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What does she mean at 2: I would like to know. I say,, "F" YOU!!! I wonder how many beta boys are shocked to see this hahahah The reason why your girlfriends cheat on you with me, is that I can fuck them like they want, without judging them for it.

The Art Of Erotic Spanking

While you losers have to wait 3 dates before sex. So Effin Cray every Single night i watch your channel, complete my mission and go to bed.

Girls Who Like Being Spanked

Such a sexy accent! Is English really this wide spoken in India? Indians are getting the jobs because they are good for it. Ok but I wont mean about it.

Pretty sure Ian only did this video because he wanted girls to touch him on the rear end. The Front Page of Porn. Do girls like being spanked in bed? Do girls like it on top?

Peace out have a good day. We gave them the opportunity. It would be interesting to hear what white women would say.

Do girls like being spanked in bed? Xmas special!

These are all third world women in this video. They are way different than regular normal white western females!

On this page You can find hundreds of different videos, and they can be about anything. Author — George Moschos. Indians are getting the jobs because they are good for it.

Wow, I guess Indians Are some abnormal bitches after all, right? If normal people are like you then Girls Who Like Being Spanked would want to be fucking normal. Get a Life bitch. Then we shall see what accent you have. They were just as open as western woman, if not even more!

Bdsm is good and iam bdsm master any girl want bdsm session ping me and indian girl love bdsm and dominant. In India they are still very traditional there, which is why they would ask that. You gould get away with asking that in countries like India, Iran, Pakistan. Bob dikson who has channel on RUclip have a interesting video idea lol: Have you ever kicked a guys in the balls?

And what was his reaction, and what was your reaction to seeing it happen?

Ellie Birk

Do you think hitting a guy in the balls is a good self defense technique, and why? Also have you ever used it as a self defense technique?

Girls Who Like Being Spanked

If you were going to use a threat to hit a guy in the balls if he was harassing you, what would it be? Views 1 Do girls like being spanked in bed?

KamaTV 2 months ago.

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