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31 Mar Women take longer to turn on. Here are some quick ways from Men's Health magazine to get her hotter faster. 5 Oct I am 36 years old & my wife i have greatly interested in Anal sex but my wife scared about the Anal intercourse, I often tried to make her convince saying, she will ever feel heavenly pleasure if she do that. sometimes she showing her interests, but soon after she is not. I want someone should provide me. 16 Aug OK guys, stop all your whining and complaining for a second and listen up: If you want more sex from your wives, you have to grow up and recognize that people change, relationships change, and your sex life doesn't stay the same. ADVERTISEMENT. As a sexologist, relationship expert, and contributor to.

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How would i convince my wife for Anal sex. I want someone should provide me some effective idea, so that i can convince her for a great Anal sex. So this is a delicate subject If not for the anonymity of this site I would be WAY too embarrassed to respond to this, and I'm not quite sure from your post if your wife is scared of receiving anal sex or if you are interested in having her use a sex toy on you as Personal's post seems to suggest, but I will fill you in on how it worked out for me and my boyfriend.

I was very nervous about trying anal sex too receiving itand since I was a virgin when my boyfriend and How To Convince Wife For Sex started dating, sex in general was very new to me and still a little scary. My boyfriend asked me How To Convince Wife For Sex try it and I flat out told him no, never.

He told me that it was ok if I truly didn't want to or if I was too afraid, he would respect that. He asked that I try it just once and told me that if I absolutely hated it or if it was too painful he would never pressure me to do it again, and he said that he would never want to make me do something that was unpleasant for me. Hearing him say that made it much less Mature Woman And Girl Sex since I then felt free to make up my own mind about whether or not I liked it.

We took it very slow, started with toys to help me relax, KY jelly to make it more comfortable, and soft music, candles, etc. It was a little uncomfortable at first but it wasn't painful so I was able to keep an open mind - the important thing was that I didn't feel like I was being forced or coerced into doing it. And now, 5 years later, it is still a frequent and VERY enjoyable part of our sexual relationship.

My suggestion would be first and foremost: Make it clear that if she hates it you won't force her or pressure her to keep doing it. If she agrees to try it once, make it as relaxing and romantic for her as possible.

Use lubricant to make it more comfortable. And remind her that just like regular intercourse it gets better and more enjoyable with practice. Originally Posted by Personal View Post. I imagine your wife might be scared she may hurt you, even if she may enjoy doing it to you.

Perhaps you could try some self insertion and let her watch, that way she may be convinced that your interest is genuine. Agree with all of the advice so far. Get a dildo or even a cucumber about the size of your erect penis and let her use it on you first or watch as you stimulate yourself to heavenly pleasure.

Once you have gone first, she may be more How To Convince Wife For Sex to letting you do it to her. Miss Taken is offline. Anon Pink is offline. Make it clear you won't pressure her or make her do anything she isn't comfortable with. I think you take baby steps - if you regularly perform oral on her and if you aren't, you should then get your tongue moving southward so she can feel your tongue in that area.

She's not feeling emotionally connected. You are not alone. I was going to kill him and kill myself after wards. It isn't any blasted fun. Where is the article titled "Your woman is being so cranky because she's tired of having her sex life only with herself and is slacking off on grooming you because that's the only way to deny you fulfillment STICK IT IN!

Or, if you aren't willing to put your tongue there, use a well lubed finger to just circle the outside of her anus while you are performing oral or stimulating her clit with your fingers or a vibrator. Only do that during one sex session and then ask her about it afterward - did she like that?

Did it feel good? If she says yes - ask How To Convince Wife For Sex if she would be okay with you trying to just insert the tip of your finger inside her next time.

The idea is that you want her to get past mental fears around pain and if she can see that it's pleasurable instead of painful in baby steps, eventually you might get there. Help her to understand it. If it's at all painful, you aren't doing it right.

Use a crap load of lube. Originally Posted by sid View Post.

4 Simple Ways To Get Your Wife In The Mood

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Gonna contradict you on this. Most intense orgasms I have are during anal. I do have to have clit stimulation at the same time to orgasm, but it is awesome. Originally Posted by firebelly1 View Post. Some women do experience a lot of pleasure with anal sex. Many, if not most, do not. I was like you with anal until it caused an anal fissure tear occurring in the anus. From that point on there was no pleasure. After 40 years it still does not heal right. There are other women here on TAM who have experienced the same thing I have.

Sorry that happened to you. I wonder if "most women" don't like it because they've tried it, it was done correctly, and they didn't like it, or because they've never tried it or it was done incorrectly. I don't know the statistics but my guess would Best Free Boob Sites that most women haven't tried it.

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How To Convince Wife For Sex

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Dont give up i didnt and now im reaping the benefits big time. What about the regulations of these posts for children or adolescents who may be viewing such information online? I suggest that it is YOU who can't even handle reading a brief sentence concerning masturbation and bed shaking. I was extremely honest with my wife about our serious lack of sex. However, for the purpose of this article I will keep my definition of manhood constrained to that portion that affects the husband segment of the population.

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How To Convince Wife For Sex

Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Want to Convince Wife to Divorce - Why? Considering Divorce or Separation. Keep trying to have Anal sex with my sweet innocent wife. Anal sex with my wife advice please.

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