His hands were big and strong, and she got just a little fluttery inside. The other four men moved in close behind Jessica, forming a semi-circle between her and the door. She gave them a nervous glance. A chill rippled down her spine, but she got a little thrill out of it too.

Something about scary men did it for her. As soon as the blouse was unbuttoned Paul pulled it off of her. Charlie was squeezing and stroking her butt sweetly, and it was feeling way too good. The others all had the most lusty faces. Worse, her Why Women Like Rough Sex body was quickly changing, preparing itself for sex. Her juices were flowing, belly and breasts tingling.

The skirt was yanked down leaving her in lacy white bra, matching thong underwear, and stiletto pumps. He pulled it away from her body with one hand, and copped a feel with the other. She was pushed back over Charlie, straddling his lap and naked tits thrust into his face. So Jessica gave his friends one last nervous look, and started dancing.

Let My Brother Go! Чтобы оставить комментарий или поставить оценку книге Вам нужно зайти на сайт или зарегистрироваться. They all wanted to make her happy. Как и остальные книги серии можно читать отдельно - всегда есть обьяснения при вспоминании событий и героев предыдущих частей.

He playfully nipped one nipple, and licked the other. Jessica writhed above him, letting him have his way with her boobs, and then lowering herself to rub her thong cover pubic mound against his hard-on bulge.

Charlie had a very large bulge, which took her breath away. She so wanted him inside her. A night of dancing always left her horny, and now she was all but naked and giving a stranger a lap dance, with four horny men crowded behind her. It was impossible to not think about sex. Indeed, it was all she could think about, but she knew it was too dangerous. The situation was volatile, and she would be the one hurt if it got too wild and crazy.

The men were looking at her hungrily. Several men were already passed out around the room. Author — Coconut ScienceGirl The situation was volatile, and she would be the one hurt if it got too wild and crazy. Чтобы оставить комментарий или поставить оценку книге Вам нужно зайти на сайт или зарегистрироваться.

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